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Chapter 566:

Chapter 564, the battle for the Supreme Treasure

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Hong Shu looked at the back of Chen Chen’s head, half believing and half doubting. In the end, she snorted coldly and slowly retreated.

The hundreds of cultivators looked at the ten thousand spirit cauldron not far away with an astonishing aura, and their expressions became even more solemn.

Immortal artifacts were indeed immortal artifacts. This aura was not something that any treasure in the true spirit world could compare to.

Just as the cultivators were waiting for the command to act, a huge stone tablet suddenly appeared in the void. The tablet was hundreds of meters long. Although it could not compare to the ten thousand spirit cauldron, its aura was still quite astonishing.

Looking at the words carved on the tablet, Chen Chen was very surprised.

“This is the artifact refining list?”

Although he had never seen the artifact refining list, he knew that it was located in the archaic mysteries sect. It was a huge tablet.

The name of all kinds of magic treasures were carved on the tablet that appeared in front of him. It was exactly the same as the legendary artifact refining list.

“The artifact refining list of the archaic mysteries sect. This thing is indeed a treasure.”

The discussions of some Mahayana cultivators could be heard nearby.

Obviously, this monument was indeed the legendary weapon refining ranking board.

After the weapon refining ranking board appeared out of nowhere, the ten thousand spirit cauldron in the distance suddenly reacted. Rays of light refracted from the cracks in the patterns on the body of the cauldron.

Immediately after, hundreds of Spirit Beast Phantoms flew out from the cauldron and slowly flew around the ten thousand spirit cauldron.

“Are these all true spirit essences?”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. He was extremely shocked.

If these were all true spirit essences, then wouldn’t refining the ten thousand spirit cauldron kill at least a hundred true spirits?

It was a big deal! It was really a big deal!

It should be known that even if all the dharma treasures in the top hundred of the artifact refining list were added together, they wouldn’t be able to gather more than a hundred true spirit essences.

No wonder this ten thousand Spirit Cauldron was an immortal artifact!

This kind of supreme treasure wasn’t something that one or two Mahayana realm cultivators could refine.

After the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron reacted, the refining list also reacted. The names of the magic treasures engraved on it lit up, and then Chen Chen felt that the ten thousand transformation divine edge in his body was getting restless.

“Everyone, don’t suppress your treasures.”

‘An old voice sounded in his mind. Upon hearing this, Chen Chen relaxed the suppression on the ten thousand transformation divine edge.

In the next second, the Taotie from the ten thousand transformations divine blade flew out and gathered towards the weapon refining list.

The other cultivators’treasures were the same. Not long after, more than 100 spirit beast essences hovered around the weapon refining list.

Looking at the scene in the sky, Chen Chen lowered his head silently.

There was nothing he could do. Taotie was too eye-catching among them.

Among the more than 100 Spirit Beast Essences, 60-70 were true spirit essences. There were true dragons, true phoenixes, Taotie’s ancestors, and so on.

Other than that, most of the rest were the essences of the descendants of the true spirit at the crossing calamity stage.

Only Taotie, a weak chicken, was among them. He looked very much like a chicken among a flock of peacocks.

It was easy to attract attention if one stood out from a flock of chickens, but it was also easy to attract attention if one stood out from a flock of chickens. Therefore, at this moment, Taotie became the focus of attention of all the cultivators present.

Chen Chen looked down and pretended that he had nothing to do with Taotie.

“I didn’t expect the true spirit world to be so United. They have gathered so many powerful treasures in such a short time. However, I don’t know if these treasures can shake the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron, the most important treasure of our profound Abyss sect.”

Acold voice came from the array.

The old voice that echoed in Chen Chen’s mind also sounded.

“We will know if they can shake it or not.”

As soon as his voice fell, the refining list suddenly trembled. More than a hundred spirit essence phantoms simultaneously hissed and shot toward the ten thousand spirit cauldron.

