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Chapter 54: Chapter 54: Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Ochre Yellow Essence

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After Chen Chen left the scene, the group of disciples finally reacted and glanced at Sun Tiangang unanimously.

Sun Tiangang was still holding the piece of gold in his hand and was somewhat at a loss for words.

At that moment, Zhao Xiaoya who was standing beside him covered her mouth and giggled.

“Senior Brother Sun has pulled such a great tactic. He managed to win the favor of the successor with just a piece of gold. Senior Brother, I won’t dare to offend you in the future since you have the protection of the successor.”

When he heard the sarcastic remark, Sun Tiangang crushed the gold in his hand.

‘Such an insult! This is such an insult and a great humiliation!’

Moments ago, he was patted on the shoulder by someone who called him their disciple. Since when had he, Sun Tiangang, ever been treated in such a disrespectful way!?

However, he still couldn’t beat Chen Chen up. As such, he grew incredibly frustrated and exasperated!

“Junior Sister, don’t be too smug. Since you can’t become the personal disciple of the clan master, you’re destined to never learn the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique!”

After he spoke, Sun Tiangang casually tossed the gold aside and led a group of inner clan disciples away.

Dressed in red, Zhao Xiaoya stood still as the expression on her face changed.

Compared to becoming the successor, which was what Sun Tiangang wanted, the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique mattered more to her.

“This Chen Chen doesn’t seem to be that arrogant. Since that’s the case, I still have a chance.”

Zhao Xiaoya murmured and smiled.

She was much smarter than the foolish and buff Sun Tiangang, and had definitely figured out Chen Chen’s reasoning for doing what he just did.

As the granddaughter of Elder Xing Fa, and having been in the inner clan for so long, she had collected many treasures. Hence, when the time came, she would put them to good use; the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique may not have been out of her reach just yet.

At the thought of this, she left Tianqin Peak, filled with expectations.

“Host, there are treasures that are more valuable than Spirit Stones 3 meters below your feet.”

Chen Chen still did not forget to use the system to search for treasures during his return to the main peak.

However, he wasn’t interested in things with mediocre value. Hence, he used Spirit Stones as a reference.

Only items that were worth more than Spirit Stones would pique his interest.

Hearing the system’s prompt, Chen Chen took out the shovel he had prepared from his storage ring and started digging into the ground without hesitation.

After a few minutes of digging, he knew exactly what treasure was hidden 3 meters underground.

The treasure was a somewhat humanoid ginger-like plant that was around the length of an arm. It was placed underground and did not have any ethereality fluctuations.

“What is the most valuable item within a twenty-meter radius?” Chen Chen asked the system as he placed all the valuable items he had into the storage ring.

“Host, it’s the Ten-thousand-year-old Ochre Yellow Spirit in front of you.”

“Ten-thousand-year-old Ochre Yellow Spirit!” Chen Chen was shocked. Although he didn’t know what it was, he could tell from its age that it was extremely precious.

Without hesitation, Chen Chen pulled the Ochre Yellow Spirit out of the ground. However, in doing so, he accidentally scratched the skin.

As a result, something unexpected happened. Blood started oozing out of the Ochre Yellow Spirit, followed by rich ethereality that began spreading out along the wound, then entering into Chen Chen’s body.

Chen Chen felt the three vortexes in his diaphragm expanding rapidly. Soon, he broke through to the seventh tier of Qi training. At that same time, an indescribable feeling of etherealness began to spread throughout his entire body.

The three vortexes immediately changed quantitatively and rays of lightning burst out of the vortex.

With a single thought, rays of lighting cackled and appeared in Chen Chen’s hand.

Apart from that, Chen Chen also felt that the three vortexes seemed to have the ability to communicate with some kind of Heaven and Earth ethereality.

“Is this the Thunder-Summoning Skill?” Chen Chen muttered.

According to the introduction of the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique, one would develop his first divine ability called the Thunder-Summoning Skill, once he reached the seventh tier of Qi cultivation.

It was a divine ability that would guide the Thunder Ethereality into lightning through the three vortexes in the diaphragm as a medium, and attack the enemy.

A divine ability of such could not be compared to small fireballs. Small fireballs were small skills that would be restricted by an individual’s status of cultivation and whose power depends on the amount of ethereality one has.

However, the thunder summoned by the Thunder-Summoning Skill was mostly condensed from the Thunder Ethereality of Heaven and Earth. Only a portion of the ethereality was provided by oneself as a guide.

