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Chapter 564:

Chapter 562, I’ve found a treasure

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Those strange treasures were all life-saving items similar to space scrolls, but they were more valuable than space scrolls. One of them was a one-time magic treasure that contained an extremely tyrannical destructive law power, if it was released, it would probably be able to instantly kill a powerful

existence like the blood qilin.

As for the armor, it seemed to be made from the hardest skin of the Blood Devil Black Tiger and a few extremely precious refining materials. Its defense was astonishingly strong.

After putting on the armor, even if he stood still, it might not be a problem for him to face an attack that had not reached the tribulation stage,

seeing that Chen Chen seemed to have seen through the use of these treasures, the Heavenly Demon City Lord was a little surprised.

“You do have some discerning skills. The others are nothing much. However, this blood demon armor is made from the hard skin on the head of the blood demon Black Tiger. Not only is its defense extremely strong, the key is that it can store the vitality of blood and be used to recover from injuries. It is a

rare defensive magic treasure and is very suitable for body-refining cultivators.

“After the Blood Devil Black Tiger died, only two sets were successfully refined. The one in your hands is one of them. You must treasure it well and never sell it.”


Chen Chen bowed and said.

What a joke. was he the kind of person who lacked crystals?

The speed of making crystals from selling treasures was too slow. He was too lazy to sell even some useless treasures, let alone such supreme treasures.

“Alright, you may leave. There should be news within a few days.”

“Your disciple will take his leave!”Chen Chen bowed and left the city Lord’s mansion happily.

After that, Chen Chen waited in true spirit city for seven days before receiving a message from the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

After receiving the message, Chen Chen immediately rushed to a certain area within the city Lord’s mansion.

At this time, there were many strangers here. All of them had restrained their auras and felt extremely powerful.

Chen Chen seemed to be a little out of place among them.

“These people are probably those cultivators who have treasures on the weapon refining list… damn it, even those who are in the crossing calamity stage are too embarrassed to talk among them.”

Chen Chen looked at those cultivators and sighed in his heart.

Previously, he felt that he had some ability to protect himself after obtaining some treasures, but after seeing the strength of his teammates with his own eyes today, he began to have some doubts again.

Feeling that many gazes were also looking at him, Chen Chen immediately pretended to be calm and composed, and at the same time, he wrapped himself up with a wisp of hazy immortal qi.

They were all big shots, so he couldn’t lose face.

After standing in silence for more than an hour, a bewitching woman suddenly came over.

“Fellow Daoist, you look quite extraordinary. May I know your name?”

Chen Chen opened his eyes. The woman in front of him was wearing a red gauze robe. She looked extraordinary, and her fox eyes were very long and narrow. However, there were some strange red patterns on her face, which made her temperament look extremely bewitching.

With just a glance, Chen Chen knew that she was a cultivator from the evil god temple.

Apart from her temperament, there was also that faintly evil aura on her body. She was too similar to the netherworld.

“My name is Tian Yun Zi.”

Chen Chen replied indifferently.

He had already asked the system and found out that this woman’s strength far surpassed his. Anyway, he did not know this woman, so there was no need for him to reveal his identity and address her as a senior. It would be better for him to just randomly give her a title.

In any case, this woman probably only came to ask because she saw him as a stranger.

“Tian Yun Zi?”

The evil female cultivator thought for a moment, but couldn’t think of such a person. She could only laugh and say, “So it’s fellow Daoist Tian Yun. I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Hong Shu from the evil god Temple.”

Hearing this name, Chen Chen’s heart suddenly jumped.

It was fake that she had heard a lot about him, but it was true that he had heard a lot about Hong Shu.

Other than the sect masters, there were also a few Mahayana cultivators among the second-generation disciples of the super sects.

Among them, the strongest was of course the eldest senior brother, Xiao Ling, who possessed the ten thousand transformations True Dragon Indestructible Sword. The second strongest was Hong Shu from the evil god Temple, who possessed the tenth-ranked magic treasure on the artifact refining list,

the spirit-devouring evil spider blade.

