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Chapter 555:

Chapter 553: Swords Drawn

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“I didn’t expect a cultivator to enter this small world!”

The blood qilin looked at the array formation around him and said in a gloomy voice.

His father had said that there were only some demonic beasts in this small world, and there were no cultivators. Now that a cultivator had appeared, there was only one possibility. The cultivators of the true spirit world had coincidentally discovered this small world and entered it.

‘As soonas he finished speaking, Fairy Qiong Hua, Chen Chen, and the others outside the array revealed themselves.

Although the blood qilin was trapped inside the array, their expressions were still grave.

No matter how strong the array that was set up in an hour was, it wouldn’t be much stronger. It could be said that its help to them was rather limited.

One had to know that this blood qilin was a powerful true spirit in the middle stage of the tribulation transcending stage. In addition, it also brought along five true spirit descendants at the peak of the form synthesis stage. If they wanted to wipe out these six beasts, they would probably have to go.

through a fierce battle.

If they were careless and someone died, it would be very normal.

The Blood Qilin recognized Qiong Hua and Chen Chen at a glance, and its eyes were instantly filled with anger.

“So it’s you! The murderer of my third brother!”

The reason it was angry wasn’t because it felt sorry for the Little Blood Devil Black Tiger, but because it was worried about its treasure.

These cultivators had come to this small world ahead of time. Who knew if the treasure left by its father was still there?

As long as it thought of this, it wished it could tear the five people in front of it into pieces.

Facing the furious blood kirin, Fairy Qiong Hua silently took out her sword formation puppets. The small puppets quickly grew larger and soon became as big as a normal person. With a sword in hand, they stood behind her.

‘Wu Di took out seven small mountains and slowly rotated around him. Apart from that, he also took out a few bottles of special medicinal pills.

As for Ximen Qi, he hid in the dark and controlled the formation.

Only youming’s expression was a little ugly. He had used up a lot of his spiritual sense to deal with the Demon Beast in the tribulation stage a few days ago. If he were to experience another big battle today, his strength would probably drop by a lot.

How about paddling in the water today?

Just as this thought appeared in his mind, Chen Chen said with a smile, “Youming, you have to put in more effort today.”

Fairy qiong hua echoed, “That’s exactly what we should do. Fellow Daoist youming, since the treasure has been obtained by you, it’s only right that you put in more effort. Otherwise, don’t blame us for blabbering when we get to the outside world.”

Youming’s face turned extremely dark when he heard that.

‘What was there to blabber about? Of course it was about the treasure.

Although he was a disciple of the evil god Hall, if news of him obtaining the Mahayana true spirit treasure spread out, he would be in a lot of trouble.

Bullsh * T! What did he mean by obtaining the Mahayana True Spirit Treasure? I didn’t get anything!

Netherworld had no words to say. He could only say in a muffled voice, “Against such a powerful existence, I naturally won’t hold back!”

After saying that, he didn’t stand on ceremony and directly took out his natal treasure, the Black Longsword. It carried several streams of nomological power and shot towards the blood qilin in the formation.

Seeing the black longsword shooting toward him, there was no emotion in the Blood Qilin’s eyes.


In the next second, the black longsword directly struck a meter in front of the blood qilin. It was blocked by a thin layer of red light, unable to advance even an inch.

“You guys dare to ambush me with this bit of strength?”

The blood qilin looked at the black longsword in front of him and said coldly. After that, he suddenly snorted coldly. The red light shone brightly, and with a bang, the black longsword was sent flying thousands of meters away.

Youming’s face turned pale and he staggered back two steps.

Chen Chen looked at the black longsword that was sent flying and laughed, “Youming, are you trying to throw a brick to attract a jade? Or are you using a conceited tactic to make the other party look down on us first?”

Youming’s natal magic treasure had been injured and he was already feeling bad. When he heard Chen Chen Chen’s strange words, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood in anger.

“Chen Chen, if I hadn’t been injured for a few days, how would you have the chance to mock me?

