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Chapter 607:

Chapter 605 tried to rope him in

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“It’s like this! Chen Chen’s attack did stop at the end,”Yuan Bai recalled.

“Then why did he kill Wang San before?”

Some people were confused.

“He’s on the side of the true spirit world after all. Wang San is a renegade cultivator, so it’s hard to explain if he’s not killed. Furthermore, Wang San insulted him on the Cthulhu Platform.”

Sacred King Nether River explained.

Everyone nodded in agreement. Sacred King Ziwei made an excuse, “So you’re saying that Chen Chen can be roped in?”

Sacred King Nether River nodded slightly. “That’s right. He definitely won’t be interested in the little bargaining chip we used to rope him in. Now that he has shown his strength, we naturally have to show some sincerity… Yuan Bai, keep an eye on him tonight and see if there’s a chance to meet him alone.

“If he is willing to admit defeat tomorrow, that would be for the best. Of course, all of this is just speculation. We still have to make other preparations.”

On the other side, Chen Chen had just stepped down from the Cthulhu platform when he was called into the Cthulhu Hall by the Heavenly Demon City Lord.

The gazes of all the mighty figures were now focused on Chen Chen as if they had just gotten to know this person.

‘The Mahayana realm experts also noticed that Chen Chen was using immortal gi, and they also noticed that Chen Chen had shown mercy to the cultivators of the Abyss world.

However, they didn’t dare to criticize Chen Chen. This kid was the last hope of this battle. If they criticized him, he would act for them tomorrow. At that time, everyone would want to cry but have no tears.

Not only did they not dare to criticize him, they did not even dare to ask about the immortal qi.

‘When Chen Chen was fighting, he used a magical treasure flame to hide the immortal qi. This meant that he did not want everyone to see that he was using the immortal qi.

If they were to ask, what would they do if they shocked this kid?

No matter what happened, everything would have to wait until the battle ended.

Now, this kid had to be treated like a living ancestor.

“Seniors, what business do you have with me?”

Chen Chen asked with a smile.

To be honest, he didn’t really want to join the Abyss World. He wanted to protect himself and leave a way out for himself.

To be able to freely use immortal gi, what kind of special ability was this? If there was a true spirit world almighty coveting him in the future, where would he go?

Alas, the mighty figures of the true spirit world did not trust him back then, so he had no reason to completely trust these people.

“Chen Chen, you fought three battles today. Are you injured?”

The sect master of the immortal sect had a kind face, like an old man from the neighborhood.

Chen Chen bowed respectfully and said, “I’m not injured. Thank you for your concern, senior.”

The Evil God Hall was silent for a while, and the experts did not know what to say.

They had called Chen Chen here mainly because they were afraid that Chen Chen would come into contact with the people from the Abyss sect. However, they were afraid that asking too many questions would put too much pressure on this kid, causing him to have other intentions.

“Chen Chen, you did well today. You gave me a big surprise.”

The Heavenly Demon City Lord had a smile on his face, but Chen Chen could tell that he was actually very restrained. He reckoned that this master also felt that he was very unfamiliar with him now.

The evil god Hall master suddenly thought of something, he coughed lightly and said, “I know all the grudges between you and the Netherworld. Young cultivators are all like this. When you reach our level in the future, these grudges will naturally become the clouds of the past. For example, fellow Daoist

Heavenly Devil and I also had grudges when we were young, Aren’t we still sitting together to discuss matters now?”

“Hall master is extremely right!”

Chen Chen cupped his hands, but he secretly despised him.

‘The Cthulhu Hall master was obviously a generation younger than the Heavenly Devil City Lord. When he was young, the Heavenly Devil City Lord had already attained Mahayana, so how could he have the right to have a grudge with the Heavenly Devil City Lord? Wasn’t he lying through his teeth?

However, this was only the beginning. The group of top experts began to chat awkwardly with Chen Chen one after another, but they did not mention a single word about the immortal qi.

