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Chapter 523:

Chapter 521, the precious stone wall

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The figure’s entire body was shrouded in a thin mist, and his face couldn’t be seen clearly. As soon as he entered the true spirit world, he first took a deep breath.

As for the male and female cultivators, they had already stood up, and their faces finally revealed a trace of surprise.

“This passage is actually enough for you to pass through?”The female cultivator asked in surprise.

“Hehe, it’s just my spirit body avatar, but it’ll be here soon. You two juniors should go back and call the parents over. You Can’t make a decision here.”

The blurry figure laughed lightly, and his tone was very indifferent.


“Twould like to ask, what is your identity in the Abyss World?”

The male cultivator asked.

“Lam the Abyss World’s Profound Heaven Sect’s grand elder…”

As soon as he finished speaking, a dragon’s roar came from the inside of the mountain.


Aviolent storm came, and the mountain was directly shattered into powder. Then, a huge sword with the power to split open the heaven and earth slashed toward the blurry figure. Outside the sword, there was an angry dragon roaring. The sword hadn’t arrived yet.., the Angry Dragon had already opened its

big mouth and swallowed the blurry figure.

The group of cultivators guarding outside quickly formed a large array to prevent the aftermath of the battle.

The battle came suddenly and ended quickly.

Fifteen minutes later, the Hengduan Devil sect completely regained its peace. However, the area within a thousand miles of the Hengduan Devil sect had been completely turned into ruins.

One month later.

Chen Chen looked at the stone wall in front of him, his eyes filled with joy.

After a month of groping, he finally understood the immortal body. After consuming thousands of crystals, he had made a lot of immortal Qi in his body.

The Immortal Qi was like nutrition to the body. After completely absorbing the immortal qi, the body finally Matured’.

The moment of change caused the stone wall behind him to fall off naturally, and the whole body also underwent a qualitative change.

That sudden change made Chen Chen feel as if he had returned to the night when he first stepped into the world of cultivation and transformed from a mortal body into an innate spirit body.

Yes, the change was just that great.

Strictly speaking, the difference between an immortal spirit body and an innate spirit body was even greater than the difference between an innate spirit body and a mortal body.

Chen Chen stood up and took a deep breath. In his eyes, the laws of the true spirit world had become less mysterious. It seemed that with a little effort, he would be able to reach it.

If one were to say that comprehending the laws of the world before was like a primary school student reading a high school textbook in his previous life.

Now, it was like a primary school student reading a high school textbook. Although it wasn’t to the point where he could directly comprehend it, as long as he wanted to and paid a certain amount of time, he would be able to comprehend it.

In the past, how could he have the ability to comprehend it?

Previously, comprehending the Laws wasn’t considered comprehending the laws. Instead, the laws were choosing him. It wasn’t up to him to be able to comprehend a certain law. It was up to the heavens.

Now, he felt that he could choose.

“In the future, this clone will focus on cultivating the power of laws, and the main body will be in charge of refining the body. If the two work together, who else in the true spirit world will be my match in the future?”

Chen Chen pointed to the sky and shouted loudly, feeling extremely proud in his heart.

Although he didn’t know what the innate dao body looked like, he knew that it definitely couldn’t compare to the immortal spirit body.

His clone’s talent was probably the best in the true spirit world!

Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one around, Chen Chen looked at the stone wall at his feet.

This stone wall was five meters long and three meters wide. It looked like a white jade wall. Previously, when he was carrying it on his back, he wanted to smash this thing into dust.

But now that it had fallen off, he actually hesitated.

After all, since this stone wall could give birth to an immortal spirit body, it must not be an ordinary stone.

“System, where is the most precious thing nearby?”

“The immortal spirit body accompanying the stone wall under the host’s feet is a priceless treasure!”

Oh My God! Priceless treasure!

The system rarely gave such an evaluation to an item. Even if it had obtained divine gold and the Yin Yang Palace, it did not say that it was a priceless treasure.

‘When he found the innate spirit fruit, he did say that it was a priceless treasure, but there was still a difference between a priceless treasure and a priceless treasure.

Chen Chen’s heart was even more delighted. He beckoned with his hand, and the stone wall on the ground automatically flew up. It was as if he was controlling his natal treasure at will.

Perhaps strictly speaking, this stone wall was this immortal spirit body’s natal treasure.

No! It was a companion treasure, and it was even closer than the natural treasure.

Fortunately, he did not choose to violently dismantle it back then. Otherwise, he would have really suffered a great loss.

“System, who is the strongest person nearby?”

“It’s the host.”

Upon receiving this answer, Chen Chen revealed a smile.

After the stone wall and the immortal’s body were separated, the immortal’s body could be considered to have gotten rid of that non-life and non-death state and become a proper physical body.

Then, the question came. How should this precious stone wall be used?

Could it be used to smash people?

Chen Chen urged the stone wall to wave, but in the end, he could not make up his mind.

If it was broken, no one would compensate him.

After observing for a long time, he did not see any hints on the stone wall. In the end, he simply lay on the stone wall and began to ponder.

In the end, this trip, he immediately discovered something unusual.

Lying on the stone wall, there was actually a strange power that kept drilling into his back. This strange power not only made his mind clearer, it also gave him a comfortable feeling all over his body.

Feeling this special power, Chen Chen jumped up and made a cut on his finger. Blood that was the same as a mortal body flowed out from his hand.

Then, he lay on the stone wall again. In the blink of an eye, that strange power flowed along his back to his finger and repaired it back to its original state.

‘It really has a healing function. This stone wall is indeed a treasure.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself while he continued to sense the strange stone wall with his body. It was not until two hours later that the strange power in the stone wall gradually gathered and grew stronger, forming a wisp of white qi in his body that he realized.., that strange energy was actually immortal


It was just that it was too little before, so he did not sense it immediately.

The stone wall could produce immortal qi. This was another major discovery.

Chen Chen had learned physics in his previous life until the law of Conservation of energy, and this law was also applicable in the world of cultivation.

It was impossible for a treasure to continuously produce immortal gi without any consumption.

Thinking of this, he turned around and leaned on the stone wall to observe the changes. He wanted to see if the stone wall was dimmer.

However, the stone wall did not change at all. Instead, the soil and stones under the stone wall had turned into soft sand.

There was very little energy in the sand. Otherwise, there would not be so few plants in the desert.

Chen Chen instantly came to his senses. His expression changed from shock to ecstasy.

Then, he hurriedly took out a pile of top-grade spirit stones from his storage ring and placed them on the stone wall.

The stone wall flickered with light, and those top-grade spirit stones quickly turned into fine powder.

‘When Chen Chen once again laid on the stone wall, a thick immortal qi instantly surged into his dried up body from the stone wall. That was the amount contained in at least a hundred spirit stones!

And the supreme-grade spirit stones that he had just consumed was only a thousand pieces.

This stone wall could actually convert spiritual aura into immortal aura!

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