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Chapter 656:

Chapter 654, destruction in body and soul

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“Kill everyone here, then leave quickly! Remember, try to leave this Chen Chen’s corpse intact!”

Xu Hui didn’t have time to waste words. After giving the order, he directly charged into the formation and flew towards Chen Chen.

His natal magic treasure was a pair of black and white swords. The two swords intersected, and yin and yang rotated. The power was quite extraordinary.

Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to resist, but suddenly a thunderous roar came from afar!

“Who dares to touch my little junior brother!”


Along with this roar, a hundred-meter-long giant sword directly smashed into the array with a dragon’s roar, blocking Xu Hui’s black and white swords.

“Ten Thousand Transformations True Dragon Indestructible Sword!”

Xu Hui’s face suddenly changed.

No matter how much he didn’t come out, he would recognize the number one treasure on the True Spirit World’s armament refining list.

Coupled with the way the person addressed Chen Chen Chen, it was obvious that the Heavenly Devil City Lord’s eldest disciple, Xiao Ling, had arrived.

“How is this possible? How can the reinforcements arrive so quickly?”

Xu Hui muttered in disbelief, and a faint ominous feeling rose in his heart.

‘When he looked forward again, Xiao Ling was already holding the ten thousand transformations True Dragon Indestructible Sword in his hand, blocking in front of Chen Chen.

If it was Xiao Ling alone, it would have been fine. The eight Mahayana realm cultivators could also deal with him. However, at some point in time, twelve figures had appeared outside the formation.

These twelve figures were all wearing the clothes of the elders of Heavenly Devil City. They were all Mahayana realm cultivators.

‘There were only so many Mahayana realm cultivators in Heavenly Devil City. Did they all come out today?

A trap, it was definitely a trap! Today, they had been set up by someone!

After realizing this, Xu Hui felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave. His heart was extremely cold.

There were only two words left in his mind.

It’s over!

Before he could continue thinking, the Mahayana cultivators from Heavenly Devil City had already formed a formation and completely sealed off this world. They started fighting with the other Mahayana cultivators from the anti-heaven alliance.

‘The anti-heaven Alliance’s Mahayana cultivators usually did not appear. They had very little combat experience. Coupled with the ambush, how could they be a match for the Heavenly Devil City’s Mahayana cultivators?

In just a minute or two, one of the Mahayana of the anti-heaven alliance had died.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Ling sneered and pointed the ten thousand transformations true dragon indestructible sword at Xu Hui.

“The remnant of the Samsara sect, today is the Day You Die!”

Seeing that he was not needed, Chen Chen was also happy and relaxed. He simply landed in the Mountain River sect to watch the battle. At the same time, he blocked the aftershocks for the ordinary disciples of the Mountain River sect.

Xiao Ling’s cultivation seemed to be in the middle stage of the Mahayana realm as well. However, his ten thousand transformations true dragon indestructible sword was really sharp. Although Xu Hui’s black and white swords were not bad, they were still slightly inferior.

In addition, Xiao Ling had already cultivated the nine revolutions golden body mantra to an extremely high level. Xu Hui could not hurt Xiao Ling at all.

Instead, it was Xiao Ling who casually swung his sword. Xu Hui had to do his best to block, or else he would end up seriously injured.

“Eldest senior brother’s strength should be considered the best among the mid-mahayana realm. If I didn’t use treasures to smash it, I shouldn’t be a match for him.”

Chen Chen watched the battle as he made a comparison in his heart.

The two sides fought like this for fifteen minutes. Five of the Seven anti-heaven Alliance’s Mahayana realm experts had already fallen. If the remaining two mid-mahayana realm experts didn’t rely on a few extremely powerful legacy magic treasures, they would have long been defeated.

When Xu Hui saw that the situation was over, his heart was filled with despair. He subconsciously wanted to fight for his life.

However, before he could fight for his life, the Ten Thousand Transformations True Dragon Indestructible sword was already above his head. At the same time, a golden fist was like a shooting star as it landed in front of him.


