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Chapter 567:

Chapter 565, Immortal Qi versus Immortal Qi

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Seeing this scene, the group of cultivators who had been in high spirits just a moment ago felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on their heads, and their hearts were directly chilled.

Chen Chen’s heart was also half-chilled. Up until now, he had basically been beaten up. He had thought that he was about to be beaten to the end, but he did not expect that this was only the beginning!


Before he could curse a few words in his heart, the silver wolf attacked again, and this time, its attack was even fiercer than before.

If it was only at the middle-late stage of the tribulation before, then it was definitely at the late stage of the tribulation now.

Even if Chen Chen tried his best to defend, he could not resist this kind of attack. He only took one hit and was already heavily injured.

Looking around, the situation of the cultivators was much better than his, but it had also turned from the upper hand to a draw.

If the ten thousand spirit cauldron recovered to its original state later, then the cultivators of the true spirit world would definitely lose.

“I can’t be the first to lose!”

Chen Chen thought to himself. He looked around and saw that his eldest senior brother was fighting with that powerful true spirit phantom with the Ten Thousand True Dragon Indestructible Sword. He was too embarrassed to ask him for help.

After patrolling for a while, he looked at Hong Shu.

The treasure that Hong Shu was holding was called the spirit devouring evil spider blade. It was a short sword made from the Spirit Devouring Divine Gold and the essence of the true spirit evil spider.

The spirit-devouring divine gold was the most dangerous of the ten divine gold. It could devour the essence of a spirit body. If the spirit-devouring divine gold pierced into the body, even a mahayana cultivator would die of exhaustion.

As for the evil spider, it was also a type of poisonous true spirit.

One could imagine how poisonous the treasures made from these two items were. No one in the entire true spirit world dared to say that they wouldn’t die from this sword strike.

It was precisely because of this that the spirit-devouring evil spider blade was ranked tenth on the refining list.

“This Hong Shu has something…”

Seeing that Hong Shu was still steadily gaining the upper hand against the true spirit phantom with the spirit-devouring evil spider blade restraining her spirit body, Chen Chen had an idea and took the initiative to move the battlefield toward Hong Shu.

“Fellow Daoist Hong Shu, don’t Forget Our Agreement!”

Chen Chen was sent flying by the Silver Wolf and took the opportunity to shout at Hong Shu.

Hong Shu had the upper hand and wasn’t in a bad mood at first, but after hearing Chen Chen’s voice, she felt as if she had eaten a fly.

Seeing Chen Chen being beaten into a sorry state by a phantom transcending the tribulation, she couldn’t help but ask angrily, “Where’s the true spirit you carry with you?”

“The true spirit I carry is in the middle stage of the tribulation, I can’t beat this…”

Chen Chen replied loudly.

To be honest, the people who participated in this battle were all treasures, and these treasures were all fused with Spirit Beast Phantoms. No one knew how many true spirits had been killed behind their backs.

Calling ao Yu out to fight at this time was equivalent to inviting a pig to a pig feast. This was really not appropriate, and it would easily leave a psychological scar on Ao Yu.

“Mid-stage of the Tribulation, you brat tricked me again!”

Hong Shu took a deep breath and cursed in a delicate voice.

“Mid-stage tribulation is also a powerful true spirit in my eyes. I’m not lying.

Sigh! Fellow Daoist Hong Shu, I can’t hold on any longer. Give me a leg!”

Chen Chen had just flown back when he was sent flying again. He couldn’t help but shout loudly.

“Give me a Leg?”

Hong Shu looked at her long and slender legs and was somewhat confused.

Chen Chen added, “It’s the legs of your magic treasure, the evil true spirit spider. Anyway, it has a lot of legs, so it shouldn’t be too much for it to split a leg to help me deal with the Silver Wolf, right? Fellow Daoist Hong Shu, you swore an oath in the name of the evil God!”