Hence, compared to the small fireballs, the Thunder-Summoning Skill was much more powerful, and more importantly, the consumption of ethereality was much less.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen immediately put the skill to the test, using the three vortexes in his diaphragm to communicate with the Thunder Ethereality of Heaven and Earth.


With a loud, muffled explosion, a thunderbolt appeared out of thin air and darted three meters away from Chen Chen’s body, blasting against the ground and forming a large pit that was two meters in depth.


Chen Chen’s eyes lit up. After learning the Thunder-Summoning Skill, his power would be equivalent to human manual artillery. In terms of combat power, he was currently much stronger than when he was in the sixth tier of Qi training.

If he encountered another demon like Hu Xian’er, he might be able to defeat it without using any tool that was specifically used for restraining demons.

To be frank, he was now at least powerful enough to be the successor of the clan. Defeating wild demons that were above his level would not be considered a big deal.

“This Ochre Yellow Spirit… The ethereality that emanated from the small amount of blood it bled is worth more than a hundred Spirit Stones. If I devour the entire thing, I’m going to be so full!”

Chen Chen praised in amazement as he looked at the Ochre Yellow Spirit in his hand.

The value of the item could not be measured using Spirit Stones. Seeing that ethereality was pitifully leaking from its skin, Chen Chen hurriedly tore a piece of his clothes off to wrap it around the Ochre Yellow Spirit before placing it in the storage ring.

On the way back, Chen Chen continued his search and found many more treasures containing ethereality. Although they were not as valuable as the 10,000-year-old Ochre Yellow Spirit, they were far from what the greenery out in the deep forests could compare to.

As he found more of such items, the thought in his mind became more fervent.

He had to study and learn pharmaceutics well!

It would be a pity if he swallowed such items directly without maximizing their effect.

Besides, it wasn’t a good idea to focus entirely on cultivating on the main peak. No matter how many Spirit Stones his master gave him, they were ultimately not as effective as those impeccable treasures.

After returning to the main peak, Chen Chen buried the injured 10,000-year-old Ochre Yellow Spirit into the medicinal herb field, followed by the various spirit herb treasures.

With the addition of the newly found impeccable treasures, the ethereality in the courtyard became increasingly intense and dense.

Hu Xian’er, who was cultivating inside the demon-trapping cage, opened her eyes when she sensed it.

“Hu Xian’er, can you cultivate without any internal alchemy?” Chen Chen asked smilingly.

Hearing his words, Hu Xian’er turned her head to look away and ignore Chen Chen. Without internal alchemy, her cultivation efficiency would be significantly reduced. However, what could she do about it? It was not like Chen Chen could return it to her.

“Here, you can have the internal alchemy back.”

Chen Chen said as he threw the internal alchemy into the cage.

Hu Xian’er looked at the internal alchemy with great shock. She was a demon who was at the eighth tier of Qi training after all. How could Chen Chen possibly feel safe giving it back to her?

However, despite the shock, she swallowed the internal alchemy at lightning speed, and a sense of power that had long been missing immediately filled her body.

However, she did not try to break through the demon-trapping cage and instead huddled up in a corner obediently.

‘Chen Chen is a bad guy and he’s behaving very abnormally today. I have to be on guard.’

“Hu Xian’er, you have two options. One, I let you off now and you leave the Tianyun Clan. Two, you shall follow me from now on and look after the place. If you choose the second option, you can cultivate in my courtyard and I promise that as long as you follow me I won’t mistreat you. I’m sure you know what my talent is like and it won’t be hard for me to become a true immortal. You might also become a more powerful demon by then. What do you think?”

Chen Chen squatted in front of the cage and tried to coerce her, just like a persuasive salesman from his previous life. He painted a beautiful picture of the future and made her look forward to it.

Since it was a promising and prospective future, taking a few losses now was still tolerable.

“Are you really willing to let me go?” Hu Xian’er asked cautiously.

Although she asked that question, she was actually very reluctant.

The environment in the courtyard was really excellent. Where else would she get such an opportunity if she left?

“Of course.” Chen Chen grinned with a sincere expression.

Seeing Chen Chen’s expression, Hu Xian’er couldn’t help but shiver.

After spending many days with him, she had learned how cunning he was. She did not doubt the fact that if she dared to choose to leave, he would turn against her and kill her on the spot.

“Which option do you choose?” Chen Chen asked with a wide grin.

“I… I choose to stay with you.”

Hu Xian’er huddled up and answered weakly.

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