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Chapter 604:

Chapter 602, scum of the cultivation world

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The smile on Yuan Bai’s face instantly froze when he heard this. He couldn’t help but advise, “Niece Ziyue, I’m afraid you can’t fight anymore in your current state. It’s better for you to go down and rest. There will naturally be someone else to deal with this Chen Chen.”

Ziyue forcefully pulled herself together. She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said in a low voice, “I Can!”


“Lwon’t go down without a fight with him!”

Zi Yue said resolutely. Her gaze never left Chen Chen. If that gaze could look at a dead person, Chen Chen would have died dozens of times.

Yuan Bai thought that Zi Yue’s grandfather was sacred King Ziwei, so he must have given zi Yue a lot of life-saving items. After hesitating for a moment, he could only nod and agree, “Alright then, be careful…”

“Chen Chen… Chen Chen!”

With Yuan Bai’s permission, Ziyue gnashed her teeth as she chanted Chen Chen’s name. At the same time, she used a bit of her newly recovered spiritual sense to communicate with the flame law. Soon.., a fist-sized flame appeared in her palm.

Chen Chen looked at the woman whose eyes were filled with hatred, and his eyebrows raised slightly.


“You and I are irreconcilable…”Zi Yue answered subconsciously. However, before she could finish her words, Chen Chen suddenly appeared in front of her and looked at her with a pitying gaze.



A violent pressure suddenly came from the sky. Zi Yue, who was originally unable to stand steadily, was shaken by this pressure. Her entire body instantly fell to the ground and the small fireball instantly disappeared without a trace.

She raised her head with difficulty, only to see an index finger gently pointing at her. Obviously, the pressure just now was released by that index finger.

From the looks of it, she was suppressed by one finger.

A strong sense of humiliation surged in her heart. Zi Yue kept struggling, trying to pull herself together again and again. However, the pressure above her head was like a star pressing down on her body, no matter how hard she struggled, she could not escape that pressure.

“Admit defeat. You can’t really think that cultivation is idealism. As long as your will is strong enough, you can’t be invincible, right?”

Chen Chen looked at the jade pendant on Zi Yue’s neck and said lightly.

He remembered that the jade pendant had formed a protective shield that even eldest senior brother Xiao Ling had to expend a lot of effort to shake. With this jade pendant, he could not kill this woman.

Otherwise, he would not mind destroying this woman’s body and soul with a single slap. From then on, there would be no more trouble.

Zi Yue did not say anything when she heard this. She only continued to struggle.

Chen Chen did not try to persuade her anymore. He yawned and began to look at the scenery around him. Anyway, he was not the one who was embarrassed. He would just let Zi Yue be.

A few minutes passed just like that. Someone from the Abyss sect could not watch any longer. he shouted sternly, “Zi Yue! Don’t you think it’s embarrassing enough? !”

‘As soon as he said that, Ziyue’s body suddenly froze, even though she was lying on the ground and crying loudly.

This scene made the blood of the young elites of the Abyss sect boil. They wanted to jump onto the Cthulhu platform and kill Chen Chen immediately.

Among the ten disciples sent by the Abyss sect, only Ziyue was a woman. Moreover, Ziyue was very powerful and was the leader of the seven local cultivators of the Abyss world. Under these conditions, there were many people who admired her.

In the end… the goddess in their hearts was pressed on the Cthulhu platform like a fish on a chopping board. How could they endure it?

“Chen Chen! Taking advantage of someone’s danger! What kind of ability is that? !”

“If you have the ability, come at me!”

“We admit defeat!”

Yuan Bai quickly snatched Zi Yue back after saying that. Zi Yue just kept crying and didn’t say anything about continuing the fight. It could be considered that she agreed with him.

After sending Zi Yue Down, Yuan Bai’s face darkened.

Zi Yue defeating the Netherworld was originally a very exciting thing. However, what happened just now had completely destroyed the atmosphere.

