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Chapter 565:

Chapter 563. It was absolutely true

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Hong Shu was overjoyed to hear this. She had made ample preparations for this trip, and she was just short of a cultivator who could help each other at the critical moment. She did not expect to find one so quickly.

Since she had made an oath with the evil god, she naturally would not go back on her word.

This time, she was going to fight, not to search for treasures. There was no need for another round of infighting at the last moment.

Since Tian Yunzi was willing to help her, she was also willing to help him within her capabilities.

After all, when they were outside, trust between people was especially important.

“Then it’s a deal. We Can’t go back on our words!”

Hong Shu acted like a little girl as she extended her hand and gave Chen Chen a high-five. The two of them had made a deal.

“Junior brother, you’re here.”

At this moment, Xiao Ling’s voice came from not far away.

‘When Chen Chen heard this, he quickly turned around and bowed. “Greetings, senior brother.”

Hong Shu naturally knew Xiao Ling. Before this, Tian Yunzi called Xiao Ling senior brother. No matter how hard she tried, she could not figure out which disciple Tian Yunzi was from the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

After realizing that something was wrong, she said to Xiao Ling, “Xiao Ling, which junior brother is this?”

Xiao Ling looked at her with disdain and said coldly, “This is my junior brother, Chen Chen, Hong Shu. But my junior brother is only in the form synthesis realm, so he’s not worth your concern.”

After saying that, Xiao Ling pulled Chen Chen away, leaving Hong Shu in a mess in the wind.

Only a few words remained in his mind.

“The cultivation of the form synthesis realm…”

Chen Chen was pulled away by Xiao Ling, so he naturally had no room to resist. Seeing that Hong Shu was about to come back to her senses, he hurriedly shouted at Hong Shu, “When I go out, I always call myself the lucky one. I’m not lying!”

A moment later, Chen Chen was pulled to a corner by Xiao Ling.

“Junior brother, this Hong Shu isn’t a good person. It’s better if you don’t get too close to her.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen was a little surprised.

Who would have thought that the usually cold-hearted eldest senior brother would be so enthusiastic today?

“Thank you for your advice, senior brother. I was careless today and almost fell for that woman’s Trap!”

Chen Chen hurriedly cupped his hands to express his gratitude, his face filled with righteous indignation.

Xiao Ling nodded, he then said, “Junior brother, when the time comes, master and the other top experts will attack the cultivators of the Abyss world together. We will be responsible for dealing with the ten-thousand spirit cauldron. When we arrive at the place, you only need to follow behind me.”

“Tunderstand. Thank you, senior brother.’Chen Chen thanked again.

Just as he finished speaking, the voice of the sect master of the immortal sect suddenly rang out from above.

“Everyone should understand how dangerous this trip is. I believe that everyone must have made some mental preparations before coming here, right?”

The group of cultivators remained silent, but their expressions were solemn.

The sect master of the immortal sect then said, “Don’t worry. No matter what happens, there will be a few of us old fellows to support you. Let’s go.”

“Let’s Go!”

Xiao Ling said.

As soon as he said this, the entire city Lord’s mansion began to tremble violently. Then, it slowly floated up into the sky. Finally, it gradually dimmed and disappeared into the void.

‘While flying, Chen Chen learned from Xiao Ling about the lineup of their group.

‘The Hundred Magical Treasures on the refining list and their owners were all present. Among them, there were fifty-six Mahayana cultivators, forty-three tribulation transcending cultivators, and one unity cultivator, which was Chen Chen.

In addition, there were ten super experts, including the sect master of the immortal sect and the city lord of Heavenly Devil City.

It could be said that if the city Lord’s mansion was destroyed along with the cultivators inside, the true spirit world would directly lose more than eighty percent of its top experts.

‘The war between worlds was really a heavy blow from the beginning.

“Senior brother, does master and the others not have any powerful magical treasures?”

Chen Chen asked curiously.

Xiao Ling smiled lightly and said, “Other than immortal artifacts, ordinary magic treasures aren’t of much help to them.

