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Chapter 571:

Chapter 569, the fish that escaped the net

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“They are taking action so soon?”

Seeing this military order, Chen Chen muttered to himself.

The Qing Xuan sect was a big sect in the Union of Immortals. It was not something small fry like the gold saint sect could compare to.

If he remembered correctly, besides the betrayed Qing Xian, the Qing Xuan sect also had a Mahayana, seven or eight transcending tribulations, dozens of unity cultivators, and tens of thousands of cultivators of other levels.

With such a scale, other than a few super sects and some special sects, very few sects could compare to it.

After receiving the military order, Chen Chen arranged the affairs of ascending dragon city and flew toward the Qing Xuan sect.

The gathering place this time was a hundred miles away from the front gate of the Qing Xuan sect. The goal was to kill all the cultivators in the Qing Xuan sect.

Besides being rewarded with military merits, the most meritorious person could also choose a city that belonged to the Qing Xuan sect and claim it as his own.

Before Chen Chen came, he had looked at the map. The Qing Xuan sect had a total of ten cities.

However, he was no longer interested in the cities of the southern region.

The Qing Xuan sect was hundreds of thousands of miles away from ascending dragon city. Chen Chen had arrived at his destination by riding a few teleportation arrays.

At this moment, hundreds of cultivators from the netherworld suppressing army had gathered here. Fairy Qiong Hua and you Ming were also among them.

Compared to before, Fairy Qiong Hua’s divine light was restrained, and her temperament had undergone a huge change. It was as if she had stepped into the tribulation stage. As for You Ming, he also looked as if his strength had greatly improved, the gaze she used to look at Chen Chen had also become

bolder than before. There was even a hint of provocation in her gaze.

“Hehe, after taking some benefits and increasing my strength, I started to swell up again.”

Chen Chen sneered in his heart. Then, he slowly walked over and said to fairy qiong hua, “Congratulations, fairy, for crossing the tribulatio

Fairy Qiong Hua smiled slightly and said politely, “In the Unity Realm, fellow Daoist is the strongest person I have ever seen. It’s a pity that I wasn’t able to spar with fellow Daoist before crossing the Tribulation.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen didn’t answer. Beside him, you Ming said in a strange tone, “Fairy, he might not be the strongest person in the unity realm now.”

“Oh? Is That So?”Fairy Qiong Hua glanced at him and said indifferently. It was unknown whether she meant it with disdain or something else.

Chen Chen didn’t have the time to bicker with You Ming. After forming a team with a group of top experts, you Ming was already a junior in his eyes. He didn’t need to bother with a junior about these things.

“Fairy, is the remaining Mahayana in Qing Xuan sect still there?”

“No, that senior has already joined our immortal sect two days ago.”

Fairy Qiong Hua laughed.

Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this. If there was no Mahayana opponent in this battle, then it would seem like a one-sided massacre.

“Other than that senior, there are more than ten elders of Qing Xuan sect who have strong connections who have successfully escaped from Qing Xuan sect. There are also more than ten core disciples who are missing.

“As for the others, they are all the targets we are going to kill.”

Fairy Qiong Hua’s tone was cold, and a trace of killing intent flashed in her eyes.

Chen Chen sighed and said, “‘m afraid that most of the disciples of the Qing Xuan sect didn’t know that the Qing Xian had betrayed the true spirit world. Now, they are going to die for the Qing Xian. It’s really not worth it.”

You Ming said coldly, “What do you know? This is called killing the chicken to warn the monkeys. HMPH! We want to let all the cultivators of the true spirit world now that as long as they betray the true spirit world, regardless of whether it is their relatives or their sects, they will be implicated.

“This time, we destroyed the Qing Xuan sect. As long as the Qing Xian still has a trace of humanity, then he will definitely feel guilty. When that time comes, his state of mind will be lacking. Let’s see how he ascends!”

Chen Chen was silent. How could he not understand this principle?

