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Chapter 652:

Chapter 650, Treasure Distribution

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The Great Void Dragon Kun cried out and closed its eyes. The world returned to its previous state.

Chen Chen was originally hoping that he could send some medicinal pills, but now it seemed that there was no hope.

“Treckon that the medicinal pills have already been digested by it. Forget it, having these things is enough. One can not be too greedy.”

Thinking of this, Chen Chen bowed to the great void Dragon Kun to express his gratitude.

After packing up everything, Chen Chen looked at the Netherworld in the distance.

At this moment, the Netherworld’s head was stuck inside a pile of void crystals. Its consciousness and cultivation were sealed, so it probably did not see what had just happened.

As for Fairy Qiong Hua, she was cultivating with her brows furrowed. Perhaps she did not know that the five itinerant cultivators had come to ambush her.

Chen Chen sighed and casually sat on the void Crystal Mountain. He felt that life was a little boring.

At this moment, Qiong Hua’s tightly furrowed brows in the formation suddenly relaxed. Following that, a white rune flew out from between her brows and slowly began to change. Finally, it turned into a very simple circular shape.


There was the sound of Thunder in the sky. It was as if a great tribulation had descended.

“Fairy Qiong Hua is about to advance to the Mahayana realm…”

Chen Chen understood. However, there was a great void Dragon Kun between the Thunder Tribulation and Fairy Qiong Hua. What should he do?

For more than 100,000 years, no one had dared to undergo the tribulation on the dragon-kun plain!

Fairy Qiong Hua seemed to have realized something as her face tuned extremely pale.

If the Thunder Tribulation alarmed the Great Void Dragon Kun, it was not impossible for the Great Void Dragon Kun to destroy the entire dragon-kun plain in a fit of rage.

After all, this was not the first time it had done such a thing.

Just as Qiong Hua was about to forcefully suppress her cultivation, the great void Dragon Kun in the sky opened its mouth.

For a moment, the clouds in the distant sky changed. Countless flowing clouds seemed to have been sucked by a huge vacuum cleaner as they converged towards the great void Dragon Kun’s mouth.

In the blink of an eye, the distant sky became terrifyingly dark blue. The tribulation clouds that had not fully formed disappeared.

Qiong hua covered her mouth in shock when she saw this scene. She did not dare to make any sound and waited for a minute in silence. After making sure that the great void Dragon Kun did not make any next move, she stood up carefully, she looked at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen knew that the great void Dragon Kun had no ill intentions towards him, so he was not flustered at all. He smiled and said, “Congratulations, fairy, for advancing to the Mahayana realm!”

Fairy Qiong Hua was naturally extremely happy in her heart. After stepping into the Mahayana realm, she could be considered a true expert in the true spirit world.

“If [hadn’t come to the Dragon Kun Plains… I might not have… Er, fellow Daoist Chen, why are you injured?”

Fairy Qiong Hua was just about to say a few polite words when she noticed that there was a faint trace of blood seeping out from the corner of Chen Chen’s mouth. She immediately became extremely shocked.

Chen Chen’s gaze glanced at the netherworld.

Only then did fairy Qiong Hua notice that the Netherworld was stuck inside the void crystal upside down.

“Could it be that fellow Daoist you fought with him… but the Netherworld’s cultivation shouldn’t be able to hurt you, right?”

Chen Chen shook his head and told her about the attack of a few itinerant cultivators. Of course, this had undergone a certain amount of artistic refinement.

For example, when the five independent cultivators were killed by the Great Void Dragon Kun, he said that they were fighting to the death. When the five independent cultivators saw that they could not take them down, they retreated.

Qiong hua was very touched and did not know what to say.

Chen Chen smiled and waved his hand, “You don’t have to think too much, fairy. I, Chen Chen, have always kept my promises. Since I have promised to protect you, as long as I don’t die, no one can disturb you.

