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Chapter 570:

Chapter 568, return

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This angry and sorrowful roar sounded, and the booming sounds in the sky suddenly became several times more intense, as if the battle had suddenly entered a white-hot stage.

After a moment, a lonely voice sounded.

“Tm sorry, everyone. My Time is almost up. If I want to transcend, I can only have a sliver of hope by going to the Abyss World.”

After saying this, no one questioned him anymore.

As a cultivator, it was normal for him to walk this path at this juncture.

Since he had chosen to betray, then he would just fight.

The hundreds of cultivators below looked at the scene in the sky, and the expression on their faces gradually became solemn. Even Chen Chen could not help but feel worried.

If the cultivators of the true spirit world were defeated, his dream of walking unhindered in the true spirit world would be impossible to realize.

Green immortal.

He had heard of this name before. He was one of the leaders of the Immortal Alliance in the southern region, with a cultivation base at the peak of the Mahayana realm. At the same time, he was also one of the most powerful cultivators stationed in the southern region.

In terms of seniority, this person was even higher than the Heavenly Devil City Lord, and he had already lived for tens of thousands of years.

As for why he betrayed the true spirit world, it was most likely because of his ascension.

‘The Ascension Passage of the true spirit world was blocked, and cultivators could not ascend normally. In the past, powerhouses who were about to die would choose to abandon their physical body and primordial spirit, leaving only a trace of their true spirit to go to the false immortal world to


But now that the true spirit world had a passage leading to the Abyss World, there was an additional choice for these cultivators.

If they went to the false immortal world to re-cultivate, who would have the confidence to cultivate to the peak of the Mahayana realm again?

To be able to reach this stage today, it was partly due to their talent, partly due to their own intelligence, and partly due to the heavens not giving them face.

It was precisely because they knew how difficult it was to step into the peak of the Mahayana realm that Green immortal chose to betray the true spirit world and join the Abyss World’s camp.

During the war between the two worlds, as the first top expert to join the Dark Abyss World, the Dark Abyss world would never cheat him. Otherwise, how could there be any cultivators from the true spirit world who would join them in the future?

“This Green Immortal’s betrayal is really decisive…”

Chen Chen looked at the sky and sighed inwardly. He couldn’t get involved in this kind of battle between experts. The only thing he could do now was to wait.

Two hours later.

‘The fluctuations in the sky became violent again. Then, a towering sword suddenly fell down and stabbed into the cracks of the myriad spirit cauldron array below.

“How dare you!”

An angry roar was heard, but the towering sword did not stop. Instead, it fell faster and more ruthlessly!

Several rays of light from the magic treasures tried to block the towering sword, but they were all blocked by the other rays of light.


With a deafening sound, the huge sword successfully pierced into the gap of the great formation, and an extremely powerful law storm quickly rose up inside the great formation.

Large areas of newly built buildings were shattered into dust, and many of the cultivators of the abyss world were completely wiped out before they could even react.


A deep voice sounded in the minds of all the cultivators of the true spirit world at the same time, and then the hundreds of cultivators scattered in all directions like arrows released from a bow.

“These guys run really fast!”

Looking at the backs of the cultivators, Chen Chen couldn’t help but suspect that these people had long been prepared to run away and were only waiting for this order.

Fortunately, eldest senior brother Xiao Ling was more reliable. At the critical moment, he blasted out a space passage and pulled Chen Chen into it, which prevented Chen Chen Chen from falling behind.

After traveling through the space passage, Xiao Ling flew out with Chen Chen after about half a day.

“Little junior brother, ascending dragon city is not far from here. You can go back by yourself.”

Xiao Ling looked around and said calmly.

Chen Chen was a little confused and asked tentatively, “Eldest senior brother, then did we win or lose that battle just now?”

Xiao Ling revealed a bitter smile when he heard this.

“The peak experts of our world all went out, and in the end, we could only retreat. Do you think we won or lost?”

“We lost…”

Chen Chen was in a daze.

Xiao Ling patted his shoulder when he saw this?

“In the end, master destroyed the Abyss sect’s Mountain Gate with one sword strike. He didn’t let us lose too badly. At the same time, he also warned the cultivators at both ends of the rat head and let them know that our true spirit world has the ability to break through the Abyss sect.”

Chen Chen nodded. Destroying the Dark Abyss sect’s base could be considered as an explanation for this battle. Otherwise, how would he announce it to the world?

If the cultivators of the true spirit world knew that the power at the very top of the true spirit world couldn’t gain any advantage, then in the future, more cultivators of the true spirit world would probably join the Dark Abyss sect.

“Little junior brother, it wasn’t easy for master and the others to gather all the top experts of the true spirit world this time. The next time they gather such a lineup, it should be the moment of life and death for the true spirit world…”

“As for the time in between, it’s the time when the abyss suppressing army will come into play. You should go back to ascending dragon city and rest for a while. After a while, you probably won’t be able to rest even if you want to.”


Chen Chen replied softly.

Xiao Ling nodded slightly and then once again disappeared into the void.

Looking at the empty surroundings, Chen Chen was in a daze for a long time before he flew in the direction of ascending dragon city.

Now that the battle between the top experts had passed, it was time for the cultivators below to fight.

‘The facts had already proven that the true spirit world did not stop the Abyss World from establishing the Abyss Sect’s strength.

Since that was the case, the true spirit world could only settle for the second best and find a way to contain the Abyss sect’s development.

If they could not contain it, then what awaited the true spirit world was only slow death. The final battle might not even happen.

Thinking of these questions, Chen Chen had unknowingly arrived at ascending dragon city.

Everything in the city was normal. A large number of cultivators came and went, and business was excellent. No one realized that a battle that could affect the future of the entire true spirit world had just occurred in the territory of the transverse demon sect.

“I’s good to be an ordinary cultivator. There’s no need to think too much. If it really comes to a critical juncture, I’ll just directly join the Abyss world and be done with it.”

Looking at the cultivators coming and going, Chen Chen sighed in his heart.

If he hadn’t joined Heavenly Devil City, he could have joined the abyss world when he saw that the situation wasn’t looking good. After all, to him, the true spirit world was the same as the Abyss world. It wasn’t his hometown.

But after joining Heavenly Devil City, it was different. Furthermore, he had joined the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

Right now, his interests were aligned with those of the super sects. Under such circumstances, if he joined the Abyss World, the Heavenly Devil City Lord would be the first to not let him off.

“In the future, whether it’s an open battle or an underground battle, the Southern Region will definitely be the center of the Whirlpool.”

Chen Chen quickly accepted the fact that he could only go against the abyss world, and began to think of a way out.

It did not matter if his clone fought or not. His family and friends could not stay in the southern region. It was best to go to the northern region, which was the furthest away from the southern region. That was the place that was least affected by the abyss world.

The northem region was the headquarters of Sky Demon City. If he could think of a way, it should not be difficult for him to build a city in the northern region.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen called Chen an over and started to inquire about the situation in the northern region.

Without realizing it, Chen Chen stayed in ascending dragon city for three days.

During these three days, the news of the Great Battle of the Abyss sect only spread a little. Many cultivators were still in the dark.

Chen Chen had been planning his retreat. However, before he could choose a city, a military order came from the dark suppression army.

“Order the 1000th squad of the dark suppression army to head to the southern region and destroy the Qing Xuan sect, where the traitorous cultivator Qing Xian is from..”

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