Two hours had passed without them realizing it. The group of top experts had already said everything they needed to say. They even showed concern for Chen Chen’s parents and friends. They had already reached the point where they couldn’t say anything.

Just as the group of top experts were hesitating whether or not to let Chen Chen go back to rest, the face of the archaic mysteries Daolord suddenly darkened, he sent a voice transmission to the gate master of the gate of immortality beside him, “A Mahayana from the abyss world has just infiltrated Chen

Chen’s residence! We absolutely can not let Chen Chen go back now!”

Hearing this, the sect master of the immortal sect disappeared in a flash.

On the second day, when the battle was about to begin, Chen Chen was still in the evil god Great Hall.

Looking at the few true spirit world mighty figures who looked a little tired, Chen Chen stood up with a smile and said, “Seniors, I’m going to accept the challenge.”

After saying that, he did not wait for the few of them to agree and turned around to walk out of the evil god Great Hall.

He had just taken two steps when the Heavenly Devil City Lord’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Disciple, I don’t want to talk about the past anymore, but as long as you can win to the end today, all the resources in the true spirit world will be open to you unconditionally from now on.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s figure paused for a moment and then continued to walk out.

“Chen Chen! If you have time, talk to Qiong Hua more. She has praised you a few times in front of me!”

The sect master of the immortal sect called out from behind him. Chen Chen staggered and quickly increased his speed, flying to the edge of the Cthulhu platform.

Just as he was about to ascend the Cthulhu platform, an extremely sharp gaze shot over, instantly attracting his attention.

“Sacred King Nether River?”

Chen Chen turned his head and saw the calm-looking sacred king Nether River dozens of Li away.

“Chen Chen, I don’t care how you cultivate the immortal qi. I’ll only tell you one thing. The cultivators of the true spirit world can’t help you.

“On the contrary, our abyss world is still in contact with the immortal world. At the same time, we have more information about the immortal qi.

“Whether you want to become stronger or want to ascend to the immortal world in the future, you have to rely on the power of our Abyss World.”

“What do you mean, senior?”

Chen Chen asked without changing his expression.

“If you admit defeat when facing Qing Xuan Ming, our Abyss World will give you our full support in the future. Even the Ziyue that you like can be betrothed to you.”

Chen Chen almost couldn’t catch his breath when he heard this.

‘What do you mean by the Ziyue that I like? When did I like that woman? Did everyone think that I did something shameful to Ziyue?

However, he was somewhat interested in the research of the Abyss World on the Immortal Qi celestial world.

He had two bodies anyway. If he could, wouldn’t it be wonderful if one body joined the other world?

“Chen Chen, how is it?”Sacred King Nether River asked.

Chen Chen looked at the millions of cultivators gathered around him and replied indifferently, “There are so many people watching. If I lose, how will I survive in the future?”

Then, without hesitation, he ascended the Cthulhu platform.

A moment later, the abyss sect sent out a cultivator dressed in green. He was tall and had an extraordinary appearance. He was Qing Xuan Ming.

Very few people in the entire true spirit world knew that Qing Xuan Ming had joined the Abyss sect. His appearance instantly stirred up thousands of waves.

Zhou Er and Wang San were not very famous in the true spirit world before, so they did not know many of their friends. However, many people knew Qing Xuan Ming.

“Isn’t He Qing Xuan Ming? Why is he fighting on behalf of the Abyss sect?”

“He defected to the Abyss sect!”

“E * ck! He defected to the Abyss sect!”

Listening to the discussions around him, Qing Xuan Ming’s expression was calm, and his eyes were only focused on Chen Chen.

Sacred King Nether River said that this person might be an immortal who had descended to the lower realm, but so what?

He was an innate dao body, and he cultivated both world cultivation techniques. He comprehended the laws of the two worlds and walked his own path. He believed that he had already reached the peak of the Tribulation Realm. As long as the person in front of him had not reached the Mahayana realm..,

then even if the other party was an immortal who had descended to the lower realm, he still had the confidence to fight..

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