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Chapter 560:

Chapter 558, fighting among brothers

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Upon hearing this question, Chen Chen was delighted.

As the saying goes, one should not be worried about the balance of power. As long as the four brothers below listened to his words, they would more or less feel unhappy in their hearts.

‘When the blood qilin heard this, it could not say anything. His father had left him an escape route and some treasures, but the problem was that he did not get them.

If it had, but it hadn’t obtained them, wasn’t that the same as not having them?

“Second brother, father did leave them for me, but…”

The blood qilin replied sullenly, but before it could finish speaking, it was interrupted by Chen Chen.

“But you can’t tell the other brothers, right? Blood Qilin, you’re really something!”

“You’re spouting nonsense!”

The Blood Qilin roared angrily.

“What’s there to spout nonsense about? I can understand the mood of the blood demon Black Tiger. After all, if a cultivator had several children, they would also have a close and distant relationship in their hearts.

You, Blood Qilin, have the highest talent and the strongest strength. It’s normal for you to be favored by the blood demon Black Tiger.

To be honest, I can understand the blood demon Black Tiger wanting to save your life at this moment and throw away the lives of its other children.

“alright, I won’t waste any more time with you. I don’t care about the matters between you and your father. Blood Qilin, as long as you hand over the Blood Devil Black Tiger’s treasure today, I’ll take my men and leave.”

Chen Chen spoke with a sonorous and forceful tone, as if he only wanted the treasure.

“I didn’t…”

“L don’t have to lie to you. I’m willing to swear on my dao heart that as long as you hand over the treasure left behind by the Blood Devil Black Tiger, we’ll leave immediately!”

Chen Chen said loudly, his tone extremely firm.

Fairy Qiong Hua looked at him calmly from the side, her heart filled with disdain.

He was even willing to swear on his dao heart?

The blood qilin had just entered the Small World and was ambushed. Where would he have the chance to obtain the treasure?

The treasure was with the netherworld.

The Netherworld also looked at Chen Chen, frowning slightly,

the situation that the blood qilin was facing was beyond his imagination. He had clearly not obtained anything, yet he had been thrown into a pot of SH * T. there was still some bitterness that he could not speak of.

Could it be?

Thinking of this, a trace of doubt flashed across his eyes. He began to subconsciously sort out the specific situation that had happened that day.

There was a moment of silence in the river below. After a long time, the Blood Qilin’s angry roar could be heard.

“I didn’t get any treasures!”

Chen Chen shouted angrily, “Blood qilin! We saw you take the items with our own eyes! For this, we even started a huge battle with you! If you didn’t self-detonate your inner core, you would have already fallen!

Could it be that our eyes were mistaken? At this time, you still refuse to admit it. Aren’t you just trying to make up for the loss of your inner core?

Fellow Daoist Qiong Hua, fellow Daoist Netherworld, tell us, did you see the blood qilin take away the treasure with your own eyes?”

Fairy Qiong Hua and Netherworld were slightly startled when they heard this, and then nodded in unison.

“That’s right, I saw it.”

“It was taken by the blood qilin.”

The two of them looked as if they were at the scene.


The Blood Qilin’s angry roar came from below again.


Chen Chen sneered and said, “Since you want to Drag Your Brothers to die with you, then I have no choice. Our people are already gathering. I think it will be finished in less than two hours. At that time, we will directly destroy the river below. I don’t believe that you won’t hand over the treasure.”

The river was completely silent. After a few breaths, a timid voice sounded.

“Big Brother, why don’t you hand over the treasure? As long as there’s a Green Mountain, there won’t be any firewood left.”

“Sixth brother, I didn’t take anything!”

“Sigh, we’re still young, We don’t want to die.”

Listening to the discussion below, Chen Chen suddenly asked in an exaggerated manner, “Eh? Blood Qilin, why didn’t you bring your brothers when you entered the Small World Passage? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been seriously injured by us.”

The river was silent again. Chen Chen could even feel the suppressed anger in the hearts of those true spirits.

It would have been fine if what he said was completely made up, but 80-90% of what he said was true.

When the blood gilin ran away, he indeed did not think about his brothers. Now that he had clearly put this matter on the table, it would be strange if those brothers did not have any complaints in their hearts.

Oh, you, Blood Qilin, will take the treasure. We will take the blame for you. When everyone is about to die, you, blood qilin, are not willing to give up the treasure and save everyone’s lives. Who is willing to do that?

Even if you, blood qilin, are just expressing your stance!

“Big Brother, where is the treasure?”The blood miasma poisonous crocodile asked.

“L really did not see the treasure!”

“Big Brother, you have disappointed me too much.”.

Chen Chen felt that the time was ripe when he heard these words. He said faintly, “If you hand over the blood qilin to us, we can also let you live.

“To be honest, if we really let tens of thousands of cultivators gather here, more than half of the treasure will definitely be split out. We don’t want to see that happen either.”

The river suddenly became silent.

After a long time, a violent fluctuation suddenly came from below. After about half an hour, a huge shadow flew out from the fog. It was the blood qilin that was completely suppressed.

Seeing that the blood qilin’s body was covered in wounds and that his mind was on the verge of collapse, Chen Chen was overjoyed.

It was not in vain for him to say that the blood qilin could not escape from his clutches in the end..

Uh, no, it should be that he could not escape from his five finger mountain.

“Big Brother, you were heartless first. Don’t blame us for being unrighteous. I have already handed over the blood qilin to the cultivators above. I hope that you will not forget the oath you just made.”

The blood miasma crocodile’s cold words came from below.

Chen Chen smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I, Chen Chen, have always kept my word. I will disband the cultivator army in a while.”

“That’s for the best,”replied the blood miasma crocodile.

Now that they had the blood qilin, the three of them no longer had the intention to attack the great river.

They could not be too greedy. They knew this. If they could destroy the blood qilin, they could completely make up for their previous losses. They could even make a huge profit.

If they were still not satisfied, they would be a little greedy.

As for why the Blood Demon Black Tiger’s three children were willing to hand over the blood qilin, it was naturally because of Chen Chen’s words. On the other hand, it was also because the blood gilin had lost its inner core, causing its strength to drop drastically, staying in the great river would not

provide them much combat power.

Cultivators were selfish, but so were true spirits?

‘There was no such thing as risking one’s life just for the so-called brotherhood.

If there really was any brotherhood, the blood qilin wouldn’t have been alone when he entered the Small World.

‘When he reached a place where no one was around, Chen Chen didn’t stand on ceremony and directly took the Blood Qilin’s life, completing the mission.

Qiong Hua looked at Chen Chen, and a trace of fear unconsciously appeared in her eyes.

Not only was this person’s cultivation powerful, but more importantly, his mouth was also extremely powerful. His words had already stirred up the relationship between the Blood Devil Black Tiger’s four children.

To be honest, if it was her, she would not be able to do it.

Although Chen Chen’s reputation was not well known now, she had already treated this person as an existence on the same level as her.

Youming stared at Chen Chen, the suspicion in his eyes growing stronger and stronger.

The blood qilin did not get the treasure, and neither did he. Where did the treasure go?

Seeing that youming was staring at him, Chen Chen raised his head and asked, “Youming, why are you looking at me?”

“Chen Chen, I think you’re very suspicious,”You Ming said bluntly.

Chen Chen rolled his eyes at him when he heard this and said indifferently, “You Ming, the treasure has been taken by you. We all know this. The reason why you said that just now was also a temporary measure. You better not take advantage of it and still pretend to be good..”

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