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Chapter 522:

Chapter 520, crossing the boundary

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However, there was another thing that made Chen Chen extremely uncomfortable. The huge stone wall behind him did not show any signs of falling off. He did not dare to forcefully drag it. If he wanted to move, he had to carry this huge stone wall on his back.

Although the weight of this stone wall was nothing to him, carrying this thing around like a turtle was not a big deal.

After hesitating for a long time, Chen Chen still did not deal with the stone wall, nor did he return his primordial spirit to his original body. Instead, he began to adapt to his body in this mountain.

One had to know that it took time to adapt to a body. If he switched bodies frequently, he would only make it difficult for both sides to adapt.


At the same time, in the underground palace in the boundless desert, Chen Chen’s main body took a deep breath.

If he wanted to use the law of life to destroy Scorpio’s law of Nirvana, it was not something that could be done in a day or two. When he was in an extremely good condition, he could probably use the law of life for three days without sleep or rest. After that, he would need to rest for two days completely, only

then could he recover to his peak condition.

Just like that, five days of reincarnation had unknowingly lasted for ten cycles. However, only then did Scorpio’s law of Nirvana show signs of being shaken.

It was still unknown how long it would take to destroy it.

To be honest, a young cultivator like Chen Chen was quite patient in doing this kind of thing.

“With your current strength, you only need a hundred years to meet my requirements.”

Scorpio seemed to have seen through Chen Chen’s thoughts and said indifferently.

His tone sounded like he was consoling him, but the blow Chen Chen received was even greater.

To these true spirits, a hundred years was naturally nothing, but to him, he had yet to live for a hundred years.

Not wanting to bring up this topic, Chen Chen asked about the matter regarding his clone.

“Senior Sky Scorpion, can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.”

Sky Scorpion had long been used to Chen Chen’s frequent questions, so he did not refuse.

“Are there immortals in this true spirit world?”Chen Chen asked.

Scorpio frowned when he heard this. “Immortals? It’s hard to say. The true spirit world is too big. I’m not very sure what kind of abilities the immortals in the immortal world have. Maybe they can come down to the lower realms as they please.

“But I’ve lived for so many years and have never seen a true immortal.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s heart began to murmur.

Scorpio had lived for more than a hundred thousand years and had never seen an immortal. The probability of an immortal in this world was extremely low.

“Senior, is there a cultivator with a better physique than an innate dao body?”

Chen Chen asked again.

“Better than an innate dao body? In the past, when the Ascension Tunnel was not blocked, there seemed to be one. But now, I’m afraid there isn’t one.”

“Why is there one when it wasn’t blocked?”

“Hehe, you really have a lot of questions today. Back when the immortal world was connected to the true spirit world, Immortal Qi was released into the true spirit world, and under the influence of Immortal Qi, some strange physiques would naturally be born.”

Sky Scorpion said with a faint smile, its eyes looking straight at Chen Chen, as if it wanted to see through Chen Chen’s heart.

Chen Chen hurriedly lowered his head. This sky scorpion could see through other people’s thoughts, and that was not just talk. It could really see through, so it was better not to look at it directly.

“Senior, what is immortal qi? Is there such a thing in the true spirit world today?”

Although he did not look at Scorpion, Chen Chen still could not help but ask.

“Immortal qi is an extremely high-quality energy. Mortals get their strength through food, self-cultivators get their strength through spiritual energy, and immortals get their strength through immortal qi.

“These three things are progressive. If a mortal absorbs a mouthful of spiritual energy, then they have the possibility of stepping onto the path of self-cultivation. But if they absorb a mouthful of immortal qi, then they will probably not eat or drink for the rest of their lives, and they will be able to survive

without illness or disaster.”

Sky Scorpion’s words were simple and concise. Chen Chen nodded slightly.

“At your master’s level, his strength has already reached a point where there is no way for him to advance. If it wasn’t for the blockage of the Ascension pathway, he might have already ascended.

“Now, if he still wants to increase his strength, he can only rely on immortal energy.”

As Sky Scorpion spoke, he took out a piece of spirit crystal and crushed it with a bang. Then, he exhaled. The spiritual energy within the spirit crystal was instantly dispersed, leaving only a wisp of white gas floating in the air.

Chen Chen recognized this white gas. It was immortal qi.

“The formation of the spirit crystal is extremely slow. When the Spirit Crystal was still a spirit stone, the Ascension Passage was not blocked, so it contains a wisp of immortal qi.

“And ordinary spirit stones rarely contain immortal qi, because they take shape after the ascension passage is blocked.”

As Scorpio finished speaking, he opened his mouth and swallowed the Wisp of Immortal Qi.

“So that’s how it is!”

Chen Chen completely understood that the high value of spirit crystals probably had something to do with this.

But fortunately, there weren’t many experts like Sky Demon City Lord and Sky Scorpion in the true spirit world. Otherwise, the demand would be even greater, and the price of spirit crystals would be sky high.

On the other side, the transverse demon sect.

At this moment, the disciples of the transverse demon sect had all been relocated. The elites of the few super sects were stationed here, and most of their cultivation bases were above the fusion level.

In front of the black hole that led to the other major worlds, a man and a woman were sitting cross-legged.

‘The man and woman looked quite young. The Man’s features were distinct, and there was no aura fluctuation from his body. However, he gave off the feeling of a mountain.

‘The woman was dressed in red robes. The corners of her eyes were extremely long, and there were some strange red patterns on her face, making her look extremely demonic.

‘These two people were the commanders of the demonic city and the evil god temple stationed here. They were both at the Mahayana stage, and were well-known experts in this world.

Especially the male cultivator. He was known as the person with the strongest physical body in this world other than the demonic city lord. Other than that, he was also the number one on the weapon refining list, the Sword Master of the Ten Thousand Transformations True Dragon Indestructible Sword.

Although he was a mahayana cultivator of the younger generation, his true strength was already comparable to the top few people in this world.


The two of them were sitting cross-legged in meditation when the black hole suddenly trembled. Soon after, a hoarse voice came from the inside of the black hole.

“A space passage guarded by two Mahayana cultivators. Are the cultivators of your true spirit world that timid?”

Aman anda woman opened their eyes at the same time and looked at the black hole.

Aight flashed in the eyes of the male cultivator and he said calmly, “My strength is low, so my master asked me to guard the door.”

The female cultivator covered her mouth and giggled. “I’ve offended someone in the sect, and I’m just a useless vase. That’s why I was sent here.”

The hoarse voice in the black hole sneered and replied, “Then let someone from your realm come here. We have something to discuss with you.”

“You can talk to me first. If I think it’s okay, I’ll inform my master.”

The male cultivator said calmly.

“Hehe, tell you? I don’t have time to waste.”

After the hoarse voice was heard, the opening of the black hole suddenly became larger. A moment later, a ray of dark light shot out from it. Then, a figure suddenly appeared in front of the two cultivators, aman and a woman…

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