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Chapter 553:

Chapter 551: Congratulations, fellow Daoist

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‘The mung bean looked at the third storage ring, and its small eyes lit up.

Seeing this, Chen Chen quickly took out one and fed it to the mung bean. Since this was a food specially made by the true spirit, it must be extremely compatible with the true spirit’s taste.

Looking at the fruit in front of her, the mung bean didn’t stand on ceremony and quickly opened her mouth and swallowed it.

The fruit rolled down her throat and into her stomach. The Mung Bean’s eyes were blank, as if she didn’t taste anything. She looked at Chen Chen again, and her meaning was quite obvious.

Chen Chen didn’t dare to let her eat it again. Instead, he called Ao Yu out.

“Brother AO, take a look. What do you think of the things I Got?”

Ao Yu was shocked by just one look and said in surprise, “I didn’t expect the blood demon Black Tiger to hide so many treasures for the true spirit. These Mahayana stage true spirits are indeed not something we can compare with!”

Chen Chen smiled faintly. There was a big gap between cultivators and the true spirit.

Since the blood demon Black Tiger was qualified to be the target of the netherworld suppressing army, it must have some foundation.

“Brother AO, which of these are suitable for you and which are suitable for green beans?”

Ao Yu looked at the things in the three storage rings and said after thinking for a while.

“The king’s bloodline is more noble than mine. As long as it grows normally, its strength will surpass mine in the future, Leave all the spirit beast fruits here to the king, There are also some pills to increase cultivation, as well as the white inner core.

Ao Yu kept listing, and soon, nearly half of the resources were given to mung bean, the king of the endless sea in his eyes.

The remaining half was not given to him. Instead, he proposed to keep some as reserve resources in case of emergency.

Chen Chen thought about how he still had to deal with the blood gilin after leaving the Small World. With his and Ao Yu’s strength, there was still quite a gap between them, thus, he said, “Brother AO, can you see which ones you can eat now and increase your strength without leaving any hidden dangers?

To be honest, although there are five people who will deal with the blood gilin, I’m still not confident.”

Ao Yu understood what Chen Chen meant. Ever since the man and the Beast signed the bloodline contract, there was nothing to hide. There was no need to be so polite.

“There are so many things. Just digesting a little is enough for me to step into the middle stage of the tribulation. If I have a few months to buffer myself, it won’t be a problem for me to step into the late stage of the tribulation. If I really absorb everything, it will be enough for me to step into the


Hearing this, Chen Chen smiled and said, “I don’t have that much time, but it’s enough for me to step into the middle stage of the tribulation. Brother AO, let’s begin then.”

After saying this, Chen Chen took out all the things from his storage ring, and then divided the things one by one to the Mung Bean and Ao Yu, the two true spirits.

After fifteen minutes, the division was completed. The Mung Bean ate a few spirit beast fruits and then stopped eating, Chen Chen put the things that belonged to it into the storage ring, and then hung the storage ring around its neck.

Ao Yu directly swallowed all of them into his stomach, but this wasn’t really eating them. It was only because there was a grotto-heaven in its stomach that could store things.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, I’m going back to the dragon swamp to cultivate. I should be able to step into the middle stage of the tribulation within seven days. During these seven days, you’d better not fight with the tribulation transcending experts.”

Ao Yu instructed.

“Tunderstand…”Chen Chen replied. After which, his expression suddenly changed as he turned his head to the west.

The battle ripples there had already stopped. Based on the time, it had been around an hour since he had left the underground palace.

“It is time to go and take a look.”

Chen Chen gave a strange smile. After ao Yu and mung bean returned to the longze, they broke out of the ground and flew towards the west at high speed.

At this moment, in the underground palace.

Netherworld’s hair was disheveled and his face was dirty. His eyes were filled with blood and tears. Although he was in an extremely miserable state, his heart was extremely happy. This was because the Earth overturning flood dragon was finally unable to endure his spiritual consciousness

self-destruction and fled in a panic.

