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Chapter 569:

Chapter 567 was full of ups and downs

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“Kid, is there any more?”

After fighting for a while, Hong Shu’s question rang out in Chen Chen’s mind.

Chen Chen glanced at Hong Shu with disdain in his eyes.

If this demoness had given her all, with the spiritual crystals, it should have been enough to kill her opponent. However, now that she had him, the child of wealth, this demoness was reluctant to use her trump card.

“Who is this kid? I don’t remember anyone with this name.”

Chen Chen muttered as he looked around,

hong Shu burst into laughter when she saw this. She didn’t expect this kid to hold a grudge.

If it were any other time, she would have slapped this kid to death. But now, she could save as much as she could.

After all, she had used all her trump cards with all her might. Now that she could save them by saying a few nice words, why not?

She would be willing to call others, let alone a few fellow Daoists.

“Fellow Daoist Tianyun, do you have any more crystals?”

Hong Shu squeezed out a warm smile and asked softly.

Chen Chen looked at the silver wolf and scratched his head.

Hong Shu immediately understood and directly used 800 spirit stones of immortal Qi to blast the silver wolf into ashes.

Without an opponent, Chen Chen completely stopped and said with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Hong Shu, I naturally have some crystals.”

After saying that, he silently shattered a large amount of supreme-grade spirit stones in his storage ring. Then, he transformed them into immortal qi through the stone wall of creation and pushed them in front of Hong Shu.

Hong Shu heard the sound of the spirit stones shattering and assumed that they were all spirit crystals. Seeing that the immortal Qi in front of her required at least 1,500 spirit crystals to be produced, she revealed a satisfied smile.

Seeing that she didn’t notice anything amiss, Chen Chen felt much more at ease.

In fact, he had only used 1,500 top-grade spirit stones to produce that much immortal qi. In terms of value, it was far from enough to be worth a single spirit crystal.

One had to know that all sorts of powers were converted into immortal Qi through the stone wall of creation. This was completely different from the principle of extracting immortal Qi from spirit crystals.

The spirit crystals were only contaminated with some immortal qi, and most of the energy within was still spirit qi.

It was a waste to completely shatter the spiritual crystals just for a bit of immortal qi. It was equivalent to killing a chicken for a few feathers.

‘Without an opponent, Chen Chen began to survey the battlefield.

Although he had the support of the spiritual crystals, there were still many cultivators who were too weak to defeat the opponent.

After seeing this, Chen Chen reached out to help. In the eyes of the other cultivators, he gave out another forty to fifty thousand spiritual crystals.

“Chen Chen, the Temple Master of the Cthulhu Hall has already agreed to the matter of the four sacred worlds. As long as the battle goes smoothly, the four sacred worlds will belong to you.”

The voice of his master, the Heavenly Devil City Lord, rang in his mind again.

When Chen Chen heard this, he smiled indifferently. He did not expect that the lower realm would actually return to his hands in such a situation.

In fact, it was also a matter of course.

This battle was of great importance. If they lost, the future of the Cthulhu Hall might be gone. How could they still have the right to belong to a small world?

“Master, aren’t you curious as to why I have so many crystals?”

Chen Chen probed.

“Why else? “It’s just a fortuitous encounter. You Can’t just conjure crystals out of thin air. As for what fortuitous encounter, it’s none of my business. Chen Chen, you possess such a shocking amount of wealth and have given it up at the critical moment of our true spirit world. This is extremely valuable.

“Our several great sects owe you a favor.”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord’s voice was extremely sincere, and Chen Chen was secretly delighted when he heard it.

With this sentence, as long as the true spirit world wasn’t destroyed, he would be able to do whatever he wanted.

Boom Boom!

A few violent sounds of impact rang out, and a few true spirit phantoms were completely destroyed.

Awave of hysterical and furious voices came from within the Great Array.

“Good! I didn’t expect that you guys would be so well prepared!”

‘As soon as he said that, the ten-thousand-spirit cauldron suddenly released a huge suction force to take back all the remaining injured true spirits.

However, because a few true spirit phantoms had been destroyed, the beast patterns on the body of the cauldron dimmed down.

“How could this be?”

A pained voice came from inside the formation, as if something had happened to the ten-thousand-spirit cauldron.

Chen Chen had a vague guess in his heart.

It seemed that this cultivator from the abyss world didn’t understand the ten-thousand-spirit cauldron very well, or perhaps the ten-thousand-spirit cauldron hadn’t encountered an opponent since it was born, and this was the first time such a situation had happened, therefore, the cultivator from the

abyss world wasn’t mentally prepared.

After the few beast patterns dimmed, the formation set up by the ten-thousand-spirit cauldron also had a tiny loophole.

This hole made the formation no longer invulnerable. After Chen Chen tested his soul consciousness into it, he quickly saw what was inside.

‘The Abyss world had really built a sect on the original site of the Hengduan Devil Sect, and it was very imposing.

Before he could continue to observe, a huge soul consciousness surged over and strangled the soul consciousness that he had probed into.

At the same time, a huge halberd phantom suddenly appeared in the sky, pointing directly at the crack in the formation.

“It seems that the Dark Abyss sect is going to be destroyed today!”

Acold voice sounded, and the giant halberd ruthlessly stabbed down with an aura that could destroy the world!


With a shocking explosion, the Giant Halberd Phantom didn’t succeed in piercing into the array formation. Instead, a giant phantom blocked the giant halberd with both hands.

“Do you think that you can do whatever you want after breaking the array formation? You cultivators of the true spirit world are still far from it!”

A low shout came from within the formation. Then, eight streams of light flew out from the cracks in the formation and hovered above the transverse demon sect.

These eight people were dressed in different clothes and their ages seemed to be very different, but the auras on their bodies were almost the same…

‘These were eight peak Mahayana realm cultivators, and each of them was comparable to the Heavenly Demon City Lord!

“Eight people, you and I will deal with one each. The two we save Will Destroy the Abyss sect.

“Using the power of a world to establish a sect in my true spirit world, it will be destroyed in less than half a month. I want to see if the abyss world still has the face to continue establishing a sect.”

The cold voice of the Sect Master of the Immortal sect came from the sky.

Chen Chen, who was below, felt much more at ease when he heard this.

It seemed like ten peak Mahayana realm warriors had come from the true spirit world. This was probably all of the top combat strength in the true spirit world.

Ten versus eight. Clearly, the true spirit world had the advantage. This battle should be won.

‘The Abyss world was destroyed within half a month. In the future, the Abyss world would be too embarrassed to establish a sect. Even if they were embarrassed, they would have to see if there were any cultivators from the true spirit world willing to join a sect that could be destroyed at any time.

“Do you really think that you can win with ten versus eight? Today, I’ll let you see the strength of our Abyss World!”

The leading cultivator at the peak of the Mahayana realm said coldly. Then, he took the lead and flew above the clouds.

‘The other seven followed closely behind. Soon, the color of the sky changed.

Chen Chen listened to the continuous booming sounds coming from above his head. He was faintly worried that the sky would collapse from the beating.

‘What was the meaning of a fight between immortals? This should be it, right?

“Is this the strength of you guys? It’s just your strength.”

After a while, the Lord of Heavenly Devil City sneered.

The cultivators of the Abyss World didn’t say a word. They were obviously at a disadvantage.

However, at this moment, a furious curse suddenly sounded in the sky!

“Green Immortal! Why did you attack me? !”

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