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Chapter 52: Tianyun Clan Is Wonderful

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Chen Shen’s status of cultivation was now at the peak of the sixth tier of Qi training, which was very different from the third tier of Qi training that he was at previously. At this point, he was at least ten times stronger.

Hence, when he went down the mountain, he descended ten stairs per stride. Within a few minutes, he had already reached the foot of the main peak.

When he arrived at the foot of the mountain, Chen Shen casually questioned someone to find out the location of the outer clan disciples.

Although the Tianyun Mountains were large, the Tianyun Clan only occupied seven or eight peaks in the middle of the mountain range. The mountain peak which the outer clan disciples were located was named Tianqin Peak, which was only more than 3,000 meters away from the main peak.

A few moments later, Chen Shen had already jogged all the way to Tianqin Peak.

Compared to the main peak which was sparsely populated, Tianqin Peak was crowded with people; outer clan disciples who were dressed in white could be seen everywhere.

Seeing such a huge crowd, Chen Shen was suddenly filled with happiness.

Since he was the future clan master of the Tianyun Clan, the disciples were naturally his future subordinates.

“Be careful, don’t spill it.”

When Chen Chen saw an outer clan disciple swaying unsteadily with a bucket of water, he hurriedly went over to help him.

“Thank… thank you, Senior Brother.” The outer clan disciple thanked Chen Chen as he carried the bucket of water away.

“Tsk, tsk, what a hardworking young lad.” Chen Chen said, grinning and staring at the back disciple’s back. He looked like an employer staring at his diligent employee.

Just as he was about to begin traveling up the mountain, a familiar figure appeared in sight.

The figure was Miss Murong. After putting on the uniform of outer clan disciples, she looked less noble. However, the most shocking part was that she, the girl who was famous in Ji Zhou and was known as Heaven’s favorite, was carrying a bucket of water at this moment.

“She’s really impartial! I wonder if she already knows that I have become the successor…” Chen Chen muttered.

He then approached and stood in front of Miss Murong.

Seeing that someone was blocking her way, Miss Murong stopped immediately with a look of displeasure. However, when she realized that it was Chen Chen, she quickly put down the rod and sent to him a little bow.

“Greetings, Successor.”

Chen Chen’s gaze instantly lit up as he began to feel extremely uncomfortable. In his heart, he silently praised Miss Murong eighteen times.

‘Look how polite and understanding this girl is!’

After thinking in his head, Chen Chen smiled and responded calmly, “Junior Sister, you don’t have to be too polite, that’s just a term. You and I are old friends. Just call me Senior Brother.”

When speaking, Chen Chen’s voice was extremely loud. This, with the fact that he said the word ‘successor’, alerted everybody in the area.

“Is he the successor?”

“It seems he is. Look at that arrogant Murong Yunlan haughty being all deferential to him.”

Hearing the chatter of the crowd, Chen Chen’s voice began to grow a little louder again. “Junior Sister, I’m here to visit an old friend. Have you seen Zhang Ji?”

After hearing this and confirming the identity of Chen Chen, the outer clan disciples immediately rushed over to greet him.

He was the future Clan Master whom they dared not offend at all.

“Greetings, Successor! I’m Zhou Jian, an outer clan disciple!”

“Greetings, Successor! I’m Chu Jiang!”

All of a sudden, everyone began bowing and Murong Yunlan’s expression grew extremely complicated.

She never expected that the defiant brat who refused to follow her would suddenly become the successor of the Tianyun Clan. Even if she entered the inner clan in the future, she would still be suppressed.

“You don’t have to be too polite, everyone. We’re all from the same clan, you may just address me as Senior Brother.”

Despite saying so, Chen Chen was actually overjoyed.

His identity as the successor was really rather useful at times.

“Senior Brother, Zhang Ji should be halfway up the mountain. Since we have just entered the outer clan, we have to fetch a certain amount of water every day before we are able to achieve any cultivation level.” Murong Yunlan said respectfully after adjusting her mood.

“Oh I see, I’ll go up the mountain to find him, you guys go about your duties.”

Chen Chen responded with a smile, then strode towards the mountain.

