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Chapter 62: Searching in the Tianyun Mountains

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“I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die…” Wang Feng muttered, his eyes filled with fear and horror.

For a person who had enjoyed all the luxuries in the world, death was undoubtedly very frightening to him. Besides, he had never mentally prepared himself for it.

Chen Chen looked at him and thought that it was about time. Hence, he returned to his seat again and sighed softly.

“If you want to live longer, you must learn to prepare for rainy days. When you’re doing dangerous things, you should also make more preparations. You’re just too young and you have failed to realize that you’re just a pawn who can be abandoned at any time.”

“What should I do then?” Wang Feng was overwhelmed with panic and was at a complete loss for what to do. He could tell from the news that Wuxin Clan had given him that the Wuxin Clan was likely to make a big move soon…

Wouldn’t that mean he didn’t have long to live?

“A pawn must always have a certain value to stay alive. Once the round of chess is over, the pawn will naturally lose its value, don’t you think?”

Chen Chen went on and on while Hu Xian’er’s face twitched a little. She had already kept her guard up high against her master.

‘I can’t listen to my master’s nonsense in the future! I must use this as a warning! I can’t listen to him deceive others,’ Hu Xian’er continued to remind herself in her head.


On the other hand, Wang Feng seemed to have grasped a key point, gradually sinking deep into thought.

An hour passed.

Wang Feng gratefully left the courtyard of the main peak.

“Successor, you don’t have to see me off. As the saying goes, listening to a single teaching from the teacher is better than reading books for ten years. You have enlightened me and benefited me greatly today. I will remember this kindness!”

Before leaving, Wang Feng bowed deeply to Chen Chen. There was a solemn and pious expression on his face, which was as swollen as a pig’s head.

On the other hand, Chen Chen smiled warmly and said, “You don’t have to be so polite. You and I are just trying to survive.”

“The successor is right. No one has it easy in this world of chaos. How can there be natural born enemies in this world? We won’t know of each other without having a conflict. Okay, I’m leaving now. When I return, I will definitely follow the plan we have made!”

After saying that, Wang Feng limped down the main peak Chen Chen compassionately watching him leave.

Hu Xian’er watched from the side, secretly flabbergasted.

‘You won’t know each other without a conflict… You’re clearly the only one who got beaten up, alright?

‘This is absurd. You were beaten up and you thanked him for it. How does that make any sense?’


After Wang Feng disappeared from view, Hu Xian’er could not hold back her feelings any longer. She asked Chen Chen directly, “Master, will you protect him regardless of whether the two clans go to war in the future or reach a merger?”

Chen Chen listened to this and gave Hu Xian’er a meaningful glance before saying, “Of course! I am a man of my word, but he must listen to me and behave himself.”

After saying that, Chen Chen returned to the courtyard with a sigh.

Hu Xian’er looked at Chen Chen’s back and could not help but shiver. For some reason, she always felt that there were hidden meanings in his words…

Upon returning to the cultivation room, Chen Chen sat cross-legged on the prayer cushion and closed his eyes.

He had received plenty of information from Wang Feng.

The Wuxin Clan would be making a big move soon. If he could, he would definitely want to save and protect the Tianyun Clan.

Although he did not have deep feelings for the Tianyun Clan, Xiao Wuyou had treated him with kindness. Hence, he was still concerned about him.

“System, I shall use the chance to track the entire Tianyun Mountains, in order to track for chances within Tianyun Mountains.”

After a moment of silence, he decided to use that tracking opportunity. In the case that it was the type that could be replenished, it would be a loss not to use it.

“System tracking is starting.”

Hearing the system’s reply, Chen Chen vaguely began to look forward to it.

Using the system within a large range was still the most cost-effective way to find opportunities because opportunities were a dynamic concept, not limited to precious materials and treasures.

Besides, the word opportunity referred to a thing that one could take. It would not track the belongings of others and create a misunderstanding.

A moment later, the results were displayed by the system.

“In the next 24 hours, go to the main hall where the clan master is. Xiao Wuyou will present you with Spirit Stones.

“Half an hour later, there will be a spirit bird passing over the main peak. After shooting it down and cooking it for consumption, your status of cultivation will be improved.

“Hack down a withered mountain 13 kilometers north of the main peak to obtain a Spirit Rhinoceros Ore.

“In an hour’s time, resolve the troubles of the outer clan disciple Li Jian and you will receive a gift from Li Jian, which contains special items.”

A few moments later, the system displayed more than a hundred opportunities which were considered normal, but later on, the scene suddenly changed.

“In 8 hours, head to the waterfall of the Heavenly Tranquil Peak. You will see a certain female disciple of the outer clan taking a bath.


“In 8 hours and 15 minutes, go to the peak of Tianqin Peak. You will meet a female disciple who has fallen out of love. After you console her, you may have an intimate encounter with her.


“In 12 hours, Zhao Xiaoya of the Heavenly Sword Peak will sink into obsession. After you save and heal her, you will gain +50 favorability.”

Chen Chen felt a little speechless when he saw the opportunities. He didn’t expect picking up girls and romantic encounters to be considered opportunities to the system.

Besides, most of the opportunities took place at night!

Fortunately, it was a world of immortality, which was more conservative. If it happened in the bustling city of the modern world, 99 out of 100 opportunities would probably be for one-night-stands.

The tracking system would also be called a one-night-stand system…


Seeing that the system was frantically trying to search at the edges, Chen Chen has no choice but to continue reading.

“In 17 hours, head to the Heavenly Elixir Peak and toss a superior-grade fallopia multiflora into the elixir cauldron of the alchemical elder. You will obtain a gift from the Grand Elder of Alchemy, which contains a copy of the Essential Art of Alchemy and two Foundation Building elixirs.”

“In 18 hours, there will be a heavenly treasure called the Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus emerging from a spot 600 meters below your feet at the main peak.”

“In 23 hours, there will be a 100,000-year-old Heavenly Spirit Bell Lotion dripping from the Sky Peak Mountain at the edge of Tianyun Mountains.”

After reading about a thousand alerts, Chen Chen quickly ranked the value of the opportunities in his mind.

Combining the experience of searching for opportunities twice, he deduced that the time frame for the system to search for opportunities was about one day.

That also meant that Chen Chen was given a total of one day.

It was definitely impossible to seize a thousand opportunities in one day. No matter how fast he was, it would take at least seven or eight hours to unearth the Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus that was 600 meters deep underground.

‘I have to get someone to help me,’ Chen Chen secretly thought to himself before walking out of the cultivation room.

Apart from the few demons in the courtyard, Zhang Ji was the only one in the clan whom he could trust.

However, he could not take care of some opportunities, and hence, he had no choice but to give his buddy an advantage, such as the opportunity to toss a fallopia multiflora into the elixir cauldron.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen sped up. After all, time waits for no man.

However, as soon as he left the cultivation room, he saw the soil in the medicinal herb field rolling incessantly. The ten-thousand-year-old Ochre Yellow Spirit was obviously plowing the land again.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up, going to the medicinal herb field to pull the ten-thousand-year-old Ochre Yellow Spirit out.

At this point, the ten-thousand-year-old Ochre Yellow Spirit had yet to react, as it was moving about in Chen Chen’s hand, thinking that it was still in the medicinal herb field.

Its “limbs” seemed to have a special function, glowing faintly.

“Little guy, come dig the soil with me! Xian’er, come with me too!”

With a smile, Chen Chen placed the Ochre Yellow Spirit on his shoulder and called out to Hu Xian’er before dashing down the mountain.

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