The Hundred Spirit Beast Phantoms around the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron immediately retaliated. The two treasures faced off in the void, and countless lights collided in the middle, overflowing in all directions.

Those True Spirit Essence Phantoms were still fine, but they could collide with the Spirit Beast Phantoms in the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron.

But the non-true spirit phantoms were much weaker. After several rounds of exchange, they were at a disadvantage.

As for Tao tie, he had been running away with his head in his hands from the beginning to the end, which made Chen Chen Chen’s heart clench.

After fifteen minutes, the aura of the ten thousand spirit cauldron began to suppress the weapon refining list. More than a hundred phantoms were retreating.

At this moment, a soft sigh came from the void.

“The power of this ten thousand spirit cauldron is amazing. Everyone, please help your spiritual treasures.”

After saying that, the light released by the weapon refining list suddenly became more dazzling. The light between the two powerful spiritual treasures suddenly exploded, and hundreds of Phantoms began to fly in all directions, fighting each other.

‘When the surrounding cultivators saw this scene, they didn’t care about their morals anymore. They all flew into the sky to help their magic treasure spirits.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, Chen Chen secretly put on a mask and flew toward Tao tie.

Tao tie’s opponent was a huge silver wolf with a half-moon mark on its forehead. It looked extremely ferocious.

Seeing the silver wolf biting toward Tao tie, Chen Chen hurriedly went forward to block it.


A violent explosion sounded. Chen Chen seemed to have been hit by a mountain. He retreated at a high speed and only stopped after retreating hundreds of meters.

“So Strong!”

Feeling the intense pain in his internal organs, Chen Chen cried out in surprise.

Although the body of an immortal spirit was not indestructible, it was still very strong. At least it was stronger than his previous clone.

In addition, he was wearing the blood demon battle armor and several protective treasures that he had collected himself. Under such circumstances, he was still injured.

This meant that the Silver Wolf Phantom was at least at the middle stage or even the late stage of the tribulation.

Turning around to look at the other battlefields, he was shocked again.

It turned out that the silver wolf was the weakest one. The True Spirit Phantom that was fighting with the ten thousand transformations true dragon indestructible sword was clearly at the Mahayana stage. It was not much weaker than his senior brother Xiao Ling.

“Even the weakest one is so strong…”

Chen Chen sighed and looked at Tao tie who had hidden behind him. He could only accept his fate.

Tao tie’s full strength was only at the early stage of the form synthesis stage. He could not let Tao tie deal with the Silver Wolf, right?

Putting Tao tie back into the sword, Chen Chen urged the ten thousand transformations divine blade to meet the silver wolf.

The Silver Wolf Phantom was at the middle and late stage of the tribulation. It was not weaker than the blood qilin, but it lacked some secret arts.

Chen Chen relied on a few powerful defensive magic treasures to be able to contend with it. It was almost impossible for him to completely destroy the Silver Wolf Phantom.

Therefore, from the beginning, Chen Chen had been fighting with the silver wolf phantom with the mentality of not seeking merit but seeking not to make mistakes. Most of the time, he was defending.

The two sides fought fiercely for an hour. Although Chen Chen was at a disadvantage, he did not suffer any injuries.

On the other battlefields, because of the help of the cultivators and the main body of the magic treasure, the Phantoms that flew out of the ten thousand spirit cauldron were gradually unable to hold on. They began to dim and showed signs of retreating.

“TIl probably be able to hold on for another ten minutes. Come On!”

Chen Chen secretly encouraged himself. At the same time, he blocked the attack of the Silver Wolf Phantoms with his sword.

After another fifteen minutes, the phantoms that flew out of the ten thousand spirit cauldron were already on the verge of completely disappearing. The cultivators of the true spirit world saw that they were about to win. Their spirits were greatly boosted, and the more they fought, the braver they


However, at this moment, a sneer suddenly came from the great array in the distance. Then, the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron released Majestic Immortal Qi.

In almost an instant, the phantoms that were about to disappear seemed to have received a huge replenishment, and all of them returned to their peak condition..

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