“Actually, master has a treasure that has been passed down since ancient times in Heavenly Devil City, but because that treasure was born before the weapon refining list, it didn’t make it onto the list.

“The other seniors are in the same situation.”

Chen Chen suddenly understood.

So that was the case. Strictly speaking, the weapon refining list didn’t list the hundred most powerful magic treasures in the true spirit world. Instead, it listed the hundred most powerful magic treasures that had been newly refined in the past tens of thousands of years.

No wonder eldest senior brother could only be a disciple even though he had the ten thousand transformations True Dragon Indestructible Sword. He didn’t know how powerful the magic treasures used by the sect masters were.

Could it be that he had fused more than two types of divine gold?

Unfortunately, no matter how powerful it was, it was still not comparable to an immortal artifact. Otherwise, there would be no need to mobilize so many people.

The city Lord’s Mansion flew through the void at an extremely fast speed. After half a day, it reached the vicinity of the Hengduan Devil sect.

After the huge city Lord’s mansion emerged from the Void, a group of cultivators immediately flew out.

Not far away, the Hengduan Devil sect was completely covered by the formation. Above the formation, there was a ten-thousand-meter-long cauldron floating quietly. From time to time, immortal qi flowed out from the cauldron and merged with the formation below, making the formation below seem

even more indestructible.

Chen Chen tried to use his divine sense to probe into the formation, but no matter how he tried, he failed without exception.

No one knew how many cultivators of the Abyss world had gathered inside the formation.

No wonder the true spirit world had to send out all the top experts. Facing the unknown, it was best to go all out.

Just as Chen Chen was seriously checking the situation of the Hengduan Devil sect, someone suddenly patted his back.

Chen Chen turned his head and saw Hong Shu’s pretty face full of anger.

“Fellow Daoist Hong Shu, what can I do for You”

Chen Chen’s tone was calm, as if nothing had happened.

Upon hearing this fellow Daoist address her, Hong Shu said coldly, “Kid, you dare to play me?”

Chen Chen said with a puzzled expression, “How did I play you? Did I say a lie?”

Upon hearing this, Hong Shu was somewhat flustered and exasperated.

This Chen Chen really hadn’t said a single lie. It was entirely her subjective conjecture that the other party had Mahayana cultivation.

But who would have thought that a unity cultivator could conceal his cultivation base to such an extent that even she, a mahayana cultivator, could not detect it?

“Those who dare to trick me will not have a good ending! Kid, just you wait!”

Hong Shu gritted her teeth and warned him, clearly not prepared to reason with him.

Chen Chen heard this and said, “Since that’s the case, then our agreement is void.”

“T’ve already made an oath in the name of the evil god. How can it be void at will! Kid, I admit defeat this time and will protect your safety. But what you owe me, sooner or later, you will pay it back a hundredfold or a thousandfol

When Chen Chen heard this, he frowned and was somewhat speechless in his heart.

Wasn’t there a saying that adults don’t remember villains? This Hong Shu was a mahayana cultivator after all. Why did she have to be calculative with a junior like him? wasn’t this lowering her status?

Sigh. Before coming here, she had been calling him fellow Daoist, but now, she was calling him kid. The difference was too great.

At the thought of this, he was a little unconvinced. One hundred cultivators. Although his cultivation base was the weakest, he still had Ao Yu. With one person and one dragon added together, he was definitely not the weakest.

“Fellow Daoist Hong Shu, do you really think that I would dare to participate in a battle of this scale with my combined cultivation base?”

Chen Chen said coldly, his tone filled with the confidence from before.

“What? Do you have any other trump cards?”

Hong Shu asked disdainfully.

Chen Chen approached her with a mysterious expression and said softly, “Actually, I carry a powerful true spirit with me!”

Hong Shu’s spirit jolted when she heard this. At her level, only a true spirit of the Mahayana stage was worthy of being called a true spirit. Therefore, she subconsciously thought that the true spirit mentioned by Chen Chen was also at the Mahayana stage.

“Are you serious?”Hong Shu asked tentatively.


Chen Chen had a confident look on his face. After saying that, he turned his head away and no longer looked at Hong Shu..

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