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Chapter 651:

Chapter 649, gift

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‘Without waiting for Chen Chen to react, the pillar of light descended once again.


‘With a soft sound, Chen Chen and the five Mahayana independent cultivators surrounding him were instantly enveloped by the pillar of light.

Chen Chen was extremely helpless. The feeling of being unable to move, as if he was squeezed into a small space, appeared once again.

He was still alright. After all, he had experienced this kind of experience before.

‘The five Mahayana itinerant cultivators were completely flustered. Their eyeballs kept rolling as if they were struggling.

It was not easy for itinerant cultivators to cultivate to the Mahayana level. Not only were they extremely talented, but they also cherished their lives very much. If they did not have a 90% chance of success in a single mission, they would not do it.

‘Who would have thought that the great void Dragon Kun, which had been hanging in the sky, would actually interfere.


‘The Strange Cry of the Great Void Dragon Kun echoed in the world again. Immediately after, the light pillar that enveloped the six people suddenly flickered.


There was another soft sound. Chen Chen’s eyes blinked, and his heart was filled with shock.

Because the five Mahayana itinerant cultivators were actually gone, as if they had never appeared.

And at this time, he was the only one left in the light pillar.

Before he could figure out what had happened, the pillar of light slowly dissipated, and he naturally landed on the void Crystal Mountain.

The pair of large eyes in the sky were still looking at him. Although those eyes were as big as searchlights and there was no expression in them, Chen Chen could still sense a trace of mockery from them.

It looked like… those itinerant cultivators had been killed by the Great Void Dragon Kun.

Not only were they killed, but they were also killed.

As for the reason, the great void Dragon Kun must have seen that he had a close relationship with mung bean, so it helped him casually.

This great void Dragon Kun was very smart!

In terms of 1Q, it was probably not lower than ordinary cultivators.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen’s heart trembled, and he bowed to the sky.

“Thank you for your help, Senior!”


‘The Great Void Dragon Kun replied. Then, a huge crystal fell from the sky and landed in front of Chen Chen.

‘This was a huge void crystal the size of a human head. Although the sky was a little dark, it was still shining like a huge diamond.

After the huge void crystal fell, Chen Chen felt that the gaze of the Great Void Dragon Kun landed on the Longze.

Almost in an instant, he understood the great void Dragon Kun’s meaning.

Without hesitation, he took the mung bean out of the tattered Longze and placed his hand on the great void crystal.

It had to be said that the space inside the great void crystal was astonishingly large. Chen Chen sensed it slightly and found that it was more than a hundred miles in circumference, a hundred times the size of the Longze!

Although it was still empty at the moment, with a little decoration, it would soon tum into a bustling small world.

“This is giving away a house… it seems that the great void Dragon Kun really treats the green bean as its bloodline…”

Chen Chen thought as he sent the green bean into the great void crystal.


The Great Void Dragon Kun in the sky cried out, as if it was praising Chen Chen’s intelligence.

Chen Chen’s face was full of smiles. He waved his hand repeatedly, indicating that he did not dare to accept it.


With this wave of his hand, “Rain”immediately began to fall from the sky. However, this rain was the rain of treasures!

A total of several hundred treasures fell from the sky. They did not contain any miscellaneous items such as void crystals.


Chen Chen could not help but cry out in surprise. He hurriedly stepped back. One of the unknown treasures fell into the void Crystal Mountain. With a rumble, the seven to eight thousand meter tall void Crystal Mountain collapsed.

After the pile of treasures fell to the ground, Chen Chen quickly went to pick them up.

Looking at the hundreds of treasures of different sizes and shapes in front of him, even though he had seen countless treasures in his life, his face turned red with excitement.

‘These treasures were too precious. If he used the system to track them, none of them would go down from the top ten treasures in the Void Crystal Mountain.

To put it another way, if these treasures could be ranked on the true spirit world’s artifact refining list, then the artifact refining list would be completely different…

Damnit! I’ve never seen such a generous guy!

Holy shit! What Kind of armor is this? It was said that a treasure could only fuse three types of divine gold… how come there were at least five types of armor?

And that brick that the void Crystal Mountain smashed down, it seemed to be an immortal artifact! What material was it made of? It was unheard of!

What’s with this sword? Before I could touch it, it cut my hand..

Looking at the pile of treasures in front of him, Chen Chen no longer had the demeanor of a tycoon. He became like a country bumpkin who had never seen the world and began to carefully examine every single treasure.


The Great Void Dragon Kun’s mocking cry came from the sky.

Chen Chen carefully put away all the treasures and bowed to the great void Dragon Kun in the sky.

“Senior, don’t worry! With these treasures, I will definitely protect Senior’s bloodline.”


‘The Great Void Dragon Kun praised Chen Chen Chen’s intelligence again. After a moment of silence, it shook and another pile of jade slips fell down.

The corner of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched. It seemed that the great void Dragon Kun did not give him enough treasures, he even had to give him secret manuals.

Without hesitation, he began to examine the jade slips again.

Compared to treasures, these jade slips were much more ordinary. Most of them were useless records. It was obvious that the great void Dragon Kun could not understand the jade slips, so it could not determine the value of the jade slips.

Even so, Chen Chen still revealed an extremely excited expression every time he looked at a jade slip.

This great void Dragon Kun should be a good-looking immortal spirit. Since that was the case, then he should give it some face. Who knows, it might be happy and give it something good.

As he continued to act, Chen Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up.

There were really good things in these jade slips!

For example, the jade slip in his hand at this moment recorded a secret technique called the heavenly demon grand cultivation technique.

Cultivating this secret technique would give birth to a demonic seed in one’s body. If one injected the demonic seed into another cultivator’s body, they would be able to continuously absorb the cultivator’s cultivation, giving it back to their body and increasing their own cultivation.

If that was all, this was just an ordinary evil secret technique.

The problem was that this secret technique could not only give birth to one demonic seed, but could give birth to many. If one cultivated it to a high level, they could even give birth to tens of thousands of demonic seeds.

If one could find thousands of cultivators as cauldrons, it would be equivalent to thousands of people helping one cultivate.

More importantly, it was very difficult to discover the devil seed after it entered a cultivator’s body, and the amount of cultivation it absorbed would all depend on one’s thoughts. If one was willing, it could be developed sustainably.

“The value of this secret art is not inferior to the nine transformation golden body mantra and the evil god Temple’s divine devouring secret manual… It’s just a little damaging to the harmony of heaven and Earth.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself.

He felt that with these things, he could even establish a super sect of his own.

After putting away the heavenly demon grand cultivation technique, Chen Chen continued to examine the other jade slips, and finally, he found another immortal art.

This immortal art was called Celestial Dipper Extreme Vision. After mastering it, one could see ten thousand miles.

Not only that, but it could also penetrate all kinds of low-level shielding formations.

In short, it was the thousand-mile clairvoyance.

‘even the thousand-mile eye has appeared. Will the seventy-two transformations still be far away… ?

Chen Chen thought to himself.

Perhaps the immortal world was really like the world in the myths and legends of his previous life, with unimaginable great magical powers.

After checking the jade slip, Chen Chen could not help but raise his head and look at the sky with eager eyes.

‘The meaning was self-evident.

Anything else?

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