“Senior Yuan Bai! Please let me teach this shameless person a lesson!”

Behind him, Wang San shouted loudly.

The other cultivators of the Abyss sect also volunteered when they heard this. Only Qing Xuan Ming watched everything silently.

After a moment, Yuan Bai seemed to have received instructions. He nodded and said, “Wang San, come up.”

‘Wang San was overjoyed when he heard this. His body flashed and he appeared on the evil God stage.

He was a smart person. He had seen everything that had just happened.

Zi Yue hated Chen Chen Chen to the bone. If he could defeat or even kill Chen Chen, he might be able to gain Zi Yue’s favor.

Although Zi Yue might have already been spoiled by Chen Chen, this dog, he didn’t mind.

As a renegade cultivator of the true spirit world, he knew that the Dark Abyss sect was only using them. If he wanted to truly establish a foothold in the Dark Abyss sect, he had to establish a closer relationship. And becoming a dao companion with a powerful female cultivator of the dark abyss world..,

was the best way.

To be honest, he had approached Zi Yue intentionally or unintentionally before, but Zi Yue didn’t care about him at all. Now, it was a once-in-lifetime opportunity for him, and he had to perform well.

“Chen Chen! A scum like you from the cultivation world can participate in the war on behalf of the True Spirit World! I think the true spirit world will be finished sooner or later!”

Wang San was not in a hurry to attack, but he cursed.

His words immediately resonated with many cultivators of the Abyss world.

Chen Chen was a little speechless, and he asked, “So be it. How can you slander people’s innocence out of thin air!”

When Wang San heard this, he stood with his hands behind his back, and his eyes were full of contempt.

“First! More than ten days ago, our Abyss sect’s flying ship arrived at Ascending Dragon City. You were clearly in ascending dragon city, but because you were afraid of fighting, you lied and said that you were not in the city! This shows that you are not only as timid as a mouse, but also extremely


“Second! “In the past, you actually did such an outrageous thing to senior sister Ziyue, and even lied about the name of another person. This action is not only shameless but also unjust!

“Third! “Today, you are facing a senior sister who is already at the end of her rope. You are bullying the weak and humiliating them. This is truly inhuman!

“What else could a cowardly, hypocritical, and heartless guy like you be other than the scum of the cultivation world?”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Chen Chen clapped his hands lightly and muttered, “Reasonable and convincing. Your Excellency is really eloquent!”

Not only him, but even the surrounding cultivators of the true spirit world looked at Chen Chen differently.

After listening to what Wang San said, it seemed to make sense. Although this Chen Chen was a cultivator of the true spirit world, he was really not a good person.

Wang San snorted coldly. He felt that his body had grown a lot taller. Then, a trace of viciousness flashed in his eyes. He said in a deep voice, “Today, I will avenge senior sister Zi Yue!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a long spear appeared in his hand. The long spear flickered with lightning. It was obvious that it was an extraordinary treasure.

With the spear in hand, Wang San didn’t want to give Chen Chen the chance to admit defeat. He directly shot out the spear like a dragon. In an instant, he entered the state of being one with the spear. The long spear turned into a lightning dragon and shot toward Chen Chen.


The Lightning Dragon danced wildly and thunder rumbled in the sky. Yin Sheng narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw this scene.

Wang San had also challenged cultivators from the true spirit world before, but he had never used the law of lightning. He did not expect that his main focus was actually the extremely powerful law of lightning!

In addition to that long spear that could enter the top twenty of the artifact refining list, Chen Chen would probably have to suffer.

‘While he was thinking, the Lightning Dragon had already passed through Chen Chen’s body at an extremely shocking speed!

In an instant, the lightning disappeared, and the shocking lightning suddenly stopped.

Yin Sheng was somewhat stunned.

This Chen Chen didn’t even resist, and now he was dead?

However, in the next second, a trace of shock flashed across his eyes.


At the same time, a soft sound came from the Cthulhu platform, and Wang San’s long spear smashed onto the ground..

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