“Ke Ke, so what if I am a demon beast that is undergoing a tribulation? I also have the ability to deal with a demon beast that is undergoing a tribulation!”

Netherworld could not help but mutter to himself when he recalled how Fairy Qiong Hua had mentioned that Chen Chen had used a great amount of strength in the process of dealing with the Little Blood Devil Black Tiger.

After all, Chen Chen and Fairy Qionghua were two people.

But now, he was relying on his own strength!

With this thought, he felt a trace of satisfaction in his heart.

Seeing that no one else had appeared, youming did not dare to delay any longer and hurriedly entered the underground palace below.

As long as he took something, even if the raw rice was cooked, when the others came here and found something strange, even if he refused to admit it no matter what, no one would be able to do anything to him.

After fifteen minutes, the Netherworld walked out of the underground palace with a pale face. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Impossible! How could there be nothing? This is absolutely impossible! Could this underground palace be fake? Is it really hidden nearby?”

The Netherworld looked around blankly. However, he did not find any other abnormal places.

At this moment, he was completely dumbfounded. He had imagined that he would encounter a formation that was difficult to break. He had also thought that after fighting halfway, there would be other people rushing over to share the benefits with him.

But he had never imagined that there was nothing below!

One had to know that in order to defeat the earth-overturning flood dragon, he had forcefully self-destructed more than half of his peak spiritual sense, regressing to the late stage of the form synthesis stage.

Now that he had found nothing, didn’t that mean that his efforts had been in vain?

‘When he thought of this, the Netherworld only felt a wave of dizziness, as if his life had tuned a few shades darker.

Before he could go down and search carefully, a stream of light shot over from the distance. In the blink of an eye, Qiong Hua had arrived in front of him.

Looking at the traces of the fierce battle in the surroundings and the exposed underground palace, Qiong Hua’s eyes flashed with pity.

She had arrived too late. All the good things had probably been taken away by this youming in front of her.

As a disciple of a large sect and her master was a magnate in the true spirit world, Qiong Hua wasn’t the kind of person who was overly greedy.

Seeing That You Ming was in a sorry state, she smiled and said, “Qiong Hua sensed the fluctuations of the battle and rushed over. How is it? Fellow Daoist You Ming, are you alright?”

You Ming’s face was covered in blood. In addition, his state of mind was on the verge of collapse, so he didn’t use his spiritual power to dispel it.

Tm Alright?

Do I look like I’m Alright?

Although he thought so, you ming still subconsciously replied, “I’m Alright.”

“I’s good that you’re fine. Looking at this underground palace, Hehe, Qiong Hua would like to congratulate fellow Daoist youmin

Qiong Hua said with a faint smile, her tone sour.

Although she wasn’t greedy, she was still a little jealous.

Although youming looked extremely miserable now, if she could obtain the blood demon Black Tiger’s treasure, she was willing to be twice as miserable.

Hearing this, Netherworld revealed a smile that was uglier than crying.

At this moment, two more people flew over from afar. They were Ximen qi and Wu Di.

After the two of them arrived, Chen Chen also appeared.

The three of them looked at the scene around them, and all of them revealed expressions of envy, jealousy, and hatred.

The regret in their eyes was like a torrential river that flowed endlessly.

Why didn’t I come to this place earlier? Sigh, now it’s all in the hands of the netherworld.

Everyone was smart and knew that the Netherworld wouldn’t admit it, but that didn’t stop them from feeling sour.

“Ahem, fellow Daoist Netherworld, Congratulations.”

“Sigh, such a fortuitous opportunity. Those who are fated will get it, but we are not fated.”

Chen Chen also followed behind and cupped his hands. His eyes were filled with unwillingness and jealousy, he said in a strange tone, “Fellow Daoist Netherworld, for such a great opportunity, those of us who are not fated do not expect to get a share of it.. However, can you reveal what exactly it is that

you have to satisfy our curiosity?”

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