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Chapter 559:

Chapter 557, divide and conquer

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“Fairy, have the other blood demon Black Tiger’s children been executed in the past few days?”

Chen Chen asked as he flew.


Fairy Qiong Hua’s answer was quite concise, but Chen Chen could feel the coldness in it.

“You should have noticed it, right?”

“Yes, I did notice it. After Lord Xiao Ling and the group of captains retreated, the remaining blood demon Black Tiger’s children might have joined forces and hid in a place.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen sighed lightly.

In order to ensure the contribution of her team, Qiong Hua did not spread the news that the blood qilin was seriously injured.

Thus, until now, most of the teams still thought that the blood qilin was unharmed.

And during this period of time, no one had met the other blood demon Black Tiger Sons. Many smart people guessed that they had hidden in the Blood Qilin’s territory.

However, no one had suggested going to the blood qilin’s territory to check it out.

Why was that?

In the end, everyone was afraid of death. They all knew how to avoid danger.

Half a day later.

Chen Chen entered the blood qilin’s territory. It had to be said that the blood qilin’s territory was the most well-preserved place in the entire blood demon forest. There were even some demonic beasts and true spirit descendants that would show up from time to time.

Chen Chen stopped in the air above a huge river that spanned tens of miles in the forest before continuing to fly forward.

“I’s within this huge river.”

Chen Chen was extremely happy as he flew past.

According to the system’s tracking, the blood qilin was hidden within the huge river. However, there was also a true spirit and two true spirit descendants with the blood qilin. The true spirit was at the middle stage of the tribulation transcending stage.

Of the two true spirit descendants, one was at the early stage of the tribulation, and the other was at the peak of the Unity Realm.

Needless to say, he knew that these were the four remaining descendants of the blood demon Black Tiger.

“No wonder no one could find their hiding place. This river is filled with a thick miasma. Not only can it block spiritual sense, but cultivators can also lose their minds if they approach it.”

Chen Chen thought to himself and quickly left the river.

Now was not the time to alert the enemy. He had to gather with the others before making any plans.

Before this, he had never known what kind of true spirit the second son of the blood demon Black Tiger was. He had finally figured everything out through the system just now.

The second son of the blood demon Black Tiger was called the blood miasma poisonous crocodile. Its innate supernatural power was poison and illusion. It did not usually show its true face to others.

It was precisely because of this that the dark suppression army did not have any information about this blood miasma poisonous crocodile.

Now that it had set up layers of illusion formations on the great river, coupled with all kinds of poisonous miasma, under such circumstances, not to mention that the cultivators could not detect that it was hiding below, even if they could detect it, they would not be able to do anything to it.

Not long after, Chen Chen, Fairy Qiong Hua, and the Netherworld met a thousand miles away from the great river.

After hearing Chen Chen’s words, both of their faces did not look too good.

The blood gilin was the strongest among the blood demon Black Tiger’s eight children. However, in terms of life-preservation and defense, the blood miasma poisonous crocodile was clearly stronger.

As long as the blood miasma poisonous crocodile was determined to be a coward, would the three of them still be able to charge into the poisonous gas and fight it?

Chen Chen’s clone had the body of an immortal spirit, so he was not afraid of the poisonous gas. It was possible, but the other two could not.

“How about it? Why don’t we join the other teams and see if there are any methods or treasures to break through the miasma?”

Qionghua fairy said with a frown.


Chen Chen shook his head and said, “This is the innate ability of the miasma poisonous crocodile. As long as it can mobilize its spiritual power, it can continuously create illusory formations and poisonous fog. To completely eliminate it, the only way is to have a higher cultivation base than it.

“I’s possible to use some treasures to break in, but how many treasures can there be? “If only a few people go down, it’s basically no different from throwing their lives away.”

Hearing this, Qiong Hua fell into silence.

Obviously, this was a dead end.

Facing the four sons of the blood demon Black Tiger, who had the geographical advantage and were powerful, and only wanted to save their lives, it was useless even if several tens or hundreds of peak form synthesis cultivators came.

“Thave a way, Ican give ita try.”

At this moment, Chen Chen suddenly said.

‘When Fairy Qiong Hua heard this, she raised her head, and a light flashed in her eyes.

After fifteen minutes, the three of them arrived directly above the river.

Looking at the vast fog below, Chen Chen said in a loud voice, “Blood ilin, blood miasma poisonous crocodile, and the other two guys, you all hide in here. Don’t think that I don’t know.”

There was no response from below, but the fog was getting thicker.

Looking at this scene… chen Chen sneered and said, “Do you think that we can’t do anything to you just because you’re hiding here? “Let me tell you, over 10,000 cultivators of our suppressing underworld army have already gathered here. When the time comes, we’ll gather the strength of over 10,000

cultivators, and we’ll be able to kill you alll in one blow!”

Seeing that Chen Chen spoke as if it was true, Qiong Hua’s eyes were a little strange.

If she could really gather all the cultivators here and take turns to attack, she could really destroy the four guys below.

However, that was impossible. The other teams would not listen to her orders, and even if they did, she did not dare to summon them.

If there was another incident of self-detonation of the inner core, tens of thousands of cultivators would gather together, and they would definitely suffer heavy losses. At that time, she would not be able to bear the responsibility.

“Keke, then come. If I can kill a thousand of you, even if you die, it will be worth it.”

Asinister voice came from below. It was clearly the blood miasma poisonous crocodile.

Hearing this resolute words, Chen Chen’s tone changed and his tone became much gentler.

“Sigh, to be honest, we don’t care how many other cultivators die. With the spatial scroll in hand, we won’t die anyway.”

Once these words were said, the people below fell silent again.

Chen Chen took out the spatial scroll and shook it before continuing, “The reason why we came here earlier is to tell you that this matter isn’t without leeway. As long as you’re willing, we can make the cultivator army retreat.”

“Oh? What is it?”

A voice of doubt came from below.

“Ask your big brother, the blood qilin, to hand over the blood demon Black Tiger treasure that he obtained in the Small World.”

“Bullshit! I didn’t obtain any treasure!”

The Blood Qilin’s furious voice came from below.

‘When he found the blood miasma poisonous crocodile, he didn’t mention anything about the small world. He only said that he encountered a powerful enemy in the blood demon forest and was severely injured.

After all, it was somewhat disgraceful for him to escape to the Small World alone and prepare to take his father’s treasure for himself.

Now that he was exposed by Chen Chen, it made him extremely angry.

However, it did not expect that it would be furious. Chen Chen was even more furious than it was.

“Blood Qilin, you want to deny taking the things? Do you think that the lives of the few of you are worth the combined efforts of tens of thousands of cultivators? What we want most is the blood demon Black Tiger’s treasure!

“Don’t tell me you want to Drag Your brothers down with you because of the treasure?”

“Bullsh * T!”

The blood qilin was getting angrier, but it didn’t know how to explain itself.

“Bullsh * T! We just had a big battle in the Small World a few days ago, did you forget? The Small World has the treasure left behind by the Blood Demon Black Tiger! Don’t you know?

“also, do you dare to deny that the Small World is a place specially left by the blood demon Black Tiger for you to escape?”

Chen Chen’s three consecutive rhetorical questions left the blood qilin speechless.

To be honest, what this cultivator said was the truth, but the problem was that it did not even see the shadow of the treasure.

Seeing that the blood gilin was silent, the blood miasma poisonous crocodile under the river suddenly asked coldly, “Big Brother, is it true? Father left you a small world to escape from, and also left you a treasure?”

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