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Chapter 625:

Chapter 623. Dao heart damaged

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Chen Chen looked around and said with a troubled expression, “There’s a reason. It’s called not revealing your wealth, or else you’ll be in trouble.”

Bei Xiu took out an ancient storage ring from her pocket, she said in a deep voice, “Ji Dong, I’m not afraid of a tribulation-transcending cultivator. What are you, a Mahayana cultivator, afraid of? Or is what you said just now all a lie? You’re a spy sent by those super sects!”

Xie tianxing stood aside and looked at the expressions of the surrounding cultivators. Then, he waved his hand. In an instant, an isolation array appeared around them, blocking the gazes and spiritual senses of the surrounding cultivators.

“All you have to do is show your strength in front of Zhong Xu and me. No matter what the result is, we won’t tell anyone.”

After saying that, he looked at Zhong Xu. Zhong xu hurriedly signaled his two disciples to withdraw from the array. Then, he raised his hand and swore that he would not spread the news.

Seeing this scene, Bei Xiu said loudly,

“Senior Xie is already like this. You Don’t have any more excuses, right? If you refuse again, it means that you don’t trust senior Xie. If you don’t even trust senior Xie, I advise you to leave the great snowmountain of Tiandu as soon as possible!”

Chen Chen frowned and reluctantly agreed.

“Alright, since we want to compare our foundations, then let’s do it. Although our divine elegance sect has been in hiding for hundreds of thousands of years, we still have a bit of foundation. which kind of foundation should we compare first?”

Xie tianxing smiled, he said, “Spirit Stones and crystals can buy most of the resources in the true spirit world. Let’s compete with Spirit Stones and crystals first. The two of you can put your spirit stones and crystals into your storage rings and let me take a look. I’ll know which one is more and which one

is less with just one look.”

Bei Xiu took out another storage ring when she heard that. She quietly transferred the Spirit Stones and crystals from the ancient storage ring into this storage ring and handed it to Xie tianxing.

There were countless spirit stones and spirit crystals in the Divine Elegance Sect’s treasury. Even after hundreds of thousands of years, it was still a terrifying number in his hands.

Just the storage ring that he had just given out had one billion supreme-grade spirit stones and more than a hundred thousand spirit crystals.

With such a huge amount of resources, even top-notch experts like the Heavenly Devil City Lord and the sect master of the immortal sects wouldn’t be able to take it out if they didn’t use the sect’s resources.

Therefore, he was no longer flustered. The tokens and the story of the Godly Grace sect could all be faked, but the foundation couldn’t be faked. He had the foundation of the Godly Grace sect, so he was the orthodox one.

Xie tianxing stretched out his divine sense to check the amount of spirit stones and spirit crystals in his storage ring, and his expression was quite calm.

As the saying goes, a lean camel is bigger than a horse. Even if a huge sect had disappeared for hundreds of thousands of years, it should still have this kind of foundation.

‘What surprised him was that since Bei Xiu was the inheritor of the Godly Grace sect, then what was Ji Dong’s background?

With that thought, he looked at Chen Chen with a hint of danger in his eyes.

Chen Chen calmly took out a storage ring and placed it in Xie Tianxing’s hand. At the same time, he said, “The inheritors of our godly Grace sect have lived frugally for so long, that’s why we have such a wealth. Fellow Daoist Xie, you have to be careful.”

Xie tianxing smiled faintly and took the storage ring. He used his spiritual sense to probe inside, and the smile on his face instantly froze. He was completely stunned.

Seeing his expression, bei Xiu became anxious. She urged him in a low voice, “Senior Xie, doesn’t he have many spiritual crystals in his storage ring?”

To be honest, in his opinion, Xie Tianxing was a world wayfarer of the anti-heaven Alliance. He was someone who could look at so many spiritual stones and spiritual crystals in his storage ring without changing his expression, even if the spiritual stones and spiritual crystals in Ji Dong’s storage ring

were doubled or tripled, Xie Tianxing’s expression would not change.

He guessed that there was nothing in it, which shocked Xie tianxing.

