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Chapter 617:

Chapter 615: Escape

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Two days later.

Chen Chen silently lurked near the exit of the mystic realm.

In these two days, he searched the mystic realm thoroughly and found more than 100,000 low-level immortal stones. Apart from that, he also obtained a lot of other miscellaneous things related to immortal qi.

He did not touch any other opportunities. After all, he had to leave some memories for the cultivators who would come in in the future.

Ifhe really cut off the roots of the immortal sect, the Sect Master of the Immortal sect wouldn’t let him off, regardless of whether or not the matter of the new year had anything to do with the immortal sect.

As for why he wanted to go into hiding, of course, it was because he didn’t trust the Immortal sect, so he had a backup plan.

If the gate of the mystic realm opened and there were a group of immortal sect experts outside who wanted to kill him, then he could take advantage of the time when these people were looking for him to pass the news to his master, the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

Chen Chen waited silently. After waiting for about two hours, the space at the exit of the secret realm suddenly fluctuated. Chen Chen’s heart was also lifted.

Although he was mentally prepared to lose this clone, he had poured a large amount of blood into this clone after all. If he could protect this clone, it would be the best thing.

Therefore, he was really afraid that once the exit of the secret realm opened, there would be a group of immortal sect experts filled with killing intent outside.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, it’s time. My master asked me to come and pick you up.”

The exit of the secret realm opened very quickly. At the same time, Chen Chen’s communication token lit up. The one who sent him the message was fairy Qiong Hua.

“Is she coming to pick me up?”

Chen Chen concealed his figure and approached the exit. With a glance, he saw fairy giong hua standing at the exit with the communication token in her hand.

And around Qiong Hua, there was no one.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen let out a long sigh of relief.

This clone of his could be considered saved. The one who wanted to kill him shouldn’t be the immortal sect.

Even so, he wasn’t in a hurry to show himself.

Although the traces of the battle in the secret realm had been slightly covered up by him, if someone investigated a little, they would still be able to find some clues.

If he continued to investigate further, he would probably be detained in the immortal sect.

The most important thing now was to leave the immortal sect and find his master, the Heavenly Devil City Lord. He would also inform the Heavenly Devil City Lord of his encounter in the secret realm, and then the Heavenly Devil City Lord would explain the situation to the immortal sect.

In this way, he would always have the initiative.

After waiting for about fifteen minutes, seeing that Qiong Hua was about to enter the secret realm to search, Chen Chen appeared and flew out of the secret realm.

Seeing Chen Chen come out, Qiong Hua asked with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Chen, how was your harvest in this mystic realm?”

“Tt was quite bountiful!”Chen Chen replied.

“Then I must congratulate fellow Daoist. You must be tired after staying in the mystic realm for a month, right? Why Don’t you go to True Spirit City to rest for a few days and tell me about your harvest?”

Hearing Fairy Qiong Hua’s words.., chen Chen righteously rejected her. “Fellow Daoist Qiong Hua, although the Abyss sect has given us four years, we must not slack off. We must make good use of every day to increase our strength! “There’s no need to rest. I still have to rush back to Heavenly Devil City to

enter closed-door cultivation.”


Fairy Qiong Hua was stunned. In her impression, Chen Chen was not a serious person. However, today..

Could it be that Chen Chen had misunderstood something?

With that thought, her pretty face turned slightly red as she said, “What fellow Daoist Chen said is extremely true…”

“Ahem, since I’ve already left the mystic realm, I’ll return to Heavenly Devil City. Fellow Daoist Qiong Hua, write a letter to senior sect master on my behalf! Farewell!”

Chen Chen could not continue acting. After cupping his hands, he directly bade farewell and then flew out of true spirit city without looking back.

Seeing that Chen Chen didn’t want to say anything to her, Qiong Hua shook her head with a bitter smile.

“Master is really daydreaming, Why would such an upright person like fellow Daoist Chen have such superfluous thoughts?”

