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Chapter 654:

Chapter 652, three ultimate treasures

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Compared to the Na Xian mantra, which taught people how to circulate their immortal qi, the content of the Heavenly Dao of Taiging Xuan was completely different. Most of the content was illusory, as if it was teaching people how to cultivate their body and mind.

If it was not for the various realms mentioned in it, Chen Chen would even think that he was reading the book on cultivation in his previous life.

“Controlling Qi with thoughts… Everything is connected to a single thought…”

Chen Chen couldn’t help but frown as he read it. There were many things in this cultivation technique that were very profound, and he basically couldn’t understand them.

But he could roughly guess that this cultivation technique was mainly cultivated in the direction of ‘Thoughts’.

‘What thoughts were there that could reach anywhere.

It should mean that he could go wherever he wanted to go.

‘Where the thoughts went, there was nothing that could not be formed.

It meant that he wanted to eat an apple. With just a thought, he could transform into an apple.

However, this was not the kind of saying that followed the law and was omnipotent.

For example, he was now in the Mortal Immortal Realm. If he cultivated the heavenly axiom of the supreme pure mysterious sect, then he could only think of ordinary things.

In other words, he could only transform into ordinary things like apples. It was impossible to transform into divine gold or spirit stones.

Unknowingly, Chen Chen had been watching the heavenly axiom of the supreme pure mysterious for an entire day. Every time he watched it, he would have a different understanding.

The so-called “Thoughts’became clearer and clearer in his mind.

In layman’s terms, it was an extremely terrifying observation and control.

Chen Chen had experienced the scientific era of his previous life and knew the existence of the periodic table of elements.

In the entire world, all matter was made up of those elements.

However, in the heavenly axiom of Taiging Xuan, under those elements, there was an even smaller substance. This substance had different arrangement and structure to form different elements.

The heavenly axiom of Taiging Xuan called this substance “Dao”.

Chen Chen preferred to call this substance “Ori;

All objects in the world were formed by origin. Be it cultivators, animals, metal, wood, water, fire, earth, or spirit stones, they were no exception.

Cultivating the heavenly axiom of Taiqing Xuan was to cultivate the ability to arrange this “Origin”.

Ata high level, the origin could be arranged according to one’s thoughts and create what one wanted in an instant.

Even if a person died, it could create an identical person for one to achieve a certain sense of resurrection.

As for the teleportation ability, it was actually the ability to dissipate one’s body directly and send one’s thoughts to a distant place. Then, one could use one’s thoughts to decompose the origin of the surrounding objects and use these origins to reconstruct a body.

“Is this the immortal?”

Chen Chen muttered to himself.

According to this theory, it seemed that those heaven-defying abilities in myths and legends could be realized, and it could be explained with a relatively scientific explanation.

Could it be that there really had been immortals in his previous life?

After a long silence, Chen Chen did not continue to think about it. The power of this cultivation method had far surpassed all the cultivation methods he had seen before.

It was no wonder that it did not introduce any battle methods or luck methods.

At that realm, the other party would disintegrate with a single thought. What other battle methods did he need?

He wondered what level this cultivation technique was in the immortal world?

He shook his head. Whether it was cultivation techniques or whether there were immortals in his previous life, he should wait for him to “Die”and find a quiet place to think about it.

After putting away the heavenly axiom of supreme purity, Chen Chen looked at the third pile of things.

The third pile of things were all bottles and jars. It was obvious that they were medicinal pills.

This was what he was looking forward to the most.

After all… These were all immortal pills!

Chen Chen took the small bottle with the most number and started to use the system to appraise it.

“Immortal spirit pills. They are used to recover immortal qi. They are usually used by true immortals.”

Hearing the system’s simple and plain introduction, the corner of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched.

The Immortal Qi recovery pill for true immortals… if he swallowed it now, it would probably explode, right?

After putting the pile of immortal spirit pills aside, Chen Chen picked up the second-largest pill.

