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Chapter 561:

Chapter 559 made a request

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“I didn’t take it!”

You Ming said angrily. It would have been better if he didn’t mention this matter. However, the moment he mentioned it, he became angry.

‘When Chen Chen saw this, he said in a strange tone, “Alright, Alright. You didn’t take it. I took it all, Alright?”


You Ming pointed at Chen Chen. He was so angry that he couldn’t say anything. In the end, he could only take his hand back with hatred and no longer speak.

He decided not to waste any more words with this person, or he would die of anger sooner or later.

Chen Chen didn’t look at him anymore. He turned his head and looked at Qiong Hua.

“Fairy, the blood qilin has been killed by us. Let’s report this news.”

“Good. Fellow Daoist Chen has contributed greatly to successfully killing the blood qilin this time. I will report the whole incident to the higher-ups.”

Qiong Hua continued.

A few more days passed, and the blood demon forest began to calm down. In the end, no other cultivators approached the river.

The 10,000-man squad of the underworld-suppressing army also received the order to retreat from the blood demon forest and return to true spirit city via the teleportation array.

One day after receiving the order to retreat, all the people who had returned gathered on the huge platform from last time.

After the battle in the blood demon forest, there were less than 9,900 people left out of the 10,000 people. More than 100 cultivators had died in the blood demon forest.

The commander of the Abyss Suppression Army, Xiao Ling, looked at the 9,800 cultivators below him with a cold expression.

“Although the Abyss Suppression Army won this battle, you still have many shortcomings. Since you have already established an army, you should use the military method to fight.

How Strong is an army? It is strong in numbers. As long as you work together, the sky will fall and the Earth will collapse wherever you point.

“Even though you are divided into two thousand small teams, do you have to fight as a small team?

“In this battle, I didn’t see more than ten small teams working together. This makes me very disappointed… but there are also many noteworthy points…”

Xiao Ling first criticized and then began to praise.

In the end, the main purpose of this battle was to improve the cooperation between the cultivators and raise their morale.

Ifhe criticized too much, it would affect the morale of the army.

“In this battle, some teams performed well. According to the military law, they should be rewarded…”

Xiao Ling began to slowly read out the names of some teams and reported the specific content of the rewards.

It had to be said that the rewards given by the dark suppression army were extremely generous. Every team that received a reward, there was a wave of envious discussions coming from below.

At the end of the reading, it was finally Chen Chen’s group’s turn.

“Qiong Hua, Chen Chen, you Ming, Wu Di, and Ximen Qi formed a team that successfully killed the early stage tribulation Transcending True Spirit Little Blood Devil Black Tiger in the Blood Demon Forest. Each team will be rewarded with 1,000 spiritual crystals, one tribulation transcending pill, two

space scrolls, five powerful magical treasures, and five people will be promoted to centurions of the 1000-man team of the First Army of the Dark Suppression Army.”

Hearing this reward, the people below were filled with admiration and congratulations.

‘Whether it was a thousand crystals, a tribulation transcending pill that could help a peak unity realm cultivator transcend the tribulation, or a spatial scroll, they were all valuable items.

Normally, how could one kill an early stage tribulation transcending true spirit to obtain so many things? Not to mention five!

This caused many cultivators to beat their chests and stomp their feet. They only blamed themselves for not being strong enough and not being able to make more contributions. As a result, the gap between them and these heaven’s favorites was getting bigger and bigger.

“Qiong Hua, Chen Chen, you Ming, Wu Di, and Ximen Qi have successfully killed the true spirit blood qilin at the middle stage of the tribulation transcender. According to the decisions of the sect leaders, the five of them can make a request that is not too excessive.”

Xiao Ling continued, his gaze subconsciously turning to Chen Chen in the crowd.


This junior brother had caught his attention the last time he was looking for a spy from the Abyss World. This time, he had shone brilliantly in the blood demon forest.

He knew the specific process of the five of them killing the blood qilin. Whether it was a direct battle or a split between them after the event, this junior brother of his had played a crucial role.

Because of this, his master gained a lot of face in front of the sect masters. He directly said that he would reward this youngest disciple greatly after the event.

“This child is not an ordinary person. If I give him some more time to grow, he might be able to become my assistant in the future.”

Chen Chen, who was below, let out a long sigh of relief when he heard Xiao Ling’s words. Asking for a small world, this kind of request should not be considered excessive, right?

As for Fairy Qiong Hua, you Ming, Wu Di, and Ximen Qi, they were also overjoyed.

A few days ago, they had been considering what kind of request to make. Now that they could finally get what they wanted, one could only imagine how excited they were.

Not long after, a heavy voice sounded from above the platform.

“We’ve all seen the performance of the five of you. If you have any requests, just mention it now. It’s rare for me and the sect leaders to gather together. As long as we can do it, welll try our best to satisfy you. Qiong Hua, let’s start with you.”

When Fairy Qiong Hua heard her master’s voice, she hurriedly bowed and said, “Yes, Master!”

Then, she straightened her body and said seriously, “Senior Skyfiend City Lord, it is rumored that you have cultivated the nine revolutions golden body mantra to the great success stage and can be reborn from a drop of blood. This junior wishes to ask for a drop of blood essence from you to fuse into the

sword puppet.”

The sky was silent. A moment later, the Skyfiend City Lord’s soft laughter could be heard.


The moment he said that, a drop of dazzling blood that shimmered with a golden-purple glow descended from the sky and stopped in front of Fairy Qiong Hua.

Fairy Qiong Hua was overjoyed when she saw the blood in front of her.

For a peak body-refining existence like the Skyfiend City Lord, his body was a few times stronger than a powerful true spirit. His blood essence contained all sorts of nomological powers.

If such blood essence was integrated into her puppet, her puppet would become indestructible, and her strength would also increase by leaps and bounds.

“Thank you, Senior!”

Qiong hua thanked him, then carefully put the blood into her storage ring.

“Chen Chen, what do you want? Don’t stand on ceremony with us. Qiong Hua asked for a drop of my blood essence.”

The voice of the Heavenly Devil City Lord rang out in the sky. It sounded much more amiable than the voice that had responded to Qiong hua previously.

Chen Chen stood up when he heard this. He hesitated for a moment before saying in a deep voice, “I want to ask Senior Evil God temple master for the ownership of a Small World.”

When he said this, the surroundings fell silent.

There were high and low values for a small world.

If it was a small world with a circumference of less than 10,000 li, its value would not even be comparable to 1,000 to 2,000 spirit crystals.

However, if it was a small world with a circumference of 100,000 li, or even more than 1,000,000 li, and contained a large number of living beings, then its value would be impossible to estimate. In any case, it was definitely not something that a drop of blood essence could compare to.

“Oh? You want the Four Sacred Worlds?”

A somewhat feminine voice came from above.

Chen Chen could not hear the emotions in this tone, but he knew that the lower realm he was born in was called the four sacred worlds.

The Temple Master of the Cthulhu Hall should be very clear about his background, so he understood his thoughts.

However, in this situation, he would definitely not back down for the sake of his hometown.

With this thought in mind, he took a deep breath and said solemnly, “That’s right, this junior wants the four sacred worlds that are intact!”

“The four sacred worlds have a circumference of millions of miles, and there are hundreds of millions of living beings in them. They have even produced divine gold. Do you know how much such a Small World is worth?”

The feminine voice sounded again, and the nearly ten thousand cultivators on the platform were in an uproar when they heard the introduction.

It covered a circumference of millions of miles, and there were hundreds of millions of living beings in it. It had even produced divine gold..

Strictly speaking, such a world could not be considered a small world. It was unbelievable that Chen Chen dared to make such a request…

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