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Chapter 556:

Chapter 554, Blood Light swept across

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“Fortunately, this guy was blinded by jealousy.”

Chen Chen secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He no longer paid attention to the netherworld, but turned his gaze to the blood qilin in the array.

The Blood Qilin saw Ao Yu and his gaze became quite grave.

‘Trapped by the array, the other party had another true spirit at the middle stage of the tribulation. Today’s battle would not be easy.

At this time, it already faintly regretted not bringing its second brother into this small world. Its second brother was also at the mid-stage of the tribulation. If it was present, the two brothers working together wouldn’t have much trouble dealing with this group of people.

“You guys deal with the cultivators, leave the true dragon to me!”

After growling at its subordinates behind it, the blood qilin’s four limbs suddenly rose with a streak of red flame. Then, its entire body rushed toward the formation like a meteor.


‘The enormous array formation let out a humming sound. Following that, several law attacks appeared out of thin air and attacked the blood qilin.

Facing these attacks, the blood qilin did not Dodge. His pair of red eyes only had the spiritual energy barrier of the array formation.

Bang! Bang!

Aseries of explosive sounds rang out. Several powerful attacks exploded on the blood qilin’s body. However, the majority of them were blocked by the red light surrounding the blood qilin’s body, a small portion of the attacks only left a few marks on the blood qilin’s body.

However, the array formation cracked after being hit by the blood qilin. It was about to collapse.

Ximen Qi’s anxious cries came from the dark.

“This blood Qilin’s defense is too strong. My array attacks can’t break its defense. Everyone, quickly enter the array formation and fight it. Otherwise, if it completely breaks the array formation, I won’t be of much help!”

Hearing this, the few of them no longer hesitated. They quickly entered the array formation and blocked the edge of the array formation’s defense.

Chen Chen glanced at you Ming. You Ming gritted his teeth and continued to self-detonate his spiritual sense.

Ao Yu threw his head back and roared as he flew toward the blood qilin.

‘The five subordinates of the blood qilin pounced toward Chen Chen Chen and Qiong Hua. The two parties quickly intersected.


The sound of a sword rang out, and Qiong Hua’s eyes shone with a cold light. The long sword in her hand slashed across the sky and gathered with the sword lights of the few puppets behind her, forming a huge net. With just a single misstep… she cut a peak-stage fused body true spirit descendant into

several pieces.

The remaining four subordinates of the blood gilin tumed pale with fright when they saw this, and they retreated in fright.

These cultivators’strength was so shocking, how could they deal with them?

Thinking of this, they looked at the blood gilin at the same time.

The Blood Qilin’s strength was self-evident. In just one move, it had suppressed Ao Yu. However, seeing that those cultivators’strength was also so shocking, their hearts became even more depressed.

No, it had to quickly injure this true dragon so that it could split its energy to deal with those cultivators.

“Fairy, go help that true dragon. Leave these miscellaneous fish to us.”

‘Wu Di sensed the situation on the battlefield and said in a low voice.

After saying that, he didn’t stand on ceremony and threw seven mountain-shaped magic treasures at the remaining four true spirit descendants. It seemed like he was going to take care of everything.


At the same time, Ximen Qi, who was secretly controlling the array, kept controlling the array to harass the blood qilin and a few of his subordinates.

The blood qilin was facing Ao Yu and Fairy Qiong Hua alone. From time to time, he had to defend against the array attacks and self-destruction of his spiritual sense. For a time, he couldn’t continue to gain the upper hand and the fierce battle between the two sides fell into a state of anxiety.

Seeing this, Chen Chen did not stay idle. If it was any other time, he might have been happy to be a bystander. However, killing the blood qilin was especially important to him, so he had to do his best today.

Looking around the battlefield, Chen Chen looked at the blood qilin’s subordinates.

It was not that he liked to pinch soft persimmon. It was just that he had to get rid of these few obstructions first so that everyone could focus on dealing with the blood gilin.

Without hesitation, Chen Chen used the law of thunder and the law of wood from the very beginning. A large number of trees in the forest below rapidly expanded, tangling towards those peak form synthesis true spirit descendants, at the same time, lightning flashed in the sky.

Endless Thunderbolts seemed to have eyes as they continuously bombarded towards those true spirit descendants.

With the disturbance of the formation, Wu Di’s seven mountains, and Chen Chen’s fierce attacks, those four true spirit descendants were no match at all.

Although they were equivalent to peak form synthesis cultivators, the cultivators they were facing were all outstanding individuals who had transcended their tribulations. Usually, they wanted nothing more than to exchange blows with the cultivators who had transcended their tribulations.

In addition to the formation surrounding them, they could not escape at all. Therefore, in less than ten breaths, the four true spirit descendants were forced to self-detonate one after another, in an attempt to exchange their lives for the injuries of these cultivators.

However, Chen Chen and the others had rich combat experience and were not as wealthy as unity cultivators. Even if those true spirit descendants self-detonated, they could not hurt a single hair on their bodies.

Seeing that its subordinates had fallen one after another, the blood qilin was furious. The calmness in its blood-red eyes gradually disappeared and was replaced by hysterical madness.

Although the true spirit had intelligence, it was still a beast in nature. As long as it was a beast, it would have beast nature. Now, the Blood Qilin’s beast nature had been fully activated.

Originally, it was still thinking about strategies and things like that. Now that its subordinates had died, what was there to talk about strategies?

It was just a gamble. It was either you die or I Die!

An angry roar that shook the heaven and earth sounded. An incomparably powerful blood gi power was emitted from its body.

The surrounding Fairy Aoyu Qiong Hua was instantly pushed back by the powerful blood qi energy. Chen Chen also felt his blood qi churning, as if he would vomit blood at any moment.


After the angry roar, the blood Kirin suddenly opened its mouth, and a blood red light beam shot out from its mouth, sweeping in all directions.

Ao Yu could not Dodge in time, and was directly smashed into the array formation. His heroic and extraordinary body was instantly covered in blood.

Although he was at the middle stage of the tribulation, he had only stepped into this realm for one or two days.

On the other hand, the blood gilin was not only at the innate true spirit realm, but he had also stepped into the middle stage of the Tribulation for God knows how many years. Therefore, in terms of strength, he was much weaker than the blood qilin.

The blood red light beam was still sweeping across. Qiong Hua Fairy’s speed was shockingly fast and she almost teleported to dodge it. After the blood red light beam swept for a while, it gave up attacking giong hua fairy and turned to attack the mysterious Netherworld who would self-destruct from time

to time.

Obviously, in the Blood Qilin’s mind, there was a troublesome ranking list. Leaving ao Yu and Fairy Qiong Hua aside, he was the annoying Netherworld who was like a fly.

Looking at the terrifying blood-red light beam, Netherworld also wanted to dodge, but his speed was much slower than Fairy Qiong Hua’s. It did not take long for the blood-red light beam to catch up.

He was not a true spirit. If he was hit by this attack, his innate dao body would probably be destroyed.

At the critical moment, he took out a jade token from his storage ring and placed it behind his back. A beam of spirit light shot out from the jade token and protected him in the middle.

The blood-red light beam collided with the spirit light beam and shook for a moment. Then, it swept over Netherworld’s body.


With a crisp sound, the jade token exploded, but Netherworld was safe and sound.

Seeing the array formation that the blood-red light beam swept over continuously shatter, Netherworld’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.

However, the blood gilin seemed to have expended a lot of energy in using this move. It did not take long for the blood-red light pillar to disappear, and the light from the scales on the blood gilin’s body had dimmed a little compared to before…

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