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Chapter 568:

Chapter 566, I’ll give you 2,000 first

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Thinking of this, she subconsciously looked at the other cultivators.

Cultivators who could have treasures on the artifact refining list were naturally people with a lot of wealth.

However, at this moment, most of the cultivators’faces were quite serious.

In order to prepare for this battle, they had exchanged a lot of spiritual crystals for consumables and converted them into battle strength.

In addition to the possibility of dying in this battle, who would bring a large amount of spiritual crystals with them under such circumstances? If they died, wouldn’t all the cultivators of the Abyss World Benefit?

Therefore, at this moment, it was not only Hong Shu who was short of spiritual crystals, the other cultivators were also short of spiritual crystals.

“We have spiritual crystals here.”

The voice of the Heavenly Demon City Lord rang out in the sky, followed by many spiritual crystals falling from the sky. According to their strength, the group of cultivators received a lot of spiritual crystals.

Chen Chen looked at the ten crystals he received and was a little speechless.

If he wanted to completely kill the Silver Wolf Phantom, he would need at least five hundred crystals of Immortal Qi.

Five hundred crystals was naturally nothing to him, but to other cultivators of the same realm, it was an astronomical figure.

Then, he looked at Hong Shu. She seemed to have received seven to eight hundred crystals, but if she wanted to kill her opponent, she would need at least five thousand crystals.

Therefore, even though the number of crystals given by the super experts was not small, it was still a drop in the bucket.

However, this was not the time to think that it was too little. With the replenishment of the crystals, some Mahayana realm cultivators quickly separated their immortal qi and poured it into their dharma treasures. As a result, a large number of true spirit phantoms that flew out of the ten thousand spirit

cauldron were severely injured.

“You guys do have some ideas.”

Acold voice came from beneath the great array of the traversing Devil sect. Following that, several rays of light flew out of the great array and poured into the myriad spirit cauldron.

‘A majestic immortal Qi instantly gushed out of the myriad spirit cauldron. Although the wounds on the hundreds of true spirit Phantoms did not recover immediately, they showed signs of recovering.

More importantly, the strength of the hundreds of true spirit phantoms had increased by another level. The silver wolf that Chen Chen was dealing with was almost at the peak of the tribulation transcending stage.

“Damn it! You should have brought more crystals!”

Hong Shu cursed in frustration as she defended against her opponent.

Now that her opponent was stronger, it was much more difficult to injure him. With this deduction, she had used up more crystals, which could basically cancel out the support she had just received.

“Ahem, fellow Daoist Hong Shu, I actually brought some crystals.”

Chen Chen was completely unable to defend against the silver wolf, so he might as well use Qin Wang to circle around Hong Shu as he spoke.

Hong Shu glanced at Chen Chen when she heard this. How many spiritual crystals could this bastard have with his cultivation of the form synthesis stage?

However, this wasn’t the time to think that it was too little. Moreover, it was already very difficult for this kid to take the initiative to bring it up.

“Give it all to me. I might be able to divert some of my attention to block that Silver Wolf for you.”

“Give it all to you? Fellow Daoist Hong Zhu, you’re Too Evil!”

Chen Chen’s face darkened as he said in a dissatisfied tone.

Hong Zhu flew into a rage upon hearing this. It was rare for her to treat this B * Stard better, but this B * Stard actually did not cherish it.

Normally, she would not even bother to look at a broken unity cultivator who would give her all his wealth. Now, all he wanted was all the spiritual crystals, and he actually said that she was evil. He was simply ignorant!

“Chen Chen! You…”

Hong Shu was just about to scold him when Chen Chen muttered, “T’ll give you two thousand crystals first.”

With that, two thousand crystals flew out and landed in front of Hong Shu.

‘When she saw the two thousand crystals, the anger on Hong Shu’s face instantly froze.

This kid actually carried two thousand crystals with him!

Was this still a freaking unity cultivator?

Moreover, this wasn’t even his entire wealth!

“You’re quite generous…”

After silently finishing her sentence, the spirit-devouring evil spider blade in Hong Shu’s hand suddenly shook, turning the 2,000 crystals into fine powder.

With so much replenishment, she felt that there was a slight chance that she could completely destroy her opponent.

Also, since this kid was so honest and gave so many crystals, it wasn’t impossible for her to put in more effort to protect this kid’s safety.

However, it was impossible to use immortal Qi to attack the silver wolf. At most, she could only help him block the attack.

“Eldest senior brother! Take the spiritual crystals!”

Just as Hong Shu ordered the evil spider to split another leg to block the silver wolf for Chen Chen, Chen Chen suddenly shouted at Xiao Ling in the distance, then threw out four thousand spiritual crystals.

Seeing this scene, Hong Shu almost couldn’t catch her breath.

The same question remained in her mind..

Was this still a unity cultivator?

Spirit crystals were only produced in the best spirit stone mines, but there was no ore that was full of spirit crystals.

Where did this bastard get 6,000 spirit crystals?

“Thank you, junior brother!”

Seeing 4,000 spirit crystals, Xiao Ling was greatly moved. He felt that the goodwill he had shown to this junior brother was completely worth it.

Sigh, he felt a little ashamed. If he had known that his junior brother wanted the true dragon’s blood, he would not have set up any tests.

“That senior, take the Crystals!”

“And that fairy!”

“That brother with horns on his head!”

Before he could finish feeling touched, Chen Chen turned into a money boy and began to distribute the crystals rapidly. In just a moment, he had distributed 70,000 to 80,000 crystals.

To be honest, because the yin yang palace needed spiritual crystals, they had plundered quite a lot in the past one to two years. However, his net worth was only around 100,000. Any more and he really wouldn’t have any more.

In fact, he could use the stone wall of creation to convert immortal Qi for the use of the cultivators. However, the risk was too great. Rather than exposing the stone wall of creation, he would rather lose some spiritual crystals.

Looking at the crystals Chen Chen threw out, Hong Shu’s eyes were already filled with shock.

70,000 to 80,000 crystals, what a terrifying amount.

The few super experts just took out a total of 10,000 to 20,000 crystals, but this kid, a unity cultivator, took out 70,000 to 80,000 crystals!

Could it be that this kid used all his energy to plunder the crystals?

“Chen Chen, you’ve done well. We will remember this favor in our hearts. It’s not impossible to negotiate if you want the four sacred worlds.”

The voice transmission of the Heavenly Devil City Lord sounded in Chen Chen’s mind.

Hearing this, Chen Chen was naturally happy.

‘As the saying goes, money can make the world go round. If it can’t, then it must be because the money is not enough.

Previously, he had said that the four sacred worlds had a special meaning to the evil god shrine, but now it could be discussed?

Cultivators were really realistic.

“Thank you for your help, fellow Daoist!”

“May I Ask Your Name, fellow Daoist? I will definitely repay you handsomely in the future!”

Voice transmissions sounded in his mind, and Chen Chen didn’t stand on ceremony and replied to his name one by one.

‘After paying such a huge price, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for favors, right?

If the cultivators who owned the treasures on the artifact refining list owed him a favor, wouldn’t he be able to do whatever he wanted in the true spirit world in the future?

Thinking of this, his mood, which had been extremely sad due to the loss of money, gradually became better.

After receiving the replenishment of Chen Chen’s spiritual crystal, the hundreds of cultivators began to use all kinds of trump cards without worry, and soon, their strength was far greater than usual.

Although the true spirit Phantoms had a large amount of immortal qi to support them, they couldn’t recover from the injuries caused by the same level of power.

Not long after, the hundreds of true spirit phantoms were all injured and were on the verge of being defeated.

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