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Chapter 616:

Chapter 614, anti-heaven Alliance

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“I’s actually so difficult to deal with…”

The white-haired elder muttered with a gloomy face. Originally, it was easy for him to destroy Chen Chen with his cultivation base. Who would have thought that after delaying for more than half a month, the situation would turn out like this.


Before he could be angry, Ao Yu had already swung his dragon tail at him. Seeing this, the white-haired elder could only take it head-on. However, just as he pushed Ao yu away, a tyrannical immortal gi attack came from behind again.

Unknowingly, seven days had passed. Chen Chen, Ao Yu, and the white-haired elder had been fighting in this Immortal Gate’s mystic realm for seven whole days. More than half of the mystic realm had left traces of their battle.

At the beginning, the white-haired elder was fighting one against two, and he could still withstand it. However, after fighting for a day, his momentum gradually weakened.

At this time, Chen Chen decisively let ao Yu entangle the white-haired elder while he absorbed the immortal stones to recover his immortal qi and divine sense.

When he had almost recovered, he would replace Ao Yu. Just like that, the man and the dragon engaged in a long-drawn-out battle with the white-haired elder.

The white-haired elder erupted several times and almost took the lives of the man and the dragon. However, the man and the dragon had too many supplies. In addition, Chen Chen had mastered the law of life. Even if he was severely injured, he could recover completely within an hour. On the other

hand, he.., he had to face his opponent at all times and did not have any time to rest.

On the seventh day, he finally became an arrow at the end of its flight. Injuries began to appear on his body, and then the injuries grew more and more. In the end, he even reached the edge of death.

Looking at the disheveled white-haired elder in the distance, Chen Chen squeezed out a smile on his pale face and asked, “Senior, you’re about to die. Why did you kill me? You can tell me now, right?”

The white-haired Elder’s eyes were red and he didn’t say a word.

Chen Chen was a little puzzled. This old fellow was about to die. What else could he not tell?

Could it be that there was someone behind this old fellow?

Thinking of this, he felt a chill run down his spine.

Someone who could have a mahayana cultivator as his subordinate was definitely the most powerful existence in the world. Could it be that the immortal sect really wanted to attack him?

“Chen Chen! You Must Die!”

The white-haired elder shouted sternly. His white hair became even whiter, and his entire body shrunk by more than half.

Seeing this, Chen Chen and Ao Yu did not even think about turning around and running away.

After fighting fiercely with this white-haired elder for seven days and seven nights, they had finally gained some experience. As long as the other party used a powerful move, they would immediately run away.

Anyway, this guy did not seem to be able to leave the mystic realm. As soon as the powerful move was over, they would immediately return and continue to fight.


This time, the white-haired elder’s attack was especially powerful. Chen Chen and Ao Yu felt as if another star had crashed into them from behind, causing their bodies to fly forward uncontrollably.

Among them, Chen Chen was hit especially hard, being sent flying hundreds of miles away.

Fortunately, the blood demon battle armor on his body was sturdy, which protected his body from being torn apart.

‘When the shock wave ended, Chen Chen spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Cough, cough! After this attack, he shouldn’t be able to take it anymore. Let’s go back and take a look.”

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Chen Chen quickly returned to where the white-haired elder was. He saw that everything within a radius of a hundred miles had been flattened by the attack just now, in the middle of the area that was dozens of miles away, a huge pit that was thousands of

meters deep had appeared.

In the middle of the crater, the white-haired elder lay on the ground like a dead man.

“system, is there anyone stronger than me within a hundred-mile radius?”


The system spat out two words and Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief. Only then did he dare to approach the white-haired elder.

The white-haired elder was not dead yet, but his eyes were extremely dim. This was a sign that his lifespan had been exhausted and that he was about to die.

Chen Chen had fought with him for so many days, and he knew that most of the secret arts that he had used up his lifespan had been exchanged. And after that attack, the white-haired elder should have used up all his lifespan.


Ao Yu, who was far away, roared when he saw this. He wanted to slap the white-haired elder to death completely, so that he would not have any more troubles.

Chen Chen hurriedly stopped him, “Wait, he is already hopeless. There is no need to do this.”

Ao Yu retracted his Dragon Claw and said in a slightly annoyed tone, “Fellow Daoist Chen, we fought with him for seven days and seven nights, and we barely escaped death several times. With such a great enmity, don’t tell me you still want to leave his corpse intact?”

Chen Chen shook his head and placed his hand on the white-haired Elder’s head and began to perform the soul-searching technique.

This soul-searching technique was a secret technique he had obtained from an elder of the evil dragon sect when he was exterminating the evil god Hall’s affiliated sect.

Under normal circumstances, it could only be used on cultivators whose spiritual sense was weaker than his.

This white-haired elder was a mahayana cultivator, so logically speaking, he should not be used on him. However, now that his soul had been destroyed and only a bit of his true spirit was left, Chen Chen wanted to take the risk and try it out in order to feel at ease.

Once the soul-searching technique was used, the white-haired elder died completely. However, there were still bits and pieces of memories that Chen Chen had read.

“He Nian, the guardian elder of the gate of immortality… you must take Chen Chen’s life… The anti-heaven Alliance.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. At the last moment of the white-haired Elder’s death, he had only received a few keywords.

This white-haired elder was called he nian. He was indeed an elder of the gate of immortality. However, he was an inner elder of the gate of immortality and not some guardian of the mystic realm.

He did not want to kill him because he wanted his immortal spirit body or some treasure on him. Instead, he had received an order to kill him.

If it were not for the name “Anti-heaven Alliance”, which he had never heard of, he could even conclude that he nian was sent by the sect master of the immortal sect to kill him.

“Tknow about the immortal alliance, but what kind of force is this anti-heaven alliance? I have never heard of it.”

Chen Chen looked at Ao Yu, who shook his huge dragon head. Although it had lived for a long time, it was not as familiar with the true spirit world as Chen Chen.

Chen Chen let go of his hand and fell into deep thought.

The Union of Immortals was an alliance of small sects in the upper realm, and some of the more powerful sects also had Mahayana realm experts.

Could it be that the anti-heaven Alliance was a similar organization, and the sect of Immortals had joined the anti-heaven alliance, or just the New Year alone had joined the anti-heaven Alliance?

Chen Chen could not think of any clues, so he took down the storage ring of the new year and checked it.

It had to be said that as a Mahayana elder of the immortal sect, he Nian’s wealth was extremely rich. He had five thousand spiritual crystals alone. Other than that, there were countless cultivation resources for all kinds of magical treasures.

However, in the eyes of Chen Chen, who regarded money as dirt, his wealth was only so-so. In comparison, he was more interested in the ancient sword that had been refined at an unknown time.

After putting all the cultivation resources into his storage ring, Chen Chen turned his gaze to a pile of communication tokens and identity tokens. He did not find any tokens with the word “Anti-heaven Alliance’on them, this made him subconsciously frown.

If the immortal sect had attacked him, once the gate of the secret realm was opened, his clone would not be able to escape death.

But if the gate of Immortal sect didn’t attack him, how could he explain the death of he nian?

It was better to destroy the corpse and leave the gate of Immortal sect.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen burned the corpse of he nian into ashes with his immortal fire. Then, he used the vast holy light mantra to completely absorb the remaining power of his spiritual sense.

“Brother AO, how many days have we been in this secret realm?”

“Twenty-eight days. In two more days, the door of the mystic realm will open,”ao Yu answered.

Chen Chen stood up and looked into the distance.

“There are still two more days. In these two days, we will take advantage of this mystic realm to loot and clean up the traces of the battle.”

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