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Chapter 557:

Chapter 555, risking one’s life

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“Brother AO, are you alright?”

Chen Chenfei flew to Ao Yu’s side and asked with concern.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.”

‘Ao Yu replied in a low voice, then shook his body, shaking off all the blood on his body.

To be honest, if he had been hit by this blow normally, he would have been severely injured immediately, and his fighting strength would have been reduced by more than half.

But after obtaining the blood demon Black Tiger’s treasure and hiding a large number of treasures in his stomach, this injury didn’t seem so terrifying anymore.

At the instant he was attacked, ao Yu had already digested a portion of the healing pills and a bit of true spirit essence blood in his body. Although his strength had not fully recovered, he had recovered more than half of it.

“This blood qilin used such a powerful move, it should have a period of weakness!”

Seeing Qiong hua fairy entangling around the blood qilin, Ao Yu let out a low roar and charged towards the blood qilin again.

Seeing that Ao Yu, who had just been severely injured by itself, had recovered more than half of his combat power so quickly, the blood qilin revealed a human-like expression of shock.

That attack of his had to expend his origin energy. If he were to attack a true spirit of the same level one-on-one, it would be enough to directly kill the other party.

Although he had only swept ao Yu just now, logically speaking, it should be enough to make the other party lose their combat power.

After dealing with Ao Yu, who was the most difficult to deal with, and seriously injuring those few cultivators, it would be able to win this battle.

But it didn’t expect that this true dragon would actually recover so quickly!

Could it be..

Thinking of a certain possibility, the blood qilin was extremely furious, and blood-colored mist shot out from its nose.

“Damn it! Damn the cultivators!”

After cursing angrily, the blood qilin kicked away fairy Qiong Hua’s attack, and then opened its big mouth, biting towards Ao Yu who was coming towards it.

‘Ao Yu was injured, but his ferocity was aroused. Instead of dodging, he closed in on Ao Yu!


The sound of metal shattering rang out. The Blood Qilin’s bloody mouth bit Ao Yu’s body, instantly tearing ao Yu’s scales into pieces. At the same time, its sharp teeth pierced into Ao Yu’s body, boiling dragon blood spurted out, splashing more than ten meters high.

‘Ao Yu roared in pain. His slender dragon body completely wrapped around the blood Kirin’s body, strangling the blood Kirin’s scales like a fried dough twist.

‘When Qiong Hua saw this scene, she realized that this was her chance. She immediately reacted. The divine golden immortal sword shone with an extremely dense spiritual light, the sword rays from the puppets behind her were also poured into the immortal sword in her hand.


The space shook slightly, and Qiong Hua disappeared on the spot. When she reappeared, she was already less than 100 meters above the blood qilin.

At this time, Qiong Hua pointed her sword at the Blood Qilin’s head, and her body wrapped the immortal sword as she rushed down like a tornado.

‘When the blood qilin saw the sword Qi tornado above, his pupils contracted rapidly, and his body struggled crazily. However, he could not get rid of Ao Yu’s entanglement for a moment.


Ina moment of desperation, the blood qilin let out a wild roar. His pair of dragon horns shot out two streams of light, shooting towards the sword Qi tornado.


The world shook violently, and powerful shock waves spread out in all directions.

It wasn’t until several breaths had passed that the shock waves slowly dissipated.

At this time, Qiong Hua’s fairy sword had already pierced into the blood qilin’s forehead, sinking three inches into it.

If the blood qilin was a cultivator, he would have died on the spot. However, the blood qilin was a powerful true spirit after all, and this sword had only pierced through its scales.

“A cultivator who has yet to transcend tribulation wants to break through my defense!”


The blood qilin snapped back to reality and let out an angry roar. Its dragon horn shot out another ray of light, and Qiong Hua hurriedly drew her sword to dodge. Her eyes were filled with shock.

That attack just now was already her strongest attack, but it still couldn’t break through the Blood Qilin’s defense. How was this blood qilin supposed to be killed?

Before she could continue thinking, an extremely dazzling light suddenly lit up above her.

Subconsciously, she looked up and saw a huge sword crashing down like a meteor. Chen Chen, who held the huge sword in his hand, had a cold and stern expression, and his gaze was resolute.

Looking at the huge sword above his head that was flickering with black light, the Blood Qilin’s eyes finally revealed a look of panic.

That was the light that would only light up when something extremely heavy could not be withstood in space.

“You Want to kill me? Impossible!”

At the moment of life and death, the blood qilin roared crazily. A pair of dragon horns were once again shrouded in dense light. It was prepared to use the same trick again.

However, seeing that the sword light was getting closer and closer, an ugly Taotie’s big face condensed in the void. A trace of fear appeared in its heart.

In the next second, it used all its strength to tilt its head, trying to dodge.


The sound of a sharp blade cutting into flesh rang out, and the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade, which was like a meteor, directly smashed into the blood qilin’s neck.

The indestructible scales did not have any effect this time, and were directly blasted into dust. When Chen Chen reappeared, he was already on the ground below the blood qilin.

He raised his head and looked up. A huge hole the size of a person had been blasted out of the blood qilin’s neck. Through the hole, one could still see the blue sky.

The surroundings were silent. Fairy Qiong Hua looked at Chen Chen in disbelief.

She had heard of the ten thousand transformations exquisite Taotie Sword. It was ranked 99th on the artifact refining list. Although her sword was not on the artifact refining list, it was actually not that far off.

However, the attack power of that attack just now was completely incomparable.

One had to know that she was a sword cultivator who specialized in the way of the sword. Even if she had comprehended the power of laws, they were all prepared for the way of the sword.

Why was this so?

As if sensing Fairy Qiong Hua’s surprise, Chen Chen smiled indifferently.

He had injected immortal qi into the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade. Could it be the same as spiritual gi?

From Afar, youming looked at Chen Chen, his eyes flickering. No one knew what he was thinking.

However, Chen Chen looked at him.


An extremely strange roar came from above. Ao Yu suddenly exclaimed, “This blood qilin still has combat strength!”

With that said, his dragon body tensed up again, restricting the blood qilin’s scales tightly.

The smile on Chen Chen’s face disappeared instantly. The ten thousand transformations divine blade in his hand flashed with light again.

Only a few breaths had passed since that sword attack, and the Big Hole on the blood qilin’s neck had actually become smaller. It was obvious that it was recovering rapidly.

If not for the faint trace of immortal qi suppressing the wound, the blood qilin might have already completely recovered.


The blood qilin’s grinding sounds kept coming from above, and streams of incomparably powerful blood qi power kept gathering toward his neck.

Chen Chen and Qiong Hua looked at each other and understood each other’s meaning. Then, they both attacked the blood Kirin’s injured neck.

Without the protection of the scales, the blood Kirin’s defense was limited no matter how strong it was.

Just as the two swords were about to pierce the blood Kirin’s neck, the situation suddenly changed!

A dazzling red light suddenly shot out from the big hole in the Blood Qilin’s neck. Soon after, a round pear! flew out from it like a red sun slowly rising.

Seeing this scene, fairy giong hua turned pale with fright and exclaimed, “This blood qilin is going to self-detonate his inner core! Retreat! Quickly retreat!

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