“Not to mention the five Mahayana itinerant cultivators, even if five Mahayana peak experts came here, I would still have the same attitude.”

With that, he activated a wisp of immortal gi and rescued the upside-down you Ming.

The Moment You Ming regained his freedom, he couldn’t wait to ask, “What about the five Mahayana itinerant cultivators?”

Fairy giong hua continued, “They were chased away by fellow Daoist Chen. Fellow Daoist Chen’s strength is far beyond our imagination. If it wasn’t for fellow Daoist Chen, I’m afraid both of US would have perished in this dragon Kun Plain.”

You Ming was stunned on the spot when he heard that. His gaze was fixed on Chen Chen who was sitting on the void Crystal Mountain in the distance. His expression was solemn, as if he had seen through the prosperity of the world.

Among the five Mahayana realm experts, there was a mid-stage Mahayana realm expert. If he wanted to chase them away, he would need the strength of a late-stage Mahayana realm expert.

This Chen Chen’s strength had already reached the late-stage of the Mahayana realm?

With this thought, he actually felt a faint sense of despair in his heart.

Tm afraid that I won’t be able to catch up to this person in this lifetime!

Damn it! Since I’ve given birth to Chen Chen, why give birth to me, You Ming!

Seeing the reverence in the eyes of the two, Chen Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a bitter smile, “T’ve just used an extremely powerful secret technique, and now I’ve already injured my origin… I’m afraid that it’ll be extremely difficult for me to recover to my original state.”

Upon hearing this, fairy giong hua hurriedly said, “Tl be in charge of the harvest in the Dragon Kun plain this time, and I’ll split half of it with fellow Daoist Chen!”

“How can I do that… There are three of us.”Chen Chen smiled bashfully.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, there’s no need to say anything more. You deserve this. Fellow Daoist Netherworld and I will split half. To be honest, I still took advantage of you.”

Fairy Qiong Hua had an apologetic look on her face, and she seemed to be a little embarrassed.

Chen Chen smiled and didn’t refuse her.

Next, Fairy Qiong Hua and Netherworld began to search for treasures in the Void Crystal Mountain, while Chen Chen sat on the mountain peak to recuperate.

Two days later, the Void Crystal Mountain was completely plundered, and Fairy Qiong Hua and Netherworld found hundreds of different treasures.

The two tactfully put all the gains in front of Chen Chen, and the three began to divide the items on the spot.

Most of the evil treasures went to You Ming, and most of the immortal treasures went to Qiong Hua.

‘Whatever was left, they all went to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen did not feel embarrassed, and put them all into his storage ring.

The gains from this trip to the dragon-kun plain were unimaginable. Perhaps before he ascended, he would not have to worry about any treasures anymore.

Finally, Fairy Qionghua seemed to have thought of something. She took out the jade pendant from the immortal’s corpse and gave it to Chen Chen?

“Give this to fellow Daoist Chen. We Can’t use an immortal’s item.”

Chen Chen raised his head and glanced at Fairy Qionghua. This jade pendant was a storage equipment. The two of them had agreed to give each other half of the items.

Now, Qiong Hua didn’t even know what was inside and actually decided to give it to him.

“Hehe, I don’t want to know what’s inside either. I don’t want to be upset when I find out. Anyway, fellow Daoist saved my life. Even if there’s an immortal pill inside, I won’t regret it.”

Qiong Hua’s voice transmission came from his mind.

Chen Chen Thought for a moment and put away the jade pendant.

When he went back, perhaps it wouldn’t be long before he would die.

The fewer people who knew about his fake death, the better. At that time, Fairy Qiong Hua probably thought that he was really dead.

He didn’t know if she would regret giving all the things to him today after learning about his death.

Chen Chen shook his head and didn’t think about it anymore. Instead, he stood up and stretched himself.

“Since the matter of the Longkun plain has been settled, let’s go back. I’m sure the sect masters will be extremely happy to see our gains.”

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