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Chapter 55: Chapter 55: Du-du-du-du-du!


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“You’ve made a wise choice!” Chen Chen praised as he opened Hu Xian’er’s cage before standing up.

“You… Are you not afraid that I’ll escape?” Hu Xian’er slowly wriggled out of the cage, and then looked at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen smiled as he calmly replied, “I’m not stopping you from escaping anyway. If you want to run, go ahead. However, if you leave this courtyard and get exterminated by the others, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will…” As Hu Xian’er was about to say something, she suddenly noticed lightning flashing in Chen Chen’s hand. At that same moment, the aura within his body was also released.

“Seventh tier of Qi training!” Hu Xian’er exclaimed. In just a few days’ time, Chen Chen had achieved a breakthrough and advanced from the third to the seventh tier of Qi training. He even learned how to ward off demons and evil, as well as the Thunder Technique.

Such power made her swallow her words immediately. She had gained a new impression of him during this period of time; she was no longer a match for him now.

In addition, he was advancing very quickly in cultivation, with numerous newly found treasures. If she was to stay with him, she had a possibility of a really bright future.

Thinking of this, she completely abandoned the nonsensical thoughts in her heart. She then said, “Master, you are amazingly talented. My only hope is that you won’t forget me when you succeed in the future.”

“Haha, that’ll depend on your performance.”

Chen Chen was overjoyed to be addressed as ‘Master’.

In his previous life, he also had some pets, but only the pets in games could speak to him.

After subduing Hu Xian’er, Chen Chen didn’t stay idle for long as he soonly left for the courtyard to look for Xiao Wuyou.

“Master, do you have any books about pharmacology here?”

Xiao Wuyou was a little surprised to hear such words as he didn’t expect his disciple to be so studious.

After responding with a smile, Xiao Wuyou casually waved his hand and a large book which was 1 foot thick, appeared in his hand.

“This is a book called Pharmacopoeia. I used to bring it around with me wherever I go. It records all the medicinal and poisonous herbs that have been found in the world and their specific functions. You may have it.”

“If you don’t think it’s enough, you can use your token to gain access to the libraries in the inner and outer clan where you can pick up any books you wish. However, you have to remember, pharmacology and cultivation cannot be combined. Your main focus and direction of development should still be cultivation. As long as your status of cultivation is high enough, there will naturally be alchemists who are willing to serve you.”

“I understand!” Chen Chen answered, nodding solemnly after hearing Xiao Wuyou’s teaching.

Looking at Chen Chen below, Xiao Wuyou couldn’t help but recall what the Chief Elder had said that day.

Chen Chen was from the countryside and had limited knowledge, which was indeed a shortcoming of his. If he was to travel to the Golden Palace in two months’ time, he would probably feel a bit out of place.

If he became a laughing stock, it would probably traumatize him emotionally.

Thinking of this, Xiao Wuyou sighed lightly and said to Chen Chen, “Disciple, come make a trip out with me in a month’s time.”

“Ah? Where are we going?” Chen Chen was a bit surprised. ‘Didn’t he say that my aptitude is too high and I would be discovered by others if I go out? Why am I allowed to go out again?’

“There is a demon dragon at the peak of Golden Core Peak on the border of You Zhou and Ji Zhou. I have agreed with the clan master of the Youshui Clan of You Zhou, as well as several other Golden Core strongmen to go there in a month and kill the demon dragon.”

“Master, I can’t help you with the status of cultivation I’m at now. Won’t I be sending myself to my death by going there?” Chen Chen asked with an awkward expression. Even if he improved tremendously, he wouldn’t be able to reach the pinnacle of the Golden Core level in a month’s time…

After hearing Chen Chen’s words, Xiao Wuyou smiled and said, “Don’t think too much. I don’t need you to help us. I just want you to stand at a distance and watch the battle. The main purpose I have in taking you there is to let you broaden your horizons.”

Chen Chen was touched to hear his master’s words. Not only did his master focus on his status of cultivation, but also the improvement of his mentality. He wanted him to achieve holistic development.

After thinking about it, Chen Chen exclaimed solemnly, “Don’t worry, Master, I will not become a burden to you!”

After leaving Xiao Wuyou’s place, Chen Chen made his way to the outer clan’s library to borrow a few more books before returning to his courtyard.

“Here, Hu Xian’er, from now on, you will study this and cultivate too.”

Looking at Hu Xian’er who had already transformed into her human form and was meditating by the medicinal herb field, he hurriedly tossed two books at her.

Hu Xian’er took a look at the books and her pretty face immediately turned grim.

“Book of Recipes”

“Tips for Planting and Growing Medicinal Herbs”

‘Damn it, I have to guard the house, be the cook, and the gardener all at the same time!”

‘He’s taking full advantage of me!’

“Hu Xian’er, do you know what your strengths are? Let me tell you, your strength is your intelligence, not your cultivation ability. If I just want a butler, I might as well get a dog. If I just want a fighter, I can just find a divine beast, not a fox spirit like you. Am I making any sense?”

Chen Chen’s face turned solemn, rendering Hu Xian’er speechless.

Of course, the most important thing was that his learning efficiency was very low, leading him to drag Hu Xian’er down with him to feel better.

Hence, on that night, the two of them began studying hard in the study of the courtyard. The scene made Chen Chen think about the period of time in his previous life where he was studying hard at night.


At midnight, a strange sound suddenly echoed in the courtyard, making Chen Chen wake up from his slumber.

“What’s going on?”

With a look of puzzlement, Chen Chen looked at Hu Xian’er who had fallen asleep next to him.

To be honest, studying was a really bizarre thing as it surprisingly had a hypnotic effect on both cultivators and demons.


The strange sound echoed again, making Chen Chen certain that he was not dreaming. He hurriedly stood up and began slowly making his way towards the voice. It did not take long for him to reach the edge of the medicinal herb field.


Chen Chen looked at the morning glory in front speechlessly. The morning glory had begun to make sound, only after staying in the medicinal herb field a few days!

“Little Morning Glory, are you defying heaven!?”

As soon as Chen Chen finished speaking, the stem of the morning glory suddenly elongated and wrapped around his hand, as if it was acting coquettishly.

Chen Chen was amazed. He never thought he would see a morning glory acting cute.

He gently stroked the petals of the morning glory while he removed the spiritual spring water from his storage ring and watered the morning glory with it.

When a child acts cute, they should be given candy. When a morning glory does the same thing, it should be given water.


The morning glory released another strange sound.

However, this time, it was a little different from before as it seemed to contain a strange magic power that made Chen Chen’s sleepiness vanish.


The sound of the little trumpet flower gradually grew more relaxed, and the flower branches began to dance. The scene looked extremely interesting under the moonlight.

Immediately afterward, something bizarre happened. At this moment, a few treasures in the medicinal field began growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. The flower began blooming and coming to fruition as if it had gained spirituality.

The more shocking thing was that the spirit soil in the center of the medicinal herb field began rolling, after which a bandaged plant wriggled out.

It was the 10,000-year-old Ochre Yellow Spirit that Chen Chen had just buried earlier in the day!

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