In this world, the weak did not have the right to speak. Even if you were innocent, as long as the strong felt that your death would have an effect, then the strong would not hesitate to reap your life.

After Chen Chen arrived, more cultivators appeared in the vicinity one after another. When the number of people had almost reached 1,000, a loud voice resounded in the surroundings.

“Head to the Qing Xuan sect!”

After saying that, a majestic figure rose into the air and flew towards the Qing Xuan sect.

Chen Chen and the other groups of cultivators followed closely behind. A group of over 1,000 people flew in the air in an orderly manner. No one said a word, and the atmosphere was very solemn.

A distance of one hundred miles was nothing to these thousands of cultivators. In less than fifteen minutes, the mountain gate of the Qing Xuan sect appeared in the sight of the cultivators.

The mountain gate of the Qing Xuan sect was very majestic. The buildings inside were well-arranged and looked quite good. However, at this time, the entire mountain gate was completely covered by a formation.

This formation was not the great mountain protection formation of the Qing Xuan sect. Instead, it was a huge trapping formation set up by the cultivators from the outside world. The purpose was to prevent the cultivators from the Qing Xuan sect from escaping.

‘When Chen Chen reached the sky above the Qing Xuan sect, he saw a group of cultivators from the Qing Xuan sect with despair in their eyes inside the formation. There were probably seven to eight thousand of them, and there were even a few cultivators who had transcended their tribulations.

“Fellow Daoists, seniors! We really don’t know about the betrayal of the Patriarch!”

“That’s right. The true spirit world gave birth to us and raised us, so why should we betray them?”

A few cultivators who had transcended the tribulations explained loudly, trying to move the thousand-man commander who was standing at the very front of the Abyss Suppression Army.

However, the thousand-man commander only waved his hand.

In the next moment, the huge trapping formation opened up a gap. The thousand-man Abyss Suppression Army entered one by one and began to slaughter.

The cultivators of the Qing Xuan sect naturally would not sit still and wait for death. They began to resist desperately.

But what kind of existence was the First Army of the Abyss Suppression Army? The weakest ones were all unity cultivators, and they were even unity cultivators from super sects. Any one of them could beat ten or a hundred disciples of the Qing Xuan sect.

Therefore, in less than fifteen minutes, more than a thousand of the seven to eight thousand disciples of the Qing Xuan Sect had died.

A few cultivators of the Qing Xuan sect who were undergoing tribulation were also severely injured by the captain at this time. They could not help but curse loudly, “You guys don’t know right from wrong! If we had known earlier, we would have joined the Abyss World!”

“Tl fight it out with you!”

Chen Chenluo was at the back. As he listened to these curses, his emotions were rather complicated.

He did not kill anyone. He could not kill innocents indiscriminately, but he would not stop others from killing.

How terrifying was the war between worlds? It was like two huge mountains colliding.

And when two huge mountains collide, it was perfectly normal for some innocent rocks to shatter.

All he could do was silently pray for these innocent cultivators.

“Where is Qing Xuan Ming?”

An hour later, the captain grabbed a cultivator who was only left with his immortal soul and asked coldly.

‘There were less than a hundred Qing Xuan sect cultivators alive in the entire Qing Xuan sect. On the other hand, there was no lack of the underworld-suppressing army.

The Immortal Soul looked at the captain and smiled bitterly.

“Hehe, eldest senior brother has escaped.”

Hearing this, the Centurion’s expression changed.

Qing Xuan Ming was the direct disciple of Qing Xian. His cultivation base during the tribulation was shocking, and he was also the main target of this mission. Now that he had escaped, there might be consequences.

“Where did he escape to?”The centurion asked in a stern voice.

Facing the questioning, the primordial spirit only sneered. Without waiting for the Centurion to use any special methods, he suddenly exploded, leaving behind only one sentence that echoed in the sky above Qing Xuan sect.

“Eldest brother will avenge us!”

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