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Chapter 524:

Chapter 522, blending in

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Chen Chen’s expression changed again and again. Converting Spiritual Qi into immortal Qi was a heaven-defying effect. If those Mahayana realm cultivators knew about it, the consequences would be unimaginable, and they would probably fight to the death.

He didn’t now if this thing would make it onto the artifact refining list… Let’s hope it doesn’t.

After feeling happy, Chen Chen sighed. He used the stone wall to convert another wave of immortal qi, filling his immortal spirit body with it.

If the immortal Qi in his body was converted into spiritual gi, it would probably be at the level of the early foundation establishment stage.

However, the power unleashed bya liter of gasoline and a liter of nuclear fuel was incomparable.

‘The powerful attack that he used previously with the ten thousand transformations divine blade could probably be used three times now.

Ifhe poured all the immortal qi into the ten thousand transformations divine blade in one go, he might be able to unleash an attack that was several times stronger than his previous strongest attack.

Such an attack would probably be able to kill any cultivator below the heavenly tribulation. When he thought of this, Chen Chen felt a wave of excitement in his heart. This immortal avatar was truly incredible. In terms of potential, it was much greater than his original body.

“This stone wall should be called the stone wall of Destiny.”

Chen Chen silently gave the stone wall a name in his heart. Since it was so awesome, it should have a cool name.

‘Junior brother, you’ve been keeping a low profile recently. There was a big battle at the Hengduan Devil Sect. Although eldest brother defeated the Mahayana cultivators from another world, there might have been more than ten cultivators from another world sneaking into the true spirit world during the


A few days later, Chen Chen received a message from his third senior brother.

‘When he saw this message, Chen Chen frowned.

It was basically impossible to find cultivators from another world sneaking into the true spirit world because the true spirit world contained all kinds of strange-looking cultivators.

From time to time, there would be cultivators who flew up from the Small World. Suddenly, there were more than ten people, and it was as if a few drops of water had dripped into the ocean. There was not a single trace of them.

“Don’t worry, third senior brother, I understand.”

Chen Chen replied. No one could be compared to him in terms of keeping a low profile. Didn’t they see that he had been hiding in the mountains for one or two months?

‘Right, don’t spread this matter out, lest it causes unnecessary panic, “third senior brother added.


Chen Chen replied with one word, and there was no more message in the communication token.

Looking at the communication token in his hand, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

Judging from the time, he should have returned to ascending dragon city. As for this immortal body, if he met other people, he could explain it. After all, it was just a clone, so it was normal for him to change his appearance.

But if spiritual master Shenbao came to find him, what should he do? Spiritual Master Shenbao had seen this body before, so he must have remembered the aura of this body.

“Icantt care so much. He killed Spiritual Master Qinglian of the Union of Immortals and let sacred mother heartless escape. I guess he doesn’t dare to show his face now.”

Chen Chen thought to himself and then decided to return to ascending dragon city immediately.

As for his original plan to go to the vast sea desert, he had to put it aside for the time being because of this immortal body. He couldnt let Sky Scorpion see him get such a good body.

‘Three days later, Chen Chen returned to ascending dragon city. The first person he met was Chen An.

Chen an’s cultivation base combined with his surname. Usually, when he cultivated, Chen an would handle all the affairs in the city.

“Chen An, has the Saintess come to the rising dragon city during my absence?”

Chen an shook his head. Although he guessed that the city lord might have had some unhappiness with the SAINTESS, he didn’t ask any more questions. This was the basic requirement of being a qualified subordinate.

“City Lord, the Saintess didn’t come, but the heartless Holy Mother did come and asked the same question. There is a male cultivator beside her. He has a murderous aura and looks extremely powerful. He is probably also an expert at the crossing Calamity Stage.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen nodded.

The heartless Holy Mother was in a hurry to take revenge on the Spiritual Master of God’s treasure.

“I got it. Remember, no matter if it’s the spiritual master of God’s treasure or the heartless holy mother, they are not allowed to enter the city in the future. I don’t want to see them again.”.

“Oh right, double the number of people at the city gate. All those who enter the city must show their identity, otherwise, ascending dragon city will not receive them.”

“This… Yes, sir!”

Chen an responded and then left.

Those who enter the city must show their identity. Just this one rule alone could cause ascending dragon city to lose one-third of its cultivator traffic. However, since the city Lord had given the order, as his subordinate, he could only do as he was told.

‘As soon as Chen an left, Chen Chen sensed something. He raised his eyebrows and turned his head to look at the direction of the largest comprehensive shop in the city.

At this time, the store was crowded with people. Most of them were buying medicinal pills or magic treasures, and some of them were buying random materials.

Everyone was shopping in an orderly manner, except for a green-clothed cultivator who was chatting with the shopkeeper, Wu de.

‘Wu De’s cultivation was very low, but he was one of the first few cultivators Chen Chen Chen met after he ascended. Later, he also traveled a long distance with Chen Chen. In addition, he had the talent to do business, so he was arranged to be in this store.

“shopkeeper, do you sell maps here?”The green-clothed cultivator asked after a while.

“Maps, yes. Ten supreme-grade spirit stones. The terrain within a radius of one hundred thousand miles is covered. In addition, there are introductions of the specialties of each city!”

‘Wu De took out a map and spread it on the counter.

The map on the counter covered about seventy to eighty cities within a radius of one hundred thousand miles.

As long as there were cities related to Chen Chen, such as Yi City and Fengxia City, they would all be heavily marked, and they would boast about it.

As for the cities that had commercial competition with rising dragon city, there was only a small dot. If one did not pay attention, they would not be able to see it at all.

“Do you have a bigger one? I want the biggest map here.”

The green-robed cultivator took the map and looked at it, then shook his head.

“The biggest map? We have a map of the southern domain here, but it’s expensive. It costs 1,000 top-grade spirit stones!”Wu de stretched out his hands and made an exaggerated gesture.

“1,000 top-grade spirit stones… so expensive!”

“Alas, it’s not that easy to draw a map. Besides, the map of the southern domain is drawn on a jade slip. It’s not drawn like this,”Wu de quickly explained.

“Alright, one thousand it is. Give me a copy!”The green-robed cultivator gritted his teeth as if he had made up his mind.

At this moment, a voice rang out from behind him.

“Wu de, I’ve lost my map. Give me the map of the Southern Domain.”

Hearing this voice, Wu de jumped out from behind the counter and ran to Chen Chen.

“Master, you’re finally back!”

After flattering him for a while, Wu de remembered Chen Chen’s instructions and quickly turned around to return to the counter. He took out a jade slip and handed it to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen took the jade slip and gave Wu de a deep look.

‘Wu De was extremely cunning and smart. He could see the deep meaning in Chen Chen’s eyes at a glance, he turned his head and said to the green-clothed cultivator, ‘Dear guest, we only have one copy of this map left in our shop. Now that the city Lord has taken it, I’m really sorry. I’l return the Spirit Stones

to you right now.”

“So it’s the city lord. I naturally don’t dare to fight with the city Lord.”

Upon hearing this address, the green-clothed cultivator’s face revealed a look of fear. He hurriedly bowed to Chen Chen, then took the spirit stones from Wu De’s hand and walked out of the shop..

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