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Chapter 618:

Chapter 616, the World Wayfarer

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Chen Chen was secretly speechless when he heard this. He didn’t expect that an assassination would involve such a force.

“Master, with the strength of the Heavenly Devil City and the immortal sects, can’t they find any traces of the anti-heaven alliance? They actually allowed them to stay hidden until today?”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord said helplessly, “There are thousands of sects in the true spirit world. Some of the sects that belong to the anti-heaven alliance look extremely ordinary on the surface, but in fact, there are Mahayana cultivators hidden inside. It’s very difficult for us to find such a sect.

“Moreover, even if we find them and destroy them, it’s only a small part of the anti-heaven Alliance. Other than that, there are also quite a number of itinerant cultivators in the anti-heaven alliance who don’t usually communicate with each other. It’s almost impossible to completely destroy the

anti-heaven Alliance.” “It’s almost impossible.”

Chen Chen nodded slightly when he heard this, and his expression became quite grave.

At this time, the heavenly demon city lord added, “When the anti-heaven Alliance was dormant, they didn’t communicate with each other. It’s indeed unassailable. But now that they’re extremely quiet, they’ll naturally reveal a flaw.”

“What Flaw?”Chen Chen asked.

“Every time the anti-heaven alliance decides to stir up trouble, they will use some secret method to select a cultivator named world wayfarer. This World Wayfarer will connect all the sects and itinerant cultivators in the anti-heaven alliance.

If I can find this world wayfarer, then I will be able to obtain information about the vast majority of the members of the anti-heaven Alliance.

“Of course, those who can become world wayfarer are basically all top-notch experts of the world, or they have extremely strong self-preservation abilities and can conceal the secrets of the heavens. Even if I meet them, I won’t be able to capture them alive.

“Although World Wayfarer is extremely difficult to find and even more difficult to deal with, this is the only flaw of the anti-heaven Alliance.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen became even more curious about this mysterious organization.

Originally, he thought that there were only ten people at the peak of the Mahayana realm in the true spirit world. Now, it seemed that there were more than that. It was very likely that the anti-heaven alliance also had similar experts.

In fact, it was only natural after thinking about it. If the destroyed Super Force gave all their sect resources to one person, in the long run, as long as they found extremely talented cultivators, they would sooner or later be able to nurture top-notch experts.

“Master, now that the Abyss World has invaded, do you think that the anti-heaven Alliance hates the superpowers like our sky demon city more, or do they hate the cultivators from the Abyss World More?”

‘The Sky Demon City Lord pondered for a long time upon hearing this, then finally shook his head.

“It’s hard to say. The last time the anti-heaven Alliance rose up was when the previous evil god Temple Master died more than 10,000 years ago, and a few superpowers were about to start a war. Before that, it was about 40,000 to 50,000 years ago.

“Their actions were too little, and I was unable to accurately understand their thoughts.

“If they secretly colluded with the Abyss sect, then the true spirit world would definitely be in danger. However, if they put aside their past enmity and cooperated with our major sects, then our chances of resisting the invasion of the abyss world would greatly increase.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen fell into deep thought.

The anti-heaven Alliance should not have wanted to collude with the Abyss sect. If they wanted to collude with the Abyss sect, then they would definitely cause trouble before the battle was scheduled, and not send people to kill him after the Abyss sect announced that they would not be coming out for

four years.

Of course, the anti-heaven alliance wasn’t likely to forget about the past with the major superpowers. If that was the case, they wouldn’t send people to kill him, a great contributor to the true spirit world.

It was more likely that there was a disagreement within this huge organization.

Should he use the system to find the World Wayfarer of the anti-heaven Alliance? He could block the heavenly secrets, but he couldn’t block his own system.

But what good would it do him if he found him?

‘The few super sects in the true spirit world probably couldn’t spare the time to destroy such a huge force now.

With that thought, Chen Chen’s heart sank into a dilemma.

Seeing that Chen Chen didn’t speak for a long time, the Heavenly Devil City Lord thought that he was worried that the anti-heaven Alliance would send people to kill him.., he immediately smiled and said, “The anti-heaven Alliance has failed this time, so they probably won’t send people to kill you again.

‘What they care about is controlling the situation, not specifically killing someone.

As for the immortal sect, don’t worry. I will explain the situation to the sect master of the Immortal Sect.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen quickly thanked him. Then, he asked, intentionally or unintentionally, “Master, if you knew all the sects and cultivators of the anti-heaven Alliance, what would you do?”

The Heavenly Devil City Master knew that Chen Chen loved to cause trouble, so he was even more curious. Without thinking too much, he directly replied, “Rope in those sects in the anti-heaven alliance that are hostile to the Dark Abyss sect and destroy those who want to join the Dark Abyss sect.

“If you need to pay a huge price to destroy those people, then don’t take action for the time being. Just Guard against them first and wait for a better opportunity.”

“Master is wise!”

Chen Chen flattered him quite directly.

The Heavenly Devil City lord laughed and said, “Let’s not talk about the anti-heaven Alliance for the time being. However, it’s a coincidence this time that you have the combat strength comparable to a mahayana cultivator, which makes me feel very surprised. According to the rumors, whenever a great

change comes, there will always be someone blessed by heaven. I have some doubts that you are that kind of person!”

Chen Chen smiled embarrassedly.

He said it as if he would not be awesome if it was not for the matter of the Abyss sect.

To be honest, he did not get to where he was today because of the heavens. It was all because of his extraordinary intelligence, handsome appearance, a strong heart… and… the system.

“Master, you flatter me.”

“Hehe, I will know if I flatter you or not in the future.”.

“Take this storage ring, It contains the indestructible divine gold, the Archaic Mysteries Sect’s divine pills, and the evil god temple’s Soul Beasts.”.

“Although you have Mahayana strength now, it’s still far from enough. If you can absorb all these treasures and turn them into strength, you might be able to have a place in the true spirit world’s Mahayana realm.”

‘The Heavenly Demon City Lord said as he handed a storage ring to Chen Chen.

After this battle, he had already elevated this little disciple to the same high status as his eldest disciple, Xiao Ling.

Chen Chen took the storage ring and thanked him profusely.

With the immortal divine gold and the Strange Immortal Qi and spirit gold in the secret realm of the immortal sect, his ten thousand transformations divine blade could advance once more.

“Chen Chen, cultivate well. These few things are actually nothing. If you can seize this opportunity, there will be many similar benefits in the future.”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord encouraged.

Chen Chen nodded in agreement upon hearing this. Then, he left the Heavenly Devil City Lord’s location and headed towards the place that belonged to him in the Heavenly Devil City.

The Northern Heavenly Devil City was one of the great cities of the true spirit world. There were countless cultivators in the city. Other than the Heavenly Devil City cultivators, there were also a large number of cultivators from other sects as well as countless itinerant cultivators who were passing by.

Chen Chen walked silently in the city. As he looked at the cultivators coming and going, his mind was still thinking about the anti-heaven alliance.

As he thought about it, he suddenly had a whim and looked at the crowd around him.

“system, are there any anti-heaven alliance cultivators within a radius of a hundred miles?”

“Yes, ten miles in front of the host, twelve miles to the left, thirty-six miles to the back…”

The system listed dozens of people.

Seeing the row of results, Chen Chen was secretly shocked. He didn’t expect there to be so many people from the anti-heaven alliance.

After hesitating for a moment, he walked straight to the nearest person…

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