Xie tianxing came back to his senses when he heard this. He returned Chen Chen’s storage ring and muttered, “The number of spiritual stones and spiritual crystals in this fellow Daoist Ji Dong’s storage ring is more than ten times more than yours.”

Bei XIU’s expression changed drastically when he heard this. He exclaimed, “How is this possible? How could he have left so many spiritual stones and spiritual crystals in the past 300,000 years? !”

Chen Chen put away his storage ring and said disdainfully, “Generations of inheritors of our divine grace sect have kept a low profile and put all their energy into restoring the glory of Divine Grace sect. Some inheritors know that they don’t have enough talent, so they won’t use the treasures in the


“Other than that, whoever dies will put all their wealth into the treasure vault. That’s why our divine grace sect still has such a foundation after 300,000 years.”

Xie Tianxing didn’t say anything, but there was a hint of caution in his gaze as he looked at Chen Chen.

To be honest, even he couldn’t take out the resources in the storage ring just now.

After all, the sect that he inherited had only been destroyed for a few hundred thousand years.

In the anti-heaven Alliance, there was a saying that said that after being destroyed for a few hundred thousand years, the previous overlords of the major regions were collectively known as the junior generation sects.

Sects like the Divine Grace sect, which had been destroyed for more than three hundred thousand years, were known as the middle generation sects, and before that, they were all known as the ancient generation sects.

Under normal circumstances, the junior generation sects had the deepest foundations, and their successors were also powerful.

‘The few mid-stage Mahayana realm cultivators who had contacted him a long time ago were all from the junior generation sects.

The strength of the junior generation sects and the ancient generation sects were much weaker. Even if they were added together, it would be very difficult for them to be on par with the junior generation sects.

He did not expect that this divine grace sect was actually an anomaly.

Bei Xiu was so angry that his face turned red when he heard Chen Chen Chen’s explanation.

Chen Chen had said something about not having enough talent and not having the right to use the treasure trove’s resources. Wasn’t this mocking him?

“Let’s… compete with other things!”

After a moment of silence, bei Xiu gritted her teeth and said.

‘When Chen Chen heard this, he waved his hand and said, “Wait, Bei Xiu, your spiritual stones and spiritual crystals are not even one-tenth of mine. Let me ask you, can the value of your other things combined be comparable to the value of my spiritual stones and spiritual crystals?”

Bei XIU’s expression froze, and then her face turned pale.

Chen Chen smiled confidently and extended his hand.

“Bei Xiu, give mea spiritual stone from your storage ring.”

Bei Xiu was somewhat at a loss, but he still took out a supreme-grade spiritual stone.

Chen Chen took his spiritual stone and squeezed it hard, directly shattering the spiritual stone into powder, and a large amount of spiritual energy spread out.

Feeling the spiritual energy in the surroundings, Chen Chen shook his head, took out a supreme-grade spiritual stone from his storage ring, and crushed it. Then, he looked at Xie tianxing.

“Fellow Daoist Xie, can you sense the difference between these two supreme-grade spirit stones?”

Xie tianxing sensed it carefully and said in surprise, “Your supreme-grade spirit stone actually has a trace of immortal qi…”

“That’s right. My Spirit Stone came from the 300,000-year-old Shenxiu sect’s treasury. At that time, the Ascension Tunnel had not been cut off, so the spirit stone was the same as the current spirit crystals. It contained a trace of immortal qi.

“Bei Xiu, now that the truth is in front of you, what else can you say? “Do you still want to compete with me in other aspects?”

Chen Chen waved his hand to disperse the surrounding spiritual qi and said to Bei Xiu sternly.

Bei Xiu was at a loss. He did not know how many times he had changed the spirit stones and spirit crystals in his storage ring. How could he still have any spirit stones and spirit crystals from hundreds of thousands of years ago?

Or was Ji Dong in front of him the true inheritor of Divine Elegance Sect? Was he not?

But if he was not the inheritor of the graceful deity sect, then why did he hide until now? And why did his ancestors hide for so many generations?

Why was everything? Who exactly was he..

With that thought, he directly spat out a mouthful of blood. His faith had actually collapsed, his dao heart had been damaged, and he had suffered a backlash.

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