As soon as he left, the outer clan disciples quickly began to uproar.

“So he’s the successor, he seems so grounded and affable. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy at all!”

An outer clan disciple whom Chen Chen had helped, exclaimed excitedly.

“Yeah, and he’s so handsome!” Exclaimed another female outer clan disciple who was swooning over him.

Not long after Chen Chen began making his way up the mountain, he indeed spotted Zhang Ji who was halfway up.

Zhang Ji was carrying two buckets of water and was drenched in sweat but seemed to be over the moon about something.

“Big… brother?”

Zhang Ji was astonished to see Chen Chen but soon grew ecstatic and elated.

“Big Brother, it’s really you, I heard that you became a disciple of the clan master! I was so exhilarated that I couldn’t sleep most of last night!”

Looking at Zhang Ji’s excited expression, Chen Chen felt a bit embarrassed. He hadn’t thought of Zhang Ji in such a long time and he felt that he was being unethical.

“Zhang Ji, I heard Murong Yunlan say that the outer clan disciples have to fetch water everyday before they are able to achieve any cultivation level, but haven’t you already reached the first tier of Qi training?”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Zhang Ji revealed a mysterious expression.

After scanning his surroundings, he then whispered, “Brother, you have no idea. Before I had a cultivation level, I would earn one low-grade Spirit Stone when I made two trips up and down the mountain to fetch water. Now that I have reached the first tier of Qi training, I can make eight trips a day without feeling tired at all! I can earn 40,000 taels by fetching water each day! Oh my God, the Tianyun Clan is wonderful!”

After he spoke, Zhang Ji grew a smug look on his face, as if he was proud of his intelligence and wits.

As Chen Chen listened, the corners of his eyes twitched. ‘It takes so little for him to be satisfied.’

At that moment, he finally realized how privileged he was receiving such great treatment as the successor.

He spent a thousand Spirit Stones in a few days and the clan master didn’t seem to feel a pinch at all. If Zhang Ji were to hear of it, he would probably start doubting his life.

“I’m planning to go to the outer clan elders to register my status of cultivation after I earn a hundred Spirit Stones. By the way, Big Brother, are you running short on Spirit Stones?”

As Zhang Ji spoke, he pulled out three sweat-stained Spirit Stones from his arms and stuffed them into Chen Chen’s hands generously.

“Zhang Ji, I’m the successor, how could I be short on Spirit Stones? Hurry up and register your status of cultivation. Don’t fetch water anymore. I’m the successor of the Tianyun Clan but you’re fetching water for a few Spirit Stones. Aren’t you embarrassing me? From now on, if you need Spirit Stones, come look for me. I don’t need your Spirit Stones either.”

Chen Chen hurriedly returned the three Spirit Stones to Zhang Ji. Even if he didn’t have a conscience, he wouldn’t be at peace with himself if he took the Spirit Stones that Zhang Ji worked hard for.

“But… this is really a rare opportunity…” Zhang Ji appeared to be extremely conflicted.

In his head, all he could think about was ‘40,000 taels a day’.

“Don’t think about all that nonsense. Once I get more familiar with the Tianyun Clan, I’ll arrange for you to go to the main peak, then you’ll learn that four Spirit Stones a day is really just peanuts.” Chen Chen said, expecting better from Zhang Ji.

As Chen Chen and Zhang Ji met on the mountain, the news of Chen Chen’s appearance on Tianqin Peak had also spread to the inner clan disciples who were on the peak.

Hearing this news, a group of inner clan disciples walked towards the two most striking courtyards at the peak, overwhelmed with emotions.

“Oh? Has that kid really gone down the mountain to Tianqin Peak?”

In the courtyard, a playful look appeared on a burly man’s face after hearing the report.

His grandfather was the Chief Elder of the Tianyun Clan, so he naturally knew about Chen Chen’s origins from his grandfather.

“Yes,” answered the inner clan disciple who reported.

Hearing his words, the burly man stood up and sneered, “A hillbilly will always be a hillbilly even if he’s put on a golden throne. Today, I’m going to make everyone in Tianyun Clan realize that fact.”

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