Chen Chen rushed all the way. He didn’t even dare to sit in the teleportation array of true spirit city. He flew for hundreds of thousands of miles until he left the area of influence of the gate of immortality. Only then did he find a city and start to take the teleportation array.

After several rounds of teleportation, he finally arrived at the Heavenly Devil City of the Northern Region.

‘The Heavenly Devil City Lord was in the Heavenly Devil City at this moment. When he sensed Chen Chen Chen’s return, he immediately called him over and asked the same question as Qiong Hua.

“Chen Chen, how’s the harvest from this trip?”

How could Chen Chen Chen have time to answer this question at this time? After brewing his emotions for a while, a wronged expression naturally appeared on his face.

“Master, I was chased by an expert in the Immortal Gate’s Secret Realm!”

The smile on the Skyfiend City Lord’s face instantly froze when he heard that, and then he flew into a rage.

Although Chen Chen had stepped into the mortal realm, he still subconsciously took two steps back when he felt the terrifying aura from the Skyfiend City Lord.

“Master, it’s like this!”

Chen Chen explained everything that had happened inside in detail, but he attributed the matter of finding the immortal stone and the immortal’s secluded cultivation place to luck.

“Master, what do you think about this? Have you heard about the anti-heaven Alliance?”

Finally, Chen Chen asked.

At this time, the Heavenly Devil City Lord’s expression had softened a lot. When he heard about the anti-heaven alliance, he nodded slightly.

“T’ve heard about it, but I didn’t expect the anti-heaven Alliance to appear again…”

Before Chen Chen Chen could continue asking, the Heavenly Devil City Lord started to explain the origin of the anti-heaven alliance.

It turned out that the anti-heaven alliance was an extremely obscure force in the true spirit world.

The history of cultivation in the true spirit world was unknown for tens of thousands of years. Who knew how many powerful cultivators and powerful sects had emerged.

Like Heavenly Devil City, the evil god Hall had only risen for a few hundred thousand years. Even the immortal sects with a long history were only a hundred thousand years older than Heavenly Devil City.

The rise of a few super sects would inevitably mean the decline or disappearance of other super sects.

But how big were the minor details of a world’s super sects? No matter how they declined, they would always be destroyed.

And among these surviving cultivators, there were some who had deep feelings for the past sects, so they naturally wanted to take revenge and even restore the glory of their sects in the past.

‘There were also some super sects that had handed over all the resources in their sects to the disciples they could trust before they were destroyed, and then had their disciples go into hiding.

Time passed quickly. In the many years of history of the true spirit world, there were probably more than a hundred super sects that had disappeared, and there were even more disciples like this.

These people had gathered together by chance. As time passed, they formed an alliance with the goal of overthrowing the current super sects, which was the anti-heaven Alliance.

“Chen Chen, like our Sky Demon City, we might have been a member of the anti-heaven Alliance in the past. If it wasn’t for the huge support of the anti-heaven Alliance’s resources, I don’t believe that the first city Lord would be able to destroy the Samsara sect, which was once at its peak.”

Hearing this explanation, Chen Chen was speechless.

He finally understood what kind of faction the anti-heaven alliance was.

If a super powerhouse appeared and destroyed Sky Demon City, the Sky Demon City Lord would hand over all the resources of Sky Demon City to him before he died. Then, he would take those resources and hide them, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge for Sky Demon City.

This fulfilled the conditions to join the anti-heaven Alliance.

In short, it was an alliance formed by a group of survivors from a super faction that had been eliminated.

“Then why do they want to kill me?”Chen Chen asked subconsciously.

The Heavenly Devil City Lord shook his head in disappointment when he heard this.

“Chen Chen, they want to kill you. They should be trying to sow discord between our heavenly devil city and the immortal sect. In the past, the anti-heaven alliance has used many such methods.

“Sigh, you don’t know. This force has always been dormant for ten thousand years if they don’t make a move. Once they make a move, it will be like thunder. Now that they’ve made a move against you, it means that they’re going to appear again and stir up trouble in the true spirit world.”

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