This time, he had gone too far. A mahayana cultivator actually called him a fellow Daoist!

It was his own fault. In order to conceal his immortal body, he had brought too many concealing magical treasures with him. Furthermore, he was also concealing his immortal aura. Not to mention Hong Shu, even his master, the Heavenly Devil City Lord, might not be able to tell his true strength.

“Ahem, so it’s fellow Daoist Hong Shu. I’ve long heard that fellow Daoist is peerlessly beautiful. Seeing you today, it’s as I expected!”

Chen Chen coughed lightly. He had casually said some nice things, and his tone was quite sincere.

Hong Shu smiled when she heard this. Usually, cultivators would praise her for her high cultivation level and rarely praised her for her beauty.

In addition, she couldn’t tell the depth of this person in front of her. From this, it could be deduced that this person was at least an expert with a cultivation level similar to hers.

To be honest, she was very clear about how dangerous this trip was. From the information she had received, almost all the top experts in the true spirit world had been mobilized.

To participate in this kind of battle, of course, she had to find some teammates who could help each other during the battle.

It wasn’t that there weren’t other cultivators from the evil god temple present, but as a cultivator from the evil god temple, she knew what kind of moral standards her fellow cultivators had.

If it really came to a critical moment, they would definitely not be reliable.

As for those familiar faces, everyone knew them well, and not many people trusted her, so she might as well find a stranger like Tian Yunzi.

Seeing that Tian Yunzi did not reject her, Hong Shu felt a sense of closeness.

“Fellow Daoist Tian Yunzi, this time, not only do we have to deal with the legendary immortal artifact, but we also have to deal with the powerful experts of the Abyss world. You can imagine the dangers involved. I guess many Mahayana realm cultivators will fall this time.”

Hong Shu’s tone was somewhat sorrowful, and the gentleness in her eyes turned into grief.

Chen Chen knew that she was putting on an act, but he had to admit that what she said was the truth.

The true spirit world had sent all the top experts to fight, and the lineup of the Abyss World was probably not too bad.

It was normal for some of the Mahayana realm cultivators to die ina fight.

If it weren’t for the fact that he had two lives, he might not have dared to go.

“What fellow Daoist said is extremely true, but as long as justice is at hand, we can only press forward.”

Chen Chen spoke in a righteous tone, and his tone was quite sincere.

Hong Shu was delighted when she heard this. She liked people who were so righteous.

This was because people who were so righteous were not afraid of death. They could be relied on at critical moments and were extremely useful.

‘When she thought of this, she said in a sorrowful tone,

“Fellow Daoist Tianyun, to be honest, I was born in the evil god temple, and not many people trust me. If I really went to the traversing devil sect, I would be alone and helpless, and I would be in danger of dying.

“Fellow Daoist, I see that you are full of righteousness. I wonder if you would be willing to watch and help me when the time comes…”

Hearing Hong Shu’s gentle words, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

It turned out that the big shots of the evil path were similar to normal people when they spoke to existences of the same level.

He thought that they were all unworldly people?

Also, watch and help me? To think that you would think of such a thing! With my cultivation level, I should be more like your disciple!

Seeing Chen Chen’s frown, hong Shu hurriedly added, “Don’t worry, fellow Daoist Tianyun. 1, Hong Shu, am not a person who breaks my word. I am willing to swear in the name of the evil god that I will never abandon fellow Daoist and escape on my own when the time comes.”

The corner of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched when he heard this.

He had just stood there pretending to be handsome for a while, but he did not expect that he would attract a bodyguard.

He had to admit that Hong Shu had picked up a treasure.

Thinking of this, he said seriously, “Fellow Daoist, since you are so sincere, I am naturally willing, Then, I will swear in my dao heart that if you are in danger, I will do my best to help you..”

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