Do you want to see my true strength? Fine, I’ll let you experience it today!”

In his anger, the netherworld grabbed a “Person”from an unknown spatial equipment.

‘That person’s hair was disheveled and his face was dirty. He was already on the verge of death.

‘As soon as he was captured, the Netherworld directly killed him with a palm. Then, he activated the divine swallowing secret manual, and a large amount of spiritual sense power began to gather toward the netherworld.

“Tribulation cultivator…”

Chen Chen also cultivated the mystic devouring codex, so he could naturally sense how much spiritual sense power had been generated by that Cultivator’s death.

Under such circumstances, he couldn’t do anything to snatch it.

However, an inexplicable thought appeared in his mind.

Evil cultivators were really terrifying. They actually carried a tribulation cultivator with them as a cauldron.

Actually, to be more precise, it was the cultivators who were terrifying.

If the true spirit world was stronger than the Abyss world, perhaps the true spirit world would also think of ways to invade the Abyss world and plunder resources, right?

How could there be any justice or evil in this world of cultivation? There were only plundering and being plundered.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen’s heart turned cold. He turned his head to look at the blood qilin in the distance.

He couldn’t care less about the world of cultivation, but he had to have enough strength to protect his own small world.

After devouring the soul consciousness of the tribulation -transcending cultivator, Netherworld’s soul consciousness naturally soared, and his complexion became much better.

In the next moment, he suddenly urged his soul consciousness to shoot toward the blood kirin in the array formation.


Aslight explosion sounded. The blood Kirin’s pupils constricted slightly, and he took two steps back. Netherworld’s face, which had just turned red, quickly turned a bit pale.

However, there was no pain in his eyes. There was only a kind of madness.

It seemed that he wanted to vent all the grievances he had for the past few days on the blood kirin.

‘The comers of Qiong Hua’s and Wu Di’s eyes twitched at the same time. Self-destruction of one’s spiritual sense. This kind of suicidal action was something only you Ming, who had mastered the secret arts of the evil god shrine, could do.

If they did this kind of thing, it would not take long for them to become idiots.

“Bellow Daoist Chen, release your true spirit as well. If we want to deal with this blood qilin, we must borrow its strength.”

Qiong Hua looked at Chen Chen and said.

True Spirit?

‘When the others heard this, they were all shocked. They didn’t know Chen Chen’s trump card very well, but they didn’t expect it to be a true spirit.

Moreover, from what Qiong Hua said, it was at least a half-adult true spirit that had transcended the tribulation.

Even the crazed Netherworld could not help but look deeply at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen smiled and silently summoned Ao Yu.

It had been seven days since Ao Yu had obtained the blood demon Black Tiger’s treasure, and he had successfully stepped into the middle stage of the tribulation.

After receiving his comman4d, Ao Yu flew out of the dragon swamp and hovered above Chen Chen’s back. Compared to the last time, the light refracted from the scales on its body was more dazzling, and even the horns on its head had become longer.

Fairy Qiong Hua was extremely surprised when she saw Ao Yu.

The last time she saw this true dragon, it was only at the early stage of the tribulation. It had only been a few days, and it had already reached the middle stage of the tribulation?

One had to know that it would take a long time for a true spirit to increase its realm without any treasures.

“Bellow Daoist Chen, why is your true dragon companion…”

Chen Chen didn’t wait for her to finish and lightly laughed, “Hehe, my companion only used half of its strength last time when it was unwell. Today, it is at its peak condition.”

After saying that, he shot a glance at Netherworld without leaving any traces.

He could not let Netherworld know that Ao Yu was at the initial stage of the tribulation last time and was already at the middle stage of the tribulation this time. Otherwise, no matter how foolish Netherworld was, she would be able to detect some traces.

However, Netherworld did not seem to have noticed the conversation between the two of them. She only looked at Ao Yu, who was unusually mighty, with a shocked expression. Her eyes were filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred.

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