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Chapter 516:

Chapter 514: Neither Life nor death

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The three cultivators were ecstatic when they saw the small formation. Then, they rushed over at lightning speed to see what was inside.

However, the formation emitted seven-colored light and could block spiritual sense. The three of them looked around the formation for a long time but could not find any clues.

Chen Chen did not run fast. Anyway, there was a layer of formation. No matter how fast the three of them flew, they could not break the formation.

The array formation in front of them would take saint heartless more than half a day to break through. The most important part of the last layer was whether or not saint heartless would be able to break through it. Even if he went over, he could only follow them around.


“Fairy, what kind of array formation is this?”

Spiritual Master Green Lotus patted the seven-colored light with all his might, but the light screen did not even tremble.

Spiritual Master Shenbao was a little older, so he was not in such a hurry. However, his eyes were sparkling. Clearly, his heart was not at peace either.

Holy Mother Heartless had a grave expression on her face. She circled the formation and looked at it over and over again. After looking at it for a quarter of an hour, even Chen Chen was worn out by her. Finally, she opened her mouth and said, “This is a reverse formation…”

Reverse Formation?

Spiritual Master Shenbao and Spiritual Master Green Lotus looked at each other in confusion.

“The true protective surface of the formation is inward, and outward is only the weak side. If such a formation does not enter the inner part, no one will be able to tell what is going on.”

“If the weak surface is so strong… then what about the inner part?”

Reverend Green Lotus said in shock.

Although he had just casually knocked on the formation, his strength was no weaker than that of an ordinary unity cultivator’s attack. In the end, the formation didn’t even have the slightest reaction.

He had a feeling that even if he used all his strength, he wouldn’t be able to shake this formation in the slightest. But now, Holy Mother Heartless actually said that this formation was only the weak side..

“Is this array formation impossible to break?”Daoist Master Shenbao said unwillingly.

Sacred Mother Heartless looked at the enormous spirit energy passage above her head and muttered, “If it’s just a defensive array formation, we definitely won’t be able to break it with our strength. But if this array formation is added with these spirit energy passages, then it’ll be different.

“If everyone dares to take the risk, we can enter this array formation through the Spirit Energy Passage.”

Hearing this, the others fell silent.

Only God knew what was inside the array formation. If there was a true spirit inside and this channel was used to deliver food to the true spirit, wouldn’t they be sending themselves to their deaths if they went in?

And it was the kind that was delivered directly to their stomachs!

“If you don’t dare, We’ll stop here this time. It might not be a bad choice to give up in time.”

Sacred mother heartless said calmly when she saw the look of fear on the faces of Reverend Green Lotus and Reverend Divine Treasure.

“Fairy, Can I give this puppet a try?”Reverend Green Lotus felt indignant when he heard this. He gritted his teeth and summoned a puppet that was as tall as a person.

‘This puppet was a woman. It was impossible to tell that it was a puppet just by looking at its appearance. In fact, its eyes even had the same glow as a human’s.

Sacred mother heartless shook her head and said, “You’ve seen it too. I don’t know what’s inside this formation that can devour the spirit of a magic treasure. If this puppet of yours enters, I’m afraid that it won’t take long for it to become one of the trash that we’ve encountered.”

Upon hearing this, Reverend Green Lotus no longer spoke, as if he had already given up.

Reverend Divine Treasure’s eyes flickered, and he furrowed his brows tightly, as if he was in a dilemma.

Spiritual Master Qinglian and saint heartless looked at him, waiting for him to make a decision.

‘When Spiritual Master Shenbao’s face began to glow with a fierce light as if he had made up his mind, a voice suddenly came from the side.

“How about I give it a try, seniors?”

Hearing this voice, the three cultivators who were transcending the tribulation turned their heads at the same time and looked at Chen Chen at the side.

Daoist master shenbao exclaimed directly, Absolutely not. Little City Lord, you are the disciple of the old man, the Heavenly Devil City Lord. If anything happens to you, I will not be able to bear the consequences.”

Although he said so, the viciousness on his face had disappeared. Clearly, he had made some sort of decision.

When Chen Chen saw this, he smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. The three seniors may not know this, but this is just a clone of mine. Even if it is damaged, it is not to the point of being irreparable to me.”

“A clone?”

The three of them revealed shocked expressions. At the same time, they were secretly glad that they did not have any bad ideas. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“This… a clone is extremely rare. If it’s lost…”the immortal Shenbao began to put on an act again.

The nearby immortal Qinglian could not stand it any longer and said directly, “Young friend, if you dare to go in, we won’t refuse. If you really lose this clone, we’ll give you two-thirds of the harvest this time as compensation.

“If not, then forget about the things inside this formation, and we’ll split the harvest equally with you. What do you think?”

“Sure, but if the things inside aren’t of much use to you seniors, I hope you’ll allow me to buy them at a high price.”

Chen Chen said with a faint smile, without the slightest bit of nervousness on his face.

‘There were no cultivators or true spirits inside. Moreover, the system had said that the most powerful person in this place was the spiritual master of Divine Treasures, so there weren’t any monsters inside. What was he afraid of?

If there were really some good treasures inside, as the first person to come into contact with them, he would have a certain advantage.

“Of course, of course!”

“Of course!”

Spiritual Master Green Lotus and Spiritual Master of the Divine Treasure repeatedly agreed with sincere expressions. Only Holy Mother Heartless took a deep look and didn’t say anything.

After that, Holy Mother Heartless found a small-scale formation that was connected to a thick spiritual energy pipe and began to break the formation.

After busying herself for half a day, the small formation was successfully broken, revealing a dharma treasure that had lost most of its spirituality.

Chen Chen did not even glance at the Dharma treasure before entering the formation. The spiritual energy pipe inside was about the size of a person, just enough for him to pass through.

“Little City Lord, be careful. If there is any danger, just casually launch a few attacks. We will sense it from the outside.”

Before he left, Daoist Master Shenbao instructed.

“Okay, I will.”

Chen Chen said with a smile. Then, without any hesitation, he entered the spirit energy pipe and slowly squirmed toward the center of the array formation.

At first, the voices of three cultivators transcending the tribulation could still be heard from behind, but after a moment, the surroundings became silent.

Chen Chen was also a person who had seen the world, so he could not be frightened by such a situation. After wriggling for an hour, the scene in front of him suddenly became clear.

“Tm finally here.”

Chen Chen muttered and then increased his speed. Not long after, he drilled out from the spiritual energy pipe and landed in the center of the array formation.

“This is…”

Looking at the thing in front of him, shock flashed in Chen Chen’s eyes.

He had thought about what kind of unknown monster was inside, and he had also thought about what kind of evil thing had not been fully nurtured, but he did not expect..

It was actually a person!

And it was a naked man lying on a white boulder!

“No… This doesn’t seem to be a person!”

Chen Chen looked again carefully and found something strange. The boulder that this person was lying on seemed to be connected to this person.

More accurately speaking, this person seemed to have grown out of the rock.

“sun Wukong?”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, then immediately shook his head and began to ask the system.

“Aside from me, are there any living things within a hundred meters?”?


“Are there any corpses?”


Chen Chen asked a few questions in a row, but the system did not point out the existence of this thing.

As for what was precious or valuable, it did not mention this thing.

It seemed that this thing was neither alive nor dead, it was between life and object, so the system was unable to give an accurate answer.

Looking at the chest that seemed to be still beating, Chen Chen changed the question, “System, other than my heart, is there a heart nearby?”

“Yes, there is. The host is about to give birth to spiritual wisdom, the heart of an innate immortal spirit that is nurtured by the Heaven and Earth..”

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