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Chapter 572:

Chapter 570, reclaiming the four sacred worlds

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The captain who was transcending the tribulation frowned and looked at the remaining Qing Xuan sect cultivators.

Most of the Qing Xuan sect cultivators were seriously injured, but they did not have the awareness of the person just now. When they saw the captain looking at them, they begged for mercy desperately, hoping to keep their lives.

“Forget it, take them all away.”

The captain said lightly and turned to leave. A few cultivators from the netherworld suppressing army behind him immediately stepped forward, sealed the cultivation of the captives, and captured them.

Chen Chen had come here purely to be a bystander, so of course, he did not have any meritorious deeds.

Like him, there was also Fairy Qiong Hua. This time, she did not kill anyone, but the Netherworld had killed quite a number. In terms of meritorious deeds, she was actually the number one in the thousand-man team.

However, seeing that Chen Chen and Fairy Qiong Hua didn’t make a move, he didn’t feel much joy because of this first place.

Chen Chen saw the faint worry on Fairy Qiong Hua’s face and asked tentatively, “Fairy, are you worried about Qing Xuan Ming?”

Fairy Qiong Hua nodded and said softly, “That’s right. If we can’t kill Qing Xuan Ming, it’s useless no matter how many other cultivators we kill. Strictly speaking, this mission is considered a failure.”

Chen Chen was surprised to hear this and asked, “Who is Qing Xuanming? Why is he worthy of Fairy’s attention?”

“He is the only direct disciple of Qing Xian. He has an innate dao body and is astonishingly talented. He has only stepped into the heavenly tribulation for one to two years. Before he stepped into the heavenly tribulation, I met him once. In terms of strength, he is on par with me.”

Fairy Qiong Hua explained.

Hearing this, Chen Chen suddenly understood. No wonder this person wanted to be eliminated. It turned out that his talent was too good.

“It’s a pity that Qing Xuan Ming is the direct disciple of the Green Immortal and is too close to the Green Immortal. Otherwise, we could have saved his life. Now that he has escaped… it would be fine if he disappeared without a trace. However, if he defected to the Abyss World, he might become a big

trouble in the future.”

After saying this, fairy giong hua sighed. Beside her, the Abyss World didn’t think much of it. He sneered and said, “So what if he has an innate dao body? After all, he is only in the initial stage of the heavenly tribulation. Could it be that he can reach the peak of the Mahayana realm in a short time?

As long as he doesn’t reach the peak of the Mahayana realm, he is not qualified to be a big trouble.”

“Thope so.”Fairy Qionghua did not want to argue with youming, so she just gave a perfunctory reply and did not mention it again.

After flying for a distance, Chen Chen followed the Abyss Suppression Army and arrived at a big city.

This city was called Qing Xuan City, and it was the largest of the ten cities of Qing Xuan sect. Now, it had become the base of the Abyss Suppression Army in the Southern Region.

As there wasn’t much of a war at the moment, the dark suppression army didn’t have strict requirements for the cultivators below. They didn’t force the cultivators to stay in Qing Xuan City. They only required them to reach Qing Xuan City within half a day after receiving the military order, within half a


Asa large city, Qing Xuan City had all sorts of transportation routes. As long as one didn’t leave the southern region, it wouldn’t be difficult to reach Qing Xuan City within half a day no matter where they were.

After entering Qing Xuan City, Fairy Qiong Hua found a random place to cultivate.

Chen Chen was thinking about whether he should return to ascending dragon city when youming suddenly came over.

“What are you doing?”

‘Without waiting for youming to speak, Chen Chen took two steps back, revealing a wary expression.

“Return My Things to me!”

Youming stretched out his hand, his tone cold.

Chen Chen didn’t understand and said with a smile, “When did I take your things?”

Upon hearing this, youming said angrily, “When you and I fought in the vast desert of the boundless sea, you cut off one of my hands. There was a storage ring on one of my fingers!”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen revealed a look of realization.

He remembered that there was an extremely strong seal inside the storage ring, and it couldn’t be opened at all. It was still in the hands of the main body now.

Mung bean was also with his clone, so the storage ring was the same as it was when he first obtained it.

“You actually have a storage ring on that hand? I didn’t notice it? Why Don’t we go to the boundless desert again and see if that hand has weathered?”

Chen Chen simply pretended to be stupid and said innocently.


Netherworld could not be angry. subconsciously, he wanted to curse, but in the end, he did not say it out loud.

After a moment of silence, he suppressed the anger in his heart, and his tone became much gentler.

“Chen Chen, you can’t open that storage ring. It’s useless to you. Instead of rotting in your hands, why don’t you give it to me? I’m willing to pay a certain price.”

“What price?”Chen Chen was a little curious. He was curious about the weight of that ring in Netherworld’s heart.

“Open it! Do you want crystals or treasures?”

“That secret technique of yours to self-detonate your spiritual sense is not bad…”Chen Chen tidied up his hair, implying something.

To be honest, he did not lack anything right now. If he really lacked something, Netherworld definitely did not have it either.

However, Netherworld’s secret technique was not bad. It played an important role in the battle with the blood qilin.

“No! That absolutely won’t do! That is a secret technique that our evil god temple does not teach!”Netherworld shook his head repeatedly.

Chen Chen rolled his eyes at him and turned to leave.

Looking at Chen Chen’s annoying back view, Netherworld secretly clenched his fists. He subconsciously wanted to self-detonate his spiritual sense on this hateful guy.

However, when he thought that this guy had a true spirit that was in the middle stage of the tribulation, he dismissed this idea.

Now was not the time to have a conflict with this Chen Chen. Otherwise, he would definitely be at a disadvantage.

“HMPH! Sooner or later, I will let you know how powerful I am!”

You Ming cursed in his heart before he turned around and left.

Returning to the base of the dark suppression army, Chen Chen was about to return to ascending dragon city through the teleportation array when he suddenly received a message from the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

“Thave already settled the matters of the four sacred worlds for you. The spatial passage leading to the evil god temple has been closed. In addition, I have helped you open a passage leading to the four sacred worlds in ascending dragon city. From now on, the four sacred worlds will belong to you.”

Chen Chen was overjoyed when he saw this message.

Strictly speaking, the battle with the Hengduan Devil sect could be considered a defeat for the true spirit world, but the Heavenly Devil City Lord was a man of his word. He had actually taken care of the matters of the four sacred worlds in just a few days, and he had done it so well.

Although he didn’t have a deep relationship with the Heavenly Devil City Lord, based on his attitude towards doing things.

Chen Chen was secretly delighted, but when he thought about it, he felt that something was wrong, and the smile on his face gradually froze.

Rising Dragon City had a passage to the four sacred worlds. Didn’t that mean that once rising dragon city fell, the four sacred worlds would also fall?

One had to know that the current situation in the true spirit world wasn’t very optimistic. He was already thinking of ways to go to the northern region to find a way to retreat.

If rising dragon city connected to the four sacred worlds, then he really had no way to retreat, unless he was willing to hand over the lower realm to the Abyss world.

“Master didn’t do this on purpose, right?”

Chen Chen was puzzled. If it was in the past, he wouldn’t have such a doubt.

Because with his cultivation base, it wasn’t worth for someone like the Heavenly Devil City Lord to have too many thoughts.

But during the Battle of the tyrannical Devil Sect, he had taken out nearly 100,000 spirit crystals to forcefully change the battle situation.

No one else in the entire true spirit world could do such a thing except him.

And once he displayed his powerful ability, it was only natural for him to be remembered by others. It was only natural for master to want to bind him to the chariot of the true spirit world..

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