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Chapter 606:

Chapter 604, two consecutive victories

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Looking at the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade in Chen Chen’s hand, Po You’s eyes flickered. Then, he suddenly swung out the long thorn in his hand. A streak of dark light instantly shot out from the Thorn.

This dark light was only the size of the tip of a needle. Compared to Zi Yue’s monstrous sea of fire and the huge black hole of the netherworld, it was almost negligible. However, when Chen Chen saw that dark light, his expression became a little more serious.

Compared to Zi Yue and the netherworld, the nomological power that Po you controlled was more condensed, and he was better at single-point attacks.

Seeing that the black light was already in front of him, Chen Chen suddenly swung the ten thousand transformations divine blade. A wisp of immortal qi flashed on the edge of the blade, and when this wisp of immortal gi collided with the Black Light, the black light immediately disappeared without a


When Po you saw this, a trace of undetectable shock flashed in his eyes.

Although his attack did not seem to have any earth-shattering momentum, due to his unique attack method, it was very difficult to obliterate. If it were to blast into the opponent’s body, the destructive law energy within would rapidly destroy the opponent’s physical body, it could even destroy the

opponent’s primordial spirit.

Generally, opponents who understood him would choose to dodge such a short and vigorous attack. It was extremely rare for an opponent like Chen Chen to be able to directly destroy it, unless the opponent’s cultivation base far surpassed his.

With this thought in mind, he took a deep breath and prepared to prepare another stronger attack to test it out again. However, before he could come back to his senses, a sword shadow had already arrived above his head!

Ina panic, he hurriedly raised his sword to block!


A sharp sound rang out. Po You’s legs directly stepped into the evil god stage until they reached his knees, and he became a lot shorter.

“What an overbearing cultivation of spiritual power…”

Po you forcefully blocked the ten thousand transformations divine blade. Unknowingly, a layer of cold sweat had already formed on his back.

To be honest, when one reached the unity realm, cultivators basically competed with each other in terms of the power of laws. There were almost no cultivators like Chen Chen who engaged in close combat.

Although Chen Chen’s attack was somewhat similar to that of a low-level cultivator, the impact was a hundred or a thousand times stronger than that of a low-level cultivator!


Before he could continue thinking, a sharp phoenix cry sounded, and the longsword came to his left side again.


Po you hurriedly blocked it, but this time, the impact was even stronger. It sent him flying hundreds of meters away before he could barely stabilize his body.

“Impossible! What kind of tyrannical technique is this? !”

Po You was greatly shocked. The impact force that his opponent gave him was not the pure power of a body cultivator, nor was it the power of Spiritual Qi, nor was it the power of laws.

In short, he was powerless to stop it.

Seeing Po You’s shocked face, the corners of Chen Chen’s mouth curled up. He kept waving the ten thousand transformations divine blade in his hand. The rising flames concealed the immortal qi attached to the ten thousand transformations divine blade and kept on slashing at Po You.

Immortal Qi, after all, came from the power of the immortal world. It was much higher than spirit qi. Even the power of Laws of the true spirit world could be easily cut off by immortal qi.

His battle with Netherbreak was akin to one wielding an iron machete and the other wielding a wooden stick. They were on completely different levels.

However, Immortal Qi had its flaws. It couldn’t be replenished in the true spirit world. When that immortal was killed by Daolord three ultimate, he had probably used up all the immortal qi stored in his body.

However, Chen Chen could replenish immortal Qi from the Stone Tablet of Destiny. Although the speed at which the stone tablet replenished immortal Qi wasn’t as fast as when he used his full strength, it could still greatly increase his ability to continue fighting.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In just a short moment, Chen Chen had already struck the Netherbreak dozens of times. Every time he attacked the netherbreak, he would have to expend a large amount of spiritual Qi to offset the impact of the immortal qi.

Even so, the remaining shockwave still caused wounds all over the body of the netherbreak.

Under such circumstances, let alone wanting to retaliate, the netherbreak could not even find the time to take out a medicinal pill from his storage ring.

Seeing that his opponent’s attack was getting stronger and stronger, Po You’s body was becoming more and more numb from the tyrannical power of his opponent. Po you ignored his master’s order and shouted, “I admit defeat!”

When the millions of cultivators around him heard this, they were a little confused.

They had only engaged in close combat for a short while and didn’t even use any earth-shaking moves, yet po you admitted defeat?

Could it be that the damned soul was faking his defeat?

Seeing that he admitted defeat, Chen Chen did not continue fighting. After all, there were still Mahayana cultivators watching, so he did not dare to act rashly.

Although a mahayana cultivator used a wooden weapon for him, a mahayana cultivator did not use a wooden stick. Instead, they used a thick wooden stake. If he really fought with his iron machete, he would still be able to defeat it.

However, if he could use more immortal gi once he stepped into the mortal immortal realm, when the iron machete evolved into the Green Dragon Crescent Saber, he would be able to fight against Mahayana realm cultivators.

“This Chen Chen seems to be using immortal qi. could he be an immortal from the lower realm of the immortal realm?”

On the side of the Abyss sect, Sacred King Nether River looked at the battle projection of Chen Chen and Po You in bewilderment.

The Abyss World’s ascension passage was intact and connected to the immortal world. He had a certain understanding of the immortal world and Immortal Qi, so although Chen Chen concealed it well, it could not be hidden from his eyes.

“It is indeed immortal qi, and his cultivation level is already at the peak of the immortal pawns… Poyou is only at the late stage of the tribulation transcending stage. Although he can fight against some peak-stage tribulation transcenders, he is far from being his match.”

Sacred King Ziwei said with a solemn expression.

Sacred King Abyss was puzzled. “The Ascension pathway of the true spirit world has been blocked for more than 100,000 years. How could an immortal come down? This Chen Chen must have some secrets!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Bai’s voice transmission sounded in his mind.

“Senior brother, four of today’s five battles have already passed. Should we let Qing Xuan Ming fight in this last battle?”

Sacred King Nether River closed his eyes and replied after a moment of silence, “Let the others fight first. Well talk about it after today. This Chen Chen is a little strange. Qing Xuan Ming might not be a match for him if he goes up now.”

“Got it.”

Yuan Bai replied.

A few breaths later, Yuan Bai’s voice sounded in his mind once again.

“Today’s battle is over.”

Sacred King Nether River and the other major powers held their breaths as they saw the solemnity in each other’s eyes.

How long had it been? The cultivators on their side probably couldn’t even last a single move, right?

“What should we do? We Can’t lose this challenge.”Sacred King Ziwei’s eyes were filled with worry.

Sacred King Nether River let out a breath of turbid air and said coldly, “So what if he’s an immortal from the lower realm? Not to mention that he’s just an immortal pawn, even if he’s a true immortal, our nether world has killed him before!

“There’s still one more night. We’ll think of some ways to restrain the immortal qi. Tomorrow, Qing Xuan Ming might not lose!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Bai had already walked in with a few disciples.

The disciples who hadn’t even survived a single move on the stage were also among them.

Seeing that Disciple’s face was pale and full of fear, Saint King Nether River was not angry but happy instead.

The people around him were somewhat confused when they saw his expression.

Seeing that his disciple was so frightened and could still be happy, could it be that sacred king Nether River had been angered to the point of being silly?

Sacred King Nether River knew what the surrounding people were thinking, he waved his hand and explained, “Since he can come back, it means that Chen Chen has shown mercy. The reason why he showed mercy is to send a signal to us that he is not loyal to the true spirit world

.. Do you understand?”

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