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Chapter 563:

Chapter 561, Abyss sect

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“The Abyss World has established the Abyss sect here. Any cultivator with sufficient talent can join the Abyss sect!”

After the formation was formed, the black-robed old man suddenly raised his head and let out a long howl.

It was obvious that he had used some secret technique to make this sound. As a result, the range of his voice was extremely wide. It was so wide that the entire southern region and half of the southern lands could hear his voice.

‘When the Mahayana Realm Masters heard this, their expressions changed drastically.

This move from the Abyss world was simply taking the last straw.

Establishing the Abyss sect and recruiting disciples from the true spirit world had directly weakened the opposition between the worlds, turning it into a conflict between the sects.

After a thousand years, the Abyss sect had completely infiltrated the true spirit world. Who would care if this sect didn’t belong to the True Spirit World?

And the Dark Abyss sect had the support of the entire dark abyss world. The various super sects in the true spirit world were completely unable to contend with it.

Perhaps after a few thousand years, the only super sect in the entire true spirit world would be the Dark Abyss sect.

This move was truly vicious!

“Fellow Daoists, in the future, you and I will both be cultivators of the true spirit world. hahaha!”

The black-robed old man laughed loudly. The Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron suddenly shot out a few rays of light and sent a few Mahayana cultivators of the true spirit world flying out of the array formation.

Then, the formation flickered continuously, completely covering up the Hengduan Devil sect.

No matter how the few Mahayana realm cultivators tried to probe, they were unable to see the slightest bit of what was happening inside.

Inside True Spirit City.

Chen Chen continued to cultivate as usual. In this half a month, the amount of immortal Qi that his immortal spirit body could contain had increased by a bit. At this time, his eldest senior brother Xiao Ling’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Chen Chen, come to the city Lord’s mansion. Master wants to see you.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen suddenly opened his eyes.

Master wants to see him? Could it be that there was some sort of reward?

Thinking of this, he hurriedly stood up and replied, “Eldest senior brother, I’ll go right away!”

After saying this, he quickly left the cultivation room and flew towards the city Lord’s mansion.

One had to know that the city Lord’s Mansion of True Spirit City was not the city Lord’s mansion of his rising dragon city. True Spirit City was the largest city in the true spirit world, and the City Lord was concurrently held by the sect master of the immortal sect. For the sake of the immortal sect’s face,

this city Lord’s mansion was as big as his rising dragon city, needless to say, it was luxurious.

Perhaps because he received the notice, Chen Chen’s journey was smooth and unimpeded. It didn’t take long for him to arrive at the depths of the city Lord’s Mansion and meet his master, the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

The last time he saw this master, he was only an illusion. Today, he finally met the master in person.

“Disciple Chen Chen greets Master!”

Facing the Heavenly Devil City Lord, Chen Chen naturally greeted him politely. After all, this was his biggest backer in the true spirit world.

“There’s no need to be so polite.”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord said calmly, but Chen Chen could see a trace of worry between his brows.

“What’s wrong, master? If there’s anything you need me to do, I Won’t refuse!”

Chen Chen patted his chest and said. Whether it was in his previous life or now, he was very good at sucking up to others.

In any case, he was just saying it. As a world’s top expert, how could the Heavenly Devil City Lord need his help? Wasn’t that living in a dream?

“There is really something that I need your help with,”the Heavenly Demon City Lord said with a smile. He seemed to be very satisfied with Chen Chen’s words.


Chen Chen was shocked. He didn’t expect that this master really had a request for him. This was simply unreasonable.

Realizing that his answer was wrong, Chen Chen quickly recovered his serious expression and said seriously, “Master, what instructions do you have? I will go to the mountains of knives and the seas of fire without any hesitation!”

“You know about the matter with the Hengduan Devil Sect, right?”

“Uh, I know a little. The Abyss World seems to have established an Abyss sect, and the treatment is quite good.”

Chen Chen replied in a low voice.

“Yes, but they are breaking the foundation of our few great sects. When the Abyss sect truly becomes the ruler of the true spirit world, do you think they will treat the true spirit world as they treat the Abyss World?”asked the Heavenly Demon City Lord.

Chen Chen answered without thinking, “Of course not.”

In his previous life, he had also studied history. He was very clear about the lives of the colonized people. At the beginning, the invaders did not care how pleasant the invasions sounded, but once they truly took over, they would only carry out exploitation and tyranny.

“It’s good that you understand. Therefore, in order to prevent the Abyss sect from being established, our sects will unite with all the top experts and attack the demon sect.”

‘The Skyfiend City Lord said with disappointment.

Chen Chen was silent. At the beginning of the war between the two worlds, it would definitely be a contest between the top experts. After the Dark Abyss World’s cultivators spread out in the true spirit world, it would be their turn to show up.

“Right now, there is an extremely powerful magic treasure suppressing the Hengduan Devil sect. That magic treasure is called the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron. If we can’t break through the defense of the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron, we won’t be able to attack the Hengduan Devil Sect.”

“The myriad spirit cauldron? Even senior martial brother’s ten thousand transformations True Dragon Indestructible Sword is unable to shake it?”

Chen Chen asked in surprise.

‘When Xiao Ling heard this, he said coldly, “That myriad spirit cauldron is suspected to be an immortal artifact. Our True Spirit World’s ascension path is isolated, so we are unable to produce an immortal artifact at all.”

“Immortal artifact!”

Chen Chen was secretly shocked. The Abyss World was indeed a great world that was even more powerful than the true spirit world. It even had an immortal artifact.

“I’ve looked for Lord Daoist Tianji. He said that in order to break through the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron’s defense, we need to gather all the magic treasures on the artifact refining list together. Only then will there be a small chance.”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord spoke earnestly and earnestly. Chen Chen suddenly understood.

So it turned out that he was looking for him because of the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade.

But the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade was his natal magic treasure. It couldn’t be activated by others. Didn’t this mean that he also had to participate in the battle to attack the traversing Devil sect.

That was a battle between Mahayana cultivators. If he was not careful and was hit by the aftermath, he would probably be finished.

“Cough, cough. Master, I understand. When the time comes, you can bring me along. However, what about the other Magic Treasures? Can We Find Them Now?”

Chen Chen coughed lightly and asked.

He could not refuse such a big matter. Of course, even if he refused, it would be useless.

“Don’t worry. There are no experts who are nameless who can possess treasures on the weapon refining list. It Won’t be difficult for us to find them.”

Seeing that Chen Chen agreed without hesitation, the Heavenly Devil City Lord revealed a gratified smile.

Chen Chen had a bitter expression, but he couldn’t say it out loud. He still had to act as if he was the only one left.

“Master, when should we set off? I’ll go back and prepare.”

“We’ll set off when everyone is here. I estimate that we’ll need at least seven days. Among the cultivators who have treasures on the weapon refining list, your cultivation base is probably the weakest. For your safety, take the things inside.”

As he spoke, the city lord of Heavenly Devil City handed a storage ring to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen took it and took a look. There was a set of gorgeous armor inside. Other than that, there were also a few extremely strange-looking treasures.

Without any hesitation, Chen Chen used the system to appraise it. When he got the answer, his face immediately revealed a look of pleasant surprise. Without saying a word, he fell to one knee on the ground.

“Thank you for the reward, Master!”

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