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Chapter 573:

Chapter 571, the chief disciple of the Abyss sect

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When he returned to rising Dragon City and saw that the city lord’s residence had an extra spatial tunnel, Chen Chen was delighted, but he could not laugh even if he wanted to.

Sometimes, he had to admit that it was better to keep a low profile.

After sighing, Chen Chen tried to enter the four sacred worlds, but his cultivation level was too high and he could not enter at all.

Helpless, he could only find a few void training cultivators to pass on the news and ask his master, Yu Qiong, to come to the true spirit world to cultivate.

It was good to be able to take back the four sacred worlds. Regardless of whether or not the Heavenly Devil City Lord had any ulterior motives, he should be grateful.

After thinking through this point, Chen Chen didn’t dwell on this matter anymore. Instead, he entered the Yin Yang Palace to cultivate bitterly.

At the same time, in the area of the Hengduan Devil Sect, which was the current Abyss sect, a large number of buildings were erected once again. Another group of low-and middle-level cultivators had crossed over from the Abyss world.

‘The power of the sword a few days ago was extremely shocking. However, it was only a loss of face for the Abyss sect. As for the fallen cultivators and the destroyed buildings, they were nothing to the Abyss sect.

At this time, in the Underground Hall of the Abyss sect, a group of Mahayana realm cultivators were surrounding a cauldron, frowning.

“We must resolve the matter of the ten-thousand-spirit cauldron being damaged. If we can’t build an indestructible defensive formation and let the cultivators of the true spirit world destroy the Abyss sect again, then we’d better return to the Abyss world directly.”

The black-robed old man in the lead said in a cold voice, his tone somewhat angry.

When the others heard this, their faces revealed displeasure.

If the black-robed old man hadn’t been too careless when controlling the ten-thousand-spirit cauldron, how could the ten-thousand-spirit cauldron have been damaged?

Now that he, the instigator, had lost his temper here, it really didn’t make sense.

“If we want to repair the ten-thousand-spirit cauldron, we must fuse a new true spirit essence soul into it.”

A mahayana cultivator who was good at refining artifacts said softly.

“That’s right… But where can we find a new true spirit Essence Soul Now?”

A group of peak cultivators from the Abyss world were about to discuss when the black-robed old man in the lead suddenly looked outside and said indifferently, “Come in.”

As soon as he said this, a white-robed cultivator who looked to be in his thirties walked in from outside the hall. He looked very refined.

This white-robed cultivator did not show the slightest fear in the face of the gazes of several peak Mahayana cultivators. Instead, he greeted them in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

“This junior, Qing Xuanming, greets the seniors and the sacred ancestor of the Nether River.”

The black-robed cultivator carefully sized up qing xuanming before nodding and saying, “Not bad. Not only is his talent not bad, his personality is also not bad. He is a talent, exactly like what Qing Xian described.”

Upon hearing his master’s name, Qing xuanming asked, “Senior sacred ancestor, May I know where my master is now?”

The sacred ancestor of the nether river replied indifferently, “His time is almost up and he has experienced another great battle. He can’t wait to go to the nether world to prepare for the great tribulation of Ascension.

However, before he left, he mentioned that you are extremely talented and a good seedling.”

Upon hearing this, Qing Xuanming did not show much pride on his face. Instead, he said humbly, “Compared to my master, I am still far from him.”

Although his words had the element of self-modesty, it was the truth.

In the past tens of thousands of years, the true spirit world had only produced less than ten Mahayana at the peak. However, there were probably more than a hundred innate dao bodies.

“You don’t have to be humble. With Our Abyss sect as your backing, you will definitely be able to step into your master’s realm in the future. Qing Xuanming, from now on, you will be the first disciple of our Abyss sect.”

Saying this, sacred ancestor Dark River threw out a token and it landed in Qing Xuanming’s hand.

Looking at the token in his hand, Qing Xuanming quickly bowed to express his gratitude.

This was a great opportunity for him.

If the Dark Abyss sect wanted to establish itself in the true spirit world, if they wanted to get more cultivators from the true spirit world to submit to them, they would have to accept young geniuses like him as well as their master, who was at the peak of the Mahayana realm.

In fact, accepting him was even more strategic than accepting their master.

After all, there were very few cultivators at the Mahayana realm and it had nothing to do with ordinary cultivators.

However, if he could quickly surpass the prodigies of the same generation in the true spirit world after joining the Abyss sect, it would prove the strength of the Abyss sect. From then on, more cultivators from the true spirit world would be willing to join the Abyss sect.

After all, cultivation was the most important thing for cultivators. In the eyes of those who had dreams, the immortal world was the place where they should live in the end.

‘Whether it was the true spirit world or the abyss world, they were only places where cultivators stopped for a short while. There was no need for them to risk their lives for the true spirit world.

“Disciple Qing Xuanming greets the sect master!”

Qing xuanming put away the token and directly bowed.

A cultivator from the true spirit world became the head disciple of the Abyss sect. This meant that he was destined to be the focus of attention of the cultivators from both worlds.

In the future, he might be crushed by the two mountains, the true spirit world and the Abyss world, but danger was accompanied by opportunity. From now on, he would also get the best cultivation resources from both worlds.

With his talent, he would reach the great vehicle stage soon.

“No need for formalities, Qing Xuanming. I hope you won’t let down your master’s expectations.”

Sacred King Nether River waved his hand, and Qing Xuanming stood up uncontrollably.

“This junior will definitely do my best to not let the Dark Abyss sect be humiliated!”

“Mm, come over.”

Hearing Qing Xuanming’s promise, Sacred King Nether River revealed a satisfied smile. Then, he beckoned with his hand, and Qing Xuanming flew to the side of a few peak Mahayana realm experts.

“You are a cultivator of the true spirit world. I just happened to ask you something.”

Sacred King Nether River looked at Qing Xuanming and said.

“Sect master, please speak. I will definitely tell you everything!”

“The ten thousand spirit cauldron is damaged and requires a powerful true spirit essence soul to repair it. Do you know where there is a powerful true spirit near the southern domain?”

Sacred King Nether River asked. At the same time, he took out a very rough map of the true spirit world and placed it in front of the cultivators.

Qing Xuanming looked at the map and pointed to the middle of the southern region.

“This place is called the hidden abyss. There is a water qilin hidden in it. It is very powerful.”

“Oh? How Powerful?”

“at least the middle stage of the Mahayana realm. If not for its strength, the evil god Hall would not have allowed it to stay in the southern region.”

Qing Xuanming said decisively.

Sacred King Nether River shook his head slightly when he heard the middle stage of the Mahayana realm. “It is a little weak. We can not afford to lose the repair of the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron. We need to find a stronger true spirit to be safe.

“If we can’t repair the weak ones, we might not have the chance to find a stronger one.”

“Sect master is right. Killing a true spirit would cause too much of a commotion. We don’t have many chances…”

Qing Xuanming said as he scanned the map. Finally, his gaze landed on a large blank area below.

“Sect master, this place is called the boundless desert. There’s a true spirit inside called Sky Scorpion. Its strength is very likely at the peak of the Mahayana realm. Ever since it occupied the boundless desert, no Mahayana realm cultivator has stepped into this place.”

“A true spirit at the peak of the Mahayana realm…”

Sacred King Nether River muttered to himself. After a long while, he decided to say, “Both sides should act at the same time. I will personally take care of this sky scorpion. As for the water qilin, leave it to sacred King Ziwei to deal with it alone..”

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