“Immortal Healing Pill…”

As the name implied, this was a kind of immortal healing pill. Chen Chen glanced at it and put it aside.

“Tribulation -breaking immortal pill… Purify one’s own state and get rid of inner demons.”

It seemed to be of some use.

“Immortal gathering pill… increase one’s immortal gi cultivation.”

This was the simplest and most direct. Chen Chen directly put it into his storage ring.

There were more than ten kinds of pills in over a thousand bottles and jars. They were basically the pills that normal cultivators needed to travel at home. However, they were all changed to the Immortal World version.

Finally, Chen Chen looked at the last pill bottle.

This pill bottle was quite special. It was four to five times the size of the other pill bottles. Its entire body was jade-colored, and it looked like a small vase.

Before Chen Chen Chen opened it and looked inside, an extremely rich fragrance floated out from it. He could not help but take a deep breath.

With this smell alone, Chen Chen could determine that this was the most precious pill among all the pills.

“System, where is the most precious medicinal pill within a one meter radius?”

“The host’s first transformation golden pill. Mortals consume it and ascend to immortality on the spot.

Immortals consume it and increase their cultivation strength by four sixty years.”

Upon hearing this introduction, Chen Chen’s gaze became extremely complicated.

He had really found the medicinal pill to ascend to immortality on the spot!

Unfortunately, he was already considered an immortal now.

As for increasing his cultivation strength by four sixty years, this was something he disdained the most.

Four sixty years was also two hundred and forty years, but could the two hundred and forty years of a heaven’s favorite be the same as the two hundred and forty years of a Fool?

With his talent, two hundred and forty years was estimated to be a mighty figure in the immortal world. He did not believe that he could directly become a mighty figure in the immortal world by swallowing this first transition golden core.

Most likely, it was calculated according to the two hundred and forty years of a fool, the kind of fool who only stepped into the Mahayana after transcending tribulation for more than a thousand years.

‘damn it, if I really encounter such a pill, I won’t be able to make up my mind…”

Chen Chen was secretly annoyed.

The thing that he had been looking forward to finding the most in the past had suddenly appeared, but he could not bring himself to eat it.

Although it was unlikely, what if he really improved by quite a lot? Would the true spirit world not be able to accommodate him? Would it directly let him ascend?

But where was the great void Dragon Kun blocking the Ascension Passage!

Could it be that he was like the Great Void Dragon Kun, hanging in the Sky all day long for others to admire?

No… This medicinal pill had to be put aside for now.

There were a few top-notch mighty figures in the true spirit world who would suppress their cultivation from time to time and not provoke the great tribulation of Ascension. There had to be a reason for that. In the future, when there was an opportunity, they would go and ask about it.

If they really couldn’t help but want to swallow this medicinal pill, it was still better to wait until they had nothing to worry about in the true spirit world before going to the Abyss world.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen carefully put away the pill bottle.

Then, he looked at the last pile. To be precise, it was not a pile but a treasure.

However, this treasure was a little big and was about the same height as him.

“System, where is the most precious treasure within a ten-meter radius?”

“The nine heavens mysterious tower in front of the host.”

Chen Chen Thought for a moment and took out all his treasures, including the immortal Qi gloves, the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade, and the treasures gifted by the Great Void Dragon Kun.

The system’s answer was still the nine heavens mysterious tower.

Looking at the nearly two-meter-long, ancient-looking tower in front of him, Chen Chen fell into deep thought.

‘Whether it was the extremely powerful cultivation technique, the heavenly axiom of the pure heaven, or the heaven-defying medicinal pills like the first transformation golden core, or the tower in front of him, none of them seemed to be things that a disciple who managed information should have.

On the other hand, the other things in the storage jade pendant were very compatible with the identity of a management information disciple.

These three incompatible things made Chen Chen think of a certain possibility.

“Could it be that he stole it….”

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