Hong Shu’s face darkened when she heard about the oath. The evil spider’s True Spirit Phantom really did split a leg to help Chen Chen Chen deal with the Silver Wolf.

The Phantom of the evil spider was at the Mahayana stage. It had eight legs, and one of its legs was enough to deal with the Silver Wolf at the later stage of the tribulation.

In this way, the two sides went from one against one to two. With their strengths and weaknesses complementing each other, the situation was fifty-fifty.

After stabilizing the situation, Chen Chen did not think about continuing to muddle along.

He had to think of a way. Otherwise, his immortal spirit avatar might die here.

“Something’s not right…”

After thinking for a long time, Chen Chen suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Although the silver wolf that he fought had become much stronger, his back that had been cut by him had not fully recovered.

On the other hand, the other true spirit Phantoms had all suffered serious injuries before the myriad spirit cauldron released its immortal Qi. However, after releasing its immortal qi, everything was as good as new.

Only the Silver Wolf’s back injury was still there.

To be honest, this injury was extremely light. Chen Chen had only casually retaliated to cause this kind of injury.

Chen Chen blocked as he recalled. However, no matter how he recalled, he did not find anything special about that casual counterattack.

If there was anything special about it, it was that he had used his immortal Qi to attack.

Immortal Qi… could it be that only by borrowing the power of immortal Qi could it cause irreparable damage to this true spirit phantom

Thinking of this, Chen Chen became spirited and decided to give it a try.

‘With the help of one leg of the evil spider, Chen Chen took the risk of being seriously injured and gave the silver wolf a vicious blow. This blow caused a huge scar to appear on the Silver Wolf’s left leg.

After that, Chen Chen continued to fight with the Silver Wolf.

After a quarter of an hour, the True Spirit Cauldron released a large ball of Immortal Qi, and the group of true spirit phantoms were quickly replenished.

Seeing this scene, and without any instructions from the top experts in their minds, the morale of the hundreds of cultivators fell to the extreme.

Facing a group of true spirit phantoms that couldn’t be killed, even if they had some trump cards, what could they do?

However, Chen Chen was overjoyed, because the wound on the silver wolf’s left leg had not recovered.

The True Spirit Phantoms that were maintained by Immortal Qi could only be dealt with by immortal qi!

Thinking of this, he hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Hong Shu. “Fellow Daoist Hong Shu, can you control immortal qi? It seems that only immortal qi can completely destroy this true spirit phantoms.”

Hong Shu, who was in a state of confusion, looked at Chen Chen in surprise when she heard this.

“How do you know?”

“I just know. Is it time to get to the bottom of this?”

Chen Chen replied unhappily.

As far as he knew, some Mahayana cultivators were more or less able to control some immortal qi. After all, Scorpio had demonstrated it in front of him before.

Upon hearing this, Hong Shu, who was desperate, shattered a pile of spirit crystals in her storage ring. She extracted a lot of immortal qi from the crystals and poured it into the evil spirit-devouring spider blade. Then, she slashed it with all her might.


With a loud explosion, the true spirit she was facing had one of its forelimbs cut off.

A lot of energy gathered towards the injured forelimb, but it could not be repaired.

“It’s actually real!”

Thinking of this, she subconsciously wanted to announce this through voice transmission, but someone was faster than her.

“Everyone, extract immortal Qi from the spirit crystals and use it to cut off these true spirit phantoms.”

The person who sent the voice transmission was Xiao Ling. As for how Xiao Ling knew, it went without saying.

With that thought, Hong Shu glared at Chen Chen fiercely.

She did not expect this kid to be so stingy, not giving her a chance to show off at all.


With a cold snort, Hong Shu stabbed the true spirit phantoms again. This time, she directly opened a transparent hole in the true spirit phantoms.

Seeing this, Hong Shu frowned.

Immortal Qi attacks were effective, but to completely destroy these true spirit phantoms, the amount of immortal qi used was not low.

From her calculations, she probably did not have enough spirit crystals with her..

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