‘There was a deafening sound. Although Xu Hui managed to block the ten thousand transformations True Dragon Indestructible Sword, the Golden Fist landed directly on his chest. An extreme force instantly exploded on his body.


‘With a muffled sound, Xu Hui was sent flying over a thousand meters away. He ruthlessly smashed into the array formation. His bones and internal organs were almost completely destroyed by this attack. Fresh blood flowed down like it was free.

Other than that, even his divine soul seemed to have been penetrated by the fist force and suffered heavy injuries.

After taking this attack, the thought of risking his life receded like a tide. Xu Hui quickly swallowed a special medicinal pill.

The moment the medicinal pill entered his stomach, the injuries all over his body began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye. Other than that, the aura on his body also increased a little.

However, he did not have the intention to continue fighting. Instead, he rushed out of the formation and fled into the distance.

“Junior brother, it’s your turn to chase after him. As long as you kill Xu Hui and do not appear for a short period of time, Our Heavenly Devil City will announce to the public that you have died together with the anti-heaven Alliance’s Mahayana realm because you were chasing after the anti-heaven

Alliance’s Mahayana realm. You will be completely annihilated.”

Xiao Ling’s message rang in his mind. Chen Chen raised his head to look at Xiao Ling, nodded his head, and chased after Xu Hui.

Unknowingly, the two of them flew ten thousand miles and arrived in a wilderness.

Seeing that the surrounding environment was suitable, Chen Chen could not be bothered to waste any more time. Instead, he took out the Sun Moon soaring shuttle and sat in it. After a few breaths, he stood in front of Xu Hui to block him.

Seeing that Chen Chen was chasing him alone, a bold idea arose in Xu Hui’s heart.

Chen Chen could tell what he was thinking from his eyes, he said indifferently, “You’d better not harbor any more hope. Otherwise, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. You’ve experienced this feeling many times. I don’t think you want to experience it again.”

Xu Hui said coldly, “Chen Chen, don’t be too pleased with yourself. Today, your heavenly demon city plotted to kill so many experts of our anti-heaven alliance. The anti-heaven Alliance will definitely take revenge!

‘When the time comes, our anti-heaven alliance will completely surrender to the Dark Abyss sect. What will the true spirit world use to resist? “Perhaps one day, you will be like me today!”

“Then, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Chen Chen grinned. The ten thousand transformations Divine Blade flew out from his body. Other than that, there were five other immortal items that he obtained from the Great Void Dragon Kun that followed closely behind.

Xu Hui was already heavily injured. In addition, he had just consumed a medicinal pill that had a huge side effect. At this moment, his strength was less than ten percent. How could he be a match for Chen Chen in his peak condition?

He only managed to block a few times before he could not take it anymore. His physical body was destroyed by Chen Chen’s sword.

“Chen Chen! Who betrayed the anti-heaven Alliance and set up such a trap! Tell me!”

Xu Huis soul roared indignantly.

Chen Chen did not have any intention of wasting his breath on him. He directly threw a palm at Xu Huis soul.

Seeing the huge immortal qi palm that was approaching at an extremely fast speed, Xu Hui roared in despair, “The anti-heaven Alliance will take revenge! Sooner or later, the Sky Demon City will be destroyed by the hands of the Abyss sect! I will wait for you below!”


The Immortal Qi Palm Fell, and Xu Hui’s body and soul were destroyed.

Looking at the two halves of Xu Hui’s body on the ground, Chen Chen muttered, “Don’t worry, the anti-heaven Alliance will be better off without the eight of you.”

After saying that, he took out the immortal body that had been prepared and processed by the puppet master. Then, he gave the immortal body a fierce palm strike.

With this palm strike, only half of the immortal’s body was left intact.

Chen Chen took off the half of the hand and put it into his storage ring. Then, he put on the shapeshifting mask, put away Xu Hui’s body, and flew toward the direction of the Great Snow Mountain in the capital.

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