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Chapter 609:

Chapter 607, realm-breaking

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As soon as this law of destruction appeared, the wind and clouds in the sky suddenly changed, and the Thunder and Lightning became several times more violent. At the same time, the Immortal Mountains and Nether rivers in the surroundings all exploded at the same time, charging toward Chen Chen


Chen Chen closed his eyes, and the power of the law of destruction gradually spread out from his body.

Around the Cthulhu platform, the one million cultivators could only see a mirage hovering high above the Cthulhu platform, and could not see clearly what was happening inside.

In fact, not to mention them, even Mahayana realm experts like Abyss White Yin saint could not see clearly what was happening inside the Mirage.

On the side of the Abyss sect, Saint King Nether River was stunned.

Last night, he had given Qing Xuan Ming one or two kinds of magic treasures that could restrain immortal qi. But who would have thought that Qing Xuan Ming did not use these magic treasures at all today. Instead, he used such a move?

“Fellow Daoist Ziwei, do you think Qing Xuan Ming can defeat Chen Chen?”

Saint King Nether River asked with a faint smile.

Saint King Ziwei stroked his beard with a somewhat disappointed expression.

“Actually, you and I both know that our strength has yet to reach the peak of a realm. Tens of thousands of years ago, heavenly Saint King’s strength that could kill immortals was the peak of mortal cultivation. However, Heavenly Saint King might not even appear once in a hundred thousand years… I

remember that he seemed to have mastered the power of a domain when he was in the Tribulation Stage.”

The smile on Saint King Nether River’s face grew brighter and brighter. Although Saint King Ziwei’s answer was very vague, he still understood saint king Ziwei’s meaning.

Heavenly Saint King had never been defeated in his life. He had even killed Immortals when he was at his peak. Qing Xuanming had grasped a domain just like him when he was in the heavenly tribulation stage, so there was no reason for him to be defeated.

Although Chen Chen was suspected to be an immortal, so what?

‘As long as Qing Xuanming was not stupid and knew how to use his comprehension to slowly consume Chen Chen’s immortal qi, he would definitely win this battle.

To be honest, if it was not because he was helpless, he really did not want to recruit an immortal from the lower realm.

Who knew what was behind the immortal from the lower realm? Even more so, no one knew what kind of old monster was hidden in the body of this immortal from the lower realm.

In comparison, it was easier to control a young heaven’s favorite like Qing Xuanming who knew everything.

If he really couldn’t do it, he could just kill him before he reached the peak of the Mahayana realm.

“Bellow Daoist Nether River, after this battle is over, you have to rope in Qing Xuanming. As long as you use him well, he will become the most important chess piece in our invasion of the true spirit world.”

Sacred King Ziwei suggested softly.

“Of course! Using the prodigies of the true spirit world to invade the true spirit world is much easier than doing it ourselves…”

Before Sacred King Nether River could finish his words, the Mirage above the Cthulhu platform suddenly turned pitch-black, and then a world-shaking roar came from within!


Endless Black Light shot out from the inside of the Mirage, and it was as if a black hole had exploded!

Sizzle sizzle sizzle sizzle..

‘The array formation around the Cthulhu platform was affected by the black light, and many fine cracks actually appeared, which shocked Yin Sheng and Yuan Bai.

Even a mahayana cultivator might not be able to shake this formation. What exactly happened in the ethereal extent?


‘There was another earth-shattering bang, and the ethereal extent completely exploded. Two figures flew out of the ethereal extent and landed on the Cthulhu platform.

One of them was Qing Xuanming. He was covered in blood and could not stand steadily. His handsome face had become pale and bloodless, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Opposite him, Chen Chen’s entire body was shrouded in black light. Other than that, his clothes were slightly tattered. Other than that, he was not affected.

“How is this possible?”

Sacred King Nether River exclaimed in a low voice.

He was not only shocked by Qing Xuan Ming’s defeat. He was also shocked by Chen Chen’s destruction law. He even felt a trace of pressure.

One had to know that he cultivated the law of destruction as well, and he had already walked very far on this path. In the Abyss World, no one could surpass him, but this Chen Chen had only just transcended the tribulation.

“This person must be an immortal! If he was lucky enough to use immortal gi, how could he have grasped such a terrifying law of destruction? An Immortal! He must be an immortal!”

After this thought appeared in sacred king Nether River’s mind, he could not get rid of it.

With the history of the nether world for millions of years, there were many top experts who ascended to the immortal world. At the same time, there were also some immortals who accidentally fell into the nether world.

Some of these immortals brought unparalleled disasters to the nether world, and some brought huge opportunities to the nether world.

In short, this was a huge variable.

For such a variable to appear when the two worlds were fighting, it was not a good thing for the nether world!

“Cough cough…”

On the Cthulhu platform, Qing Xuanming coughed twice and spat out a mouthful of blood. His ethereal territory had been broken and he was seriously injured.

He should have admitted defeat by now, but he was extremely unwilling to do so.

‘Asa cultivator of the true spirit world, he must have joined the Abyss World in order to become stronger.

But now, he had lost. How could he save face?

Seeing that the focus of Chen Chen’s gaze was not right, he realized that he still had a chance.

“This person must have used some forbidden power. He’s not in his right mind…”

Thinking of this, he silently summoned his Natal Dharma Treasure, a cyan-colored longsword.

‘The quality of this longsword was needless to say. It was naturally made from top-notch materials. More importantly, this longsword had been soaked in the Supreme Treasure of Sacred King Abyss River, the water of the Abyss River.

The Nether River’s water was something materialized after the destruction law had reached a certain level of strength. If it was drilled into the body by the destruction law of such strength, it would definitely die.

With the sword in hand, Qing Xuanming regained some of his confidence and began to silently lean towards Chen Chen. Seeing that Chen Chen did not have any reaction, his movements became even gentler.


Seeing that he was already in front of Chen Chen, Qing Xuanming roared in his heart and poured all the remaining strength into the long sword, stabbing it fiercely toward Chen Chen.


At this moment, Chen Chen suddenly let out a breath and cut off the connection with his main body. At the same time, he regained his consciousness.

Seeing that the long sword was already in front of his chest, Chen Chen called out in his mind, and the ten thousand transformations divine blade cut the long sword apart with a clang.

Seeing the black liquid on the long sword, Chen Chen frowned.

He recognized this thing. It was the property of the Underworld River Sacred King. Logically, it should not be used on the evil god platform.

“You broke the rules…”

Chen Chen said softly. Then, he formed a hand seal with one hand, and a large amount of immortal qi quickly surged out of his body. In the end, it turned into white flames and enveloped Qing xuanming in front of him.


With an explosion, Qing Xuanming turned into a fireball. Before he could even scream, he disappeared from the world.


‘When the flames dissipated, the green longsword fell to the ground.

In the distance, Yuan Bai saw that the green longsword was slightly bent from the fire and subconsciously retreated dozens of meters.

‘That was a magic treasure refined from divine gold, but it was actually deformed by Chen Chen’s fire.

Immortal Fire, it was definitely immortal fire! I didn’t expect Chen Chen to Know Immortal Arts!

“He’s also a talent, what a pity.”

Looking at the green longsword, Chen Chen sighed lightly, then looked towards the Abyss sect.

“How many more people are there?”

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