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Chapter 574:

Chapter 572, the law of Nirvana

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In the vast ocean desert, Chen Chen’s main body was still helping Scorpio destroy the law of Nirvana.

During this period of time, he had not destroyed many laws of nirvana, but he had vaguely understood the meaning of the law of Nirvana.

“Senior Scorpio, the outside world is in chaos now. If you really destroy even a tiny bit of your law of Nirvana, your strength will not decrease, right?”

Bored out of his mind, Chen Chen opened his mouth and asked.

Because the law of Nirvana was a job that could not be rested for a long time, whenever Chen Chen felt bored, he would talk to Scorpion.

It had to be said that Scorpion had lived for tens of thousands of years. Whether it was in terms of cultivation or experience, it had reached the peak. Chen Chen had learned a lot from him.

Later, he told Scorpio the details of the recent battles of his clone. Scorpio also gave a lot of advice, which benefited Chen Chen a lot.

In the past, he thought that being captured by Scorpio was a disaster. But now, it seemed like an opportunity.

One had to know that there were only so many peak experts in the true spirit world. To be able to have one of them accompany him every day and teach him by example, this was something that many people couldn’t even ask for.

“That bit of regress is nothing to me.”

Sky Scorpion replied calmly, but in the next second, his handsome face revealed a displeased expression.

Chen Chen and Sky Scorpion lived together day and night, so he basically knew the changes in Sky Scorpion’s expression like the back of his hand.

This true spirit always had a calm expression. No matter what form it took, it always had the same expression. Today, it actually revealed a displeased expression. It seemed that something bad had happened.

“Senior scorpion, What’s Wrong?”Chen Chen asked curiously.

“There are a few uninvited guests. They might be the cultivators of the Abyss World You mentioned.”The displeased expression on Scorpion’s face disappeared, and it once again became expressionless.

‘When Chen Chen heard this, he was shocked. If it was just an ordinary cultivator, then it was impossible for scorpion to have any reaction.

Could it be that a mahayana cultivator had come?

Thinking of this, he hurriedly stopped what he was doing.

The cultivators of the Abyss world had come with ill intentions. wasn’t he courting death by weakening Sky Scorpion’s strength now?

“Senior, how many have come?”

Chen Chen asked carefully.

“Three. Their strength is comparable to your master’s,”Sky Scorpion replied.

When Chen Chen heard this, his breathing stopped for a moment. Three Peak Mahayana cultivators! They were obviously here to cause trouble!

In the next second, he looked toward the entrance of the Small World in the underground palace.

What a joke. This time, he didn’t have more than a hundred experts protecting him. If a few peak experts fought, the shockwaves they released would probably shock him to death. He had to find a place to hide in advance.

“Senior, why don’t I hide first?”

Chen Chen stood up. Just as he said this, a few extremely powerful auras swept over from all directions. That Aura was like a huge mountain on his shoulders, making him unable to move at all.

In the end, he was only a unity cultivator, far from the peak of the Mahayana realm.

Sky Scorpion slowly stood up and looked above the underground palace.

Outside, in the direction he was looking, there were three cultivators quietly floating in the void. Their gazes were also looking at him below the underground palace.

“Why are you here?”

Sky Scorpion spoke calmly.

“Let me borrow your soul essence!”

Sacred King Nether River, who was in the lead, said coldly. At the same time, the other two peak Mahayana realm cultivators teleported to other places.

The three of them surrounded the underground palace in the middle with a triangular force. Not long after, a huge trapping array appeared above the underground palace.

Sky Scorpion, who was below, looked at this scene and finally transformed into his true form. It was a small palm-sized red crystal scorpion.

‘When they saw Sky Scorpion’s true form, the three peak Mahayana realm experts revealed surprised expressions.

This was the first time they had seen such a small true spirit. However, they did not dare to slight him just because of his small size. After all, the person in front of them was a powerful true spirit that was renowned throughout the entire world.

“You can come and take it.”

Following a red light, Sky Scorpion suddenly flew out of the underground palace and appeared in the middle of the three Mahayana realm cultivators.

To be honest, his body size was too small, making him look a little comical in this world-shaking aura.

‘As Scorpio left, Chen Chen, who was in the underground palace, finally regained his ability to move. Looking at Scorpio above him, he was speechless.

Scorpio was strong, but his appearance was too bad. From Afar, he looked like a cooked crayfish. Not only did it make people not feel any fear, but it also made people want to eat.

Seeing Scorpio being so arrogant, the three Mahayana realm warriors did not hold back. They used all kinds of powerful law energy at the same time to hit Scorpio.

Scorpio did not have any intention to dodge, and let the law energy hit him.

Crack! Crack!

Chen Chen was shocked when he saw this. The wind, rain, thunder, and some kind of yin-yang and chaotic energy swept across the sky, surrounding Scorpio’s small body and ravaging it.

It felt like a bunch of tank excavators were wantonly crushing a small lobster.

However, no matter what kind of attack came at the body, Sky Scorpion’s body was as if it was indestructible. Other than the red light becoming brighter, there was no change at all.

“It’s practically indestructible divine gold!”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. The strength of this body was probably comparable to the Heavenly Devil City Lord who was at the Mahayana ninth transformation golden body, right?

Ordinary attacks were no longer effective against such an expert. Only by relying on powerful magic treasures or spiritual sense attacks that could directly destroy one’s primordial spirit would one be able to defeat him.

‘When the three peak Mahayana realm cultivators saw this scene, their expressions were somewhat unsightly.

They did not expect that this small true spirit body had actually reached the level of indestructible.

If it were any other time, they would definitely use spiritual sense attacks to deal with such a true spirit and cultivator.

But what was the purpose of their visit today?

To take the essence soul of the Scorpion!

If they used their spiritual sense to destroy the essence soul of the scorpion, what else could they take?

“Let me try.”

Sacred ancestor Nether River frowned and said coldly. Then, he took out a pitch-black bowl-shaped magic treasure.

The bowl looked quite ordinary, but it seemed to contain something extraordinary, with wisps of black smoke rising from it.

Seeing the bowl, the other two Mahayana realm experts subconsciously retreated some distance.

At this moment, the Nether River sacred ancestor suddenly flipped his right hand and pulled the black bowl down.

In the next second, the black liquid poured down like a great river towards the scorpion.

Chen Chen saw clearly that wherever the black liquid passed, space seemed to crack. Moreover, it didn’t make the sound of flowing water, but a very ear-piercing howl.

Looking at the black liquid that was sloping over, sky scorpion’s small eyes suddenly lit up. Immediately after, the desert within a radius of a thousand miles raised a terrifying sandstorm, and endless sand soared into the sky, it formed a similarly huge sand river that charged towards the black liquid.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle!

The black liquid seemed to have an extremely strong corrosive power. After the sand touched it, it almost instantly turned into ashes.

“What a powerful law of Nirvana. This expert of the Abyss World also cultivates the law of Nirvana…”

Feeling the familiar power in the black liquid, Chen Chen was surprised.

But in the next second, he did not have the mood to watch the battle, because there was a drop of black liquid flying directly towards him through the layers of sand sea..

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