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Chapter 615:

Chapter 613, Mortal Immortal Realm

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More than half a month later, in the Immortal Sect’s secret realm, Chen Chen suddenly opened his eyes.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Aseries of explosive sounds rang out, and the eight immortal stones embedded in the congealed immortal hassock instantly exploded. Chen Chen felt that the shackles in his body were instantly broken, and Majestic Immortal Qi surged into his body.

“Mortal Immortal Realm!”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, and a smile appeared on his face.

After stepping into the mortal immortal realm, he could use some slightly more powerful immortal techniques.

With the help of these immortal techniques, he should have the combat strength of an early stage mahayana cultivator.

Apart from that, the most important point was that his immortal spirit body had advanced from a celestial soldier to a mortal immortal. There was no tribulation, and there was no gaudy bottleneck.

It was likely that the Heavenly Dao of the true spirit world didn’t care about an immortal like him.

Of course, there was a disadvantage to stepping into the mortal immortal realm. The Immortal Qi in his body had increased tenfold. If he relied on the Stone Tablet of Destiny to replenish his immortal qi, he would probably need a day and a night to replenish his immortal qi.

But if he used immortal stones… that would be too extravagant.

After all, in the entire true spirit world, only the Immortal Gate Secret Realm had immortal stones. No matter how many immortal stones there were, they would eventually be used up.

Moreover, his cultivation base would increase day by day, and the amount of immortal stones he would use up would also increase.

Just as he was worried about the immortal stones, mung bean, who was not far away, controlled an immortal stone and placed it into the array.

When Chen Chen saw this, he took a step forward and took out the immortal stone from the array.

Mung bean looked at Chen Chen with a blank expression, not knowing what to do.

Chen Chen looked at its shell. A few hundred spirit stones had only used up a few dozen pieces.

Without any hesitation, he quickly put away the mung bean and the immortal stone.


Aboom came from outside. Clearly, the formation had not been replenished with immortal qi and had been broken.

Chen Chen was speechless. The white-haired elder had attacked for more than half a month ané still had not given up. Such perseverance truly impressed him.

“Kid, you’ve used up all the immortal stones? Then die in peace!”

A Stem shout came from the sky, followed by a wave of pressure descending from the sky.


With a dragon’s Roar, Ao Yu flew out from the Dragon Swamp, bringing Chen Chen to directly break through the pressure, rushing out of the ground and hovering in the sky.

Chen Chen stood on Ao Yu’s dragon head, looking down at the white-haired elder from above.

Compared to half a month ago, the white-haired elder was much more haggard. His eyes were bloodshot. It seemed that he had lost a lot of energy during this half a month of attack.


The white-haired elder did not care about his current condition. He had finally broken the formation with great difficulty. Now, there was only one thought in his mind, and that was to kill the man and the dragon as soon as possible.

‘With a low shout, the long sword shot up into the sky. Ao Yu’s gaze was solemn. He tried to use his dragon claw to meet it again, but was stopped by Chen Chen Chen.

“Let me try this time.”

After saying this, Chen Chen made a hand seal. A large amount of immortal qi surged out of his body, forming a huge immortal qi shield in front of him.

The long sword hit the immortal Qi Shield, but for a moment, it stopped and could not pierce through.

‘Ao Yu was overjoyed when he saw this. “Fellow Daoist Chen, you’ve broken through?”

“Isn’t That So?”

Chen Chen had a smile on his face. Being able to exchange blows with a mahayana cultivator meant that he could be considered one of the top people in the true spirit world. Having ascended to this level, he had finally reached this level!


The white-haired elder’s expression suddenly changed when he saw this scene. He even began to suspect that his attacks had become weaker because he was too tired.

Chen Chen chuckled. Then, he formed a hand seal with both hands, and a huge human-shaped shadow appeared around him.

This shadow was a hundred meters tall, and its entire body was condensed from Immortal Qi. At a glance, it looked like a god of war.


After the shadow condensed, it suddenly slapped toward the white-haired elder below. When the white-haired elder saw this, he hurriedly struck out with his palm to block.


The immortal energy palm and the spiritual energy palm collided in an instant, producing an earth-shaking boom. A powerful shockwave spread rapidly in all directions, crushing the ground within a radius of dozens of miles.

‘When the shockwave dissipated, the spiritual energy palm had already disappeared without a trace, while the immortal energy palm continued to press down in a mighty manner.

‘The white-haired Elder’s expression was solemn. He struck out more than ten palm strikes in a row before the giant palm of Immortal Qi dissipated.

“Brother AO, this old thief still has some strength. You and I will attack together.”

Chen Chen took a deep breath and jumped down from Ao Yu’s back.

Although his palm could block more than ten palm strikes from the other party, it did not mean that his strength was stronger than the other party. It was because it was too difficult for him to replenish the immortal qi.

On the other hand, the white-haired elder could mobilize the surrounding heaven and earth spiritual qi endlessly.

Fortunately, the Spiritual Qi in this mystic realm was rather thin. Otherwise, he would not be able to withstand his opponent’s consumption.

“I didn’t expect your strength to improve to this extent in just half a month! It seems that I must not let you out!”

The white-haired elder had a vicious look on his face. Then, he suddenly stomped on the ground. The temperature within a radius of a hundred miles dropped sharply. In just a few breaths, the surroundings had turned into a world of ice.

Chen Chen shrunk his body. He could only feel a bone-chilling chill spread throughout his entire body, causing the speed at which he communicated with his immortal Qi to slow down considerably.

This was not merely a chill in terms of temperature, but a chilling chill that originated from one’s soul.

“Sky Frost Ice Sword!”

The white-haired elder muttered. Within the world of ice, huge icicles that were over 10,000 meters long suddenly appeared. Every Icicle pointed straight at Chen Chen. Under the illumination of the light, the icicles emitted a chilling light.


With a low shout, the tens of thousands of icicles stabbed toward Chen Chen at the same time, and they even formed a huge sword array in the air.

“A Mahayana cultivator is indeed a mahayana cultivator.”

Chen Chen secretly exclaimed in his heart. Now that he was targeted by more than 10,000 sword qi, it was not the time to be stingy with immortal qi.

With a thought, a third of the immortal Qi in his body was poured into his glove,

this glove was the only immortal item he had obtained from the immortal’s tomb. Although it could not compare to the ten thousand spirit cauldron, it was still an item used by a true immortal.

When he was in the immortal soldier realm, he could not use this immortal item because he could not control too little immortal qi. It was only now that he had stepped into the mortal immortal realm that he was able to unleash the power of this glove.

In his opinion, using this glove at this moment should be a little stronger than using the ten thousand transformations divine blade.

The glove absorbed the immortal qi and instantly lit up with a shocking white light. It looked like Chen Chen was holding two suns in his hands.

Seeing an icicle piercing over, Chen Chen subconsciously threw a punch.


With an explosive sound, the icicles shattered and turned into ice shards.

Seeing this, Chen Chen’s figure flashed rapidly. He kept waving his fists. Wherever his fists passed, the icicles shattered. Even the power of law was broken by the powerful immortal Qi.

Seeing Chen Chen’s martial prowess, Ao Yu’s dragon eyes widened in disbelief.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s attack him together!”

From the endless ice shards, a white light appeared, and Chen Chen charged out.

Ao Yu regained his senses when he heard this. He slithered his dragon body towards the white-haired elder in the distance..

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