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Chapter 525:

Chapter 523, trouble flows to the east

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“TSK, TSK, tsk. As expected of a professional spy. His acting skills are really good.”

Chen Chen looked at the green-clothed cultivator’s back and praised him in his heart.

This green-clothed cultivator was a spy who had sneaked into the foreign world. No matter how well he acted and how well he acted, he could not fool his system.

He did not expect to meet a cultivator from the foreign world not long after he returned. He did not know whether it was his good luck or bad luck.

After thinking about it carefully, this was actually inevitable. After all, ascending dragon city was not too far away from the Hua Wai land. It was also the most prosperous city within a hundred thousand miles radius. If a spy came, he would definitely come to such a city as soon as possible, it was convenient

to gather more information.


Chen Chen did not stop the green-clothed cultivator at all as he watched him leave.

On the surface, this green-clothed cultivator appeared to be a split-spirit cultivation, but in reality, he was at the peak of the form synthesis stage.

It would be difficult for him to take down this cultivation, so he didn’t make a move.

The most important thing was that he didn’t want to get involved in this mess in a hurry. First, he had to take the lead. This was applicable everywhere. He didn’t want to be a hero right now. Second, if there was a battle, it would affect rising dragon city.

And if there were heavy casualties in Rising Dragon City, who would dare to come here in the future.

Without ascending dragon city as a money tree, the Yin Yang Palace would not be able to hold on.

“My lord, did I get the meaning just now?”

After the green-clothed cultivator left, Wu de came over and asked in a low voice.

Chen Chen patted his gray head and praised, “Not bad. You’ve used your cleverness in cultivation. Now, you’ve at least refined the void.”

Upon receiving this praise, Wu de immediately raised his head and puffed out his chest, pretending to be proud.

In this city, when others called Chen Chen the city lord, he called him master. This invisibly shortened the distance between them. At the same time, it also meant that he was Chen Chen’s trusted aide. Now that he had received praise, he wished that everyone could see it.

He wanted to let those people understand that he, Wu de, was someone who had received the Lord’s praise.

After all… for a weak nascent soul cultivator like him to be the shopkeeper here, there was still some controversy. He also needed to prove his ability.

“My Lord, why don’t you want to sell him the map? Is there something wrong with this person?”

“Dont ask what you shouldnt ask. Also, in the future, if you buy a big map, notify me first, understand?*Chen Chen rubbed his head, his tone quite serious.

“Understood… understood!”Wu de hurriedly agreed and didn’t dare to ask again.

Chen Chen nodded. After thinking for a while, he carefully put the small map that the green-clothed cultivator touched into his storage ring, then turned around and left the shop.

The reason why he let the green-clothed cultivator go was because he was confident that he could find this person again.

And this small map was the key. The green-clothed cultivator had touched this small map. Whenever he wanted to find this green-clothed cultivator, he would take the small map and give it to Tian Quan to sniff it out.

After returning to the city Lord’s mansion, Chen Chen immediately found Tian Quan. Then, he told Dongfang conglong about the discovery of the cultivator from another world through the communication token.

Dongfang conglong was naturally overjoyed and praised Chen Chen repeatedly. When he learned that Chen Chen did not directly make a move, he did not scold him either. Instead, he completely understood.

‘Junior brother, you were right not to make a move. The weakest of those cultivators should have fused body cultivation. You should still put your own safety first.

“Hehe, Ihave to say, you really are our Heavenly Devil City’s Lucky Star. I sent a large number of people to search for those cultivators who sneaked in. In the end, they were so busy that they could not find anything, “But when we arrived at your place, junior brother, we were seen through at a glance.”

“Third senior brother, you must be joking. I also happened to run into him buying a big map, so I paid special attention to it. Otherwise, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to find any clues. Oh right, the dog in my city said that the cultivator from another world went to the neighboring evil light city. You can deal

with it as you see fit.”

“ forgot that you have a true spirit heavenly dog in your city. In the future, I’m afraid that this heavenly dog of yours will be of great use.”

Looking at the communication token in his hand, Chen Chen smiled faintly.

Evil light city was the city of the elder of the evil god temple who came to rising dragon city last time to pick a fight. At the same time, it was also the second largest city in the vicinity. This news told third senior brother that evil light city might not be able to avoid a fierce battle.

Hehe, only a dozen or so people had sneaked into the foreign world. They must be top-notch experts fully armed, although the green-clothed cultivator was only at the peak of the Unity Realm, chen Chen wouldnt be the slightest bit surprised even if he suddenly erupted with the strength to transcend the


This time, the old guy would suffer.

He ran away after finishing the matter that day and made him spend thousands of spirit crystals. Today’s retribution had come, right?

Just as Chen Chen was laughing grimly, Ao Yu’s slightly excited voice sounded in his mind.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, my cultivation is about to break through.”

Hearing this voice, Chen Chen was slightly startled. Then, he said in pleasant surprise, “Brother AO, are you about to step into the tribulation?”

“That’s right, fellow Daoist Chen. I have already sensed the arrival of the lightning tribulation. Seven days later, please find a place for me to transcend the Tribulation and protect me.”

Ao Yu and Chen Chen had signed a bloodline agreement, so he did not greet Chen Chen politely. Instead, he directly made a request.

“Don’t worry, Brother Ao, I’ll make the arrangements right away!”

Chen Chen quickly agreed.

Ever since Ao Yu swallowed the pearl of true dragon, his cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds like a rocket. Now, he was about to transcend the tribulation.

Transcending the tribulation… as the name implied, not only was it difficult to transcend the tribulation, even if one successfully broke through, there would be corresponding tribulations for each minor realm in the future.

Therefore, the path of cultivation for most talented cultivators would stop here.

Only those cultivators who were talented and hard-working could break through the tribulation stage and become the top existence in the Mahayana realm.

Now that Ao Yu was about to step into such a dangerous realm, Chen Chen did not dare to be negligent. After thinking for a while, he could only continue to bother third senior brother.

“Third senior brother, Ihave one more thing to ask.”

Chen Chen said to the communication token.

A moment later, the dragon from the east replied.

‘Junior brother, there’s no harm in telling it. I’ve just contacted the evil God temple. This time, both sides will send three cultivators to evil light city to transcend the tribulation. No matter how strong the cultivator from another world is, he won’t be able to escape.”

“Then, I’l stop them in advance and succeed. As for my matter, I Won’t hide it from you. I have a true spirit descendant partner who is about to step into the tribulation stage, but he and I are both from the lower realm. We don’t have much experience in transcending the tribulation. I wonder what we should

pay attention to in transcending the tribulation and where is the best place to transcend the Tribulation?”

Chen Chen said truthfully.

“So it’s this matter. This matter is simple. I’ve just sent our Sky Demon City’s tribulation transcending elder to evil light city. After he finishes dealing with the matter in evil light city, I’ll directly ask him to find you and guide your companion in transcending the Tribulation.”

“Then thank you very much, third senior brother!”

Hearing this promise, Chen Chen’s heart relaxed slightly. With the tribulation transcending cultivator personally guiding him, there was indeed nothing to worry about.

As long as Ao Yu could successfully transcend the tribulation, then he could be considered a strong person in the upper realm in the future.

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