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Chapter 512:

Chapter 510, invitation

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Looking at the palm-sized Scorpio in front of him, Chen Chen sighed with emotion.

Other cultivators true spirits were all seeking to become stronger, but this Scorpio was actually thinking of ways to destroy a trace of the law of Nirvana.

Why was this necessary?

Forget it, the world of the strong didn’t really understand, so he would just follow his instructions. It was just that he didn’t know how long this destruction would take?

Chen Chen sighed in his heart. Then, he followed the guidance of Sky Scorpion and began to inject the law of life into Sky Scorpion’s body.


Unknowingly, three months had passed. The outside world already had the faint news of the great world crack appearing in the Hengduan Devil sect. Although it didn’t cause much of a stir.., but the medicinal pills in ascending dragon city that could increase cultivation and heal injuries had unknowingly

been sold a lot more.

Chen Chen had asked his third senior brother Dongfang conglong a few times in private, but Dongfang conglong only said that he did not know, so he did not ask any more questions.

In three months, he had been cultivating in Yin Yang palace endlessly and had made some achievements. His body-refining cultivation was only one step away from entering the form synthesis stage.

‘When the time came, his body of the form synthesis stage coupled with the skeleton of the tribulation-transcending stage, the combat strength of his avatar would probably be stronger than his original body. After all, the Wan Hua Shenfeng was also stronger than this avatar at the moment.

‘City Lord, a distinguished guest has come to visit us. We have been waiting for two days.”

On this day, Chen Chen walked out of the Yin Yang Palace with great difficulty. As soon as he appeared in the city Lord’s mansion, Chen an came over.

“Distinguished Guest, who is it?”

Chen Chen asked curiously.

‘City Lord, do you still remember the spiritual treasure master who sold you the Spirit Ascension Pills? It’s him! He has gotten so many spiritual crystals, but he hasn’t spent any less in rising dragon city recently. In addition to his cultivation of the tribulation transcension stage, everyone in Rising Dragon

City regards him as a distinguished guest.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen nodded.

A god of wealth at the crossing calamity stage had waited for him for two days, so he definitely had to meet him. After using his spiritual sense to sense for a while, he found the spiritual master of Shenbao sitting cross-legged in the side hall of the city Lord’s mansion.

The spiritual master of Shenbao had obviously noticed Chen Chen at this time. He opened his eyes slightly and revealed a faint smile.

‘Little City Lord, you’ve finally come out of your closed-door cultivation. It’s not in vain for me to wait here for you for two days.”

Chen Chen heard this and smiled back. ‘I’m usually so engrossed in cultivation that I’ve neglected senior. I hope senior can forgive me.”

After saying this, Chen Chen took a step forward. When he reappeared, he was already in the side hall.

Seeing Chen Chen with his own eyes, a trace of envy appeared in the eyes of the Spiritual Master of Divine Treasure.

“After not seeing you for a period of time, the cultivation of the little city Lord has improved again, which makes me admire you. Alas, it’s a pity that at my level, bitter cultivation alone is no longer of much use. Only by going out to look for opportunities can I fight for the chance to advance.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen exchanged a few more pleasantries with him before asking, “May I know why senior has come to visit?”

Upon hearing this, Daoist priest Shenbao also thought of his purpose for coming. He stood up and said, “Little City Lord, you are from Heavenly Devil City. You should have heard about the matter of the crack in the great world, right?

“In the future, there might be cultivators from other worlds coming to our world. We can only improve our strength so that we can better cope with the changes in the future.”

“Senior, if you have something to say, just say it”Chen Chen said with a soft laugh.

How could he not know that the crack was created by him? As for what this spiritual master of Divine Treasure said, it should be an ambush for his purpose of this trip. This made him even more curious about what this person was here for.

spiritual Master of Divine Treasure looked around and set up a simple shielding formation. Then, he said in a low voice, “To tell you the truth, Little City Lord, one of my disciples has discovered a huge secret realm in the land of alienation!”

Hearing this, Chen Chen raised his eyebrows and said, “Secret realm? Then I must congratulate Senior!”

“Alas, Little City Lord, you don’t know. The array inside this secret realm is mysterious, and I can’t break through it by myself. More importantly, the rules of the world inside this secret realm seem to be different from the true spirit world, I Can’t use any power of laws inside.

‘Little City Lord, you also know that I’m an itinerant cultivator. When I encounter this kind of situation, I can only call my friends and go in to find out what’s going on. After all, it’s a win-win situation…”

The Daoist priest of Divine Treasure narrated the sufferings of itinerant cultivators. If he hadn’t become a tribulation-transcending cultivator and lived for tens of thousands of years, Chen Chen would have believed it.

“Cough, cough. Senior, this junior only has the cultivation base of body fusion. How can I have the qualifications to explore the mystic realm with you?”

Chen Chen said with a light cough.

The Daoist priest of divine treasure was not anxious when he heard this. Instead, he took out a broken scabbard.

‘Little City Lord, I entered that Mystic Realm once. This thing was obtained at the periphery of the mystic realm. Do you think this is a treasure?”

Chen Chen silently took the scabbard and began to use the system to identify what this thing was.

Not long after, a look of shock flashed across his eyes.

Although this scabbard was broken, it actually contained some kind of divine gold.

This kind of divine gold had a single word, spirit, and was called Spirit Divine Gold.

Its unique characteristic was that it could absorb the surrounding spiritual energy and cultivate itself, Its upper limit was also very high.

This kind of divine gold was the top material to make puppets. The eighth-ranked “Heaven’s origin battle immortal’was made of this material. It was said that this puppet had a top battle record of holding off three Mahayana with one weapon. It could be said to be terrifying.

Unfortunately, the spirituality of the divine gold in the scabbard had been completely destroyed. Who knew what kind of treasure could have such power?

“There is divine gold in this scabbard. If the saber inside is still intact, this saber with a set of treasures in the scabbard might be able to enter the top fifty of the refining list.”

Chen Chen took a deep breath and said.

He was not talking nonsense. The scabbard had used divine gold. One could imagine what kind of saber that saber was.

“aiya!”! “As expected of the Little City Lord. His ability to appraise treasures is really first-class!”! “I admire you!”! “You have to know that in order to appraise this scabbard, I had to find three top refiners. They observed it together and only then could they see the spiritual divine gold inside!”

Even though the spiritual treasure master flattered him, Chen Chen still smiled and did not say anything.

‘When the spiritual treasure master saw this scene, he knew that Chen Chen was not an ordinary young cultivator who could be successfully fooled with a single trick, he immediately sighed and said, “There are generations of people. Little City Lord, I won’t beat around the bush. I’m here to invite you to

explore that secret realm, but don’t worry, I Wont let you take any risks.

“In addition to you, I’ve also invited a few old friends. Each of them has their own strengths. We’ve cooperated with each other a few times. If we really encounter any difficulties, we’ll solve them.

“However, if we encounter any unknown treasures in the secret realm, welll need you to help us determine if it’s worth taking the risk.

“When we get out, you’ll be the one to determine the value of the items we’ve obtained, and then divide them reasonably.

“As for the reward for you, you can choose two items as long as they’re not what we old fellows urgently need.

“I wonder, what do you think, Little City Lord?”

After saying this, the spiritual master of Shenbao looked at Chen Chen expectantly, waiting for Chen Chen’s answer.

Chen Chen caressed the scabbard and fell into deep thought.

Spiritual divine gold could be destroyed, but the saber that was not found might not be made of spiritual divine gold.

If it was other divine gold, he could take it back and give it to Lian Yang, and perhaps he could get another type of divine gold.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen’s heart was moved. He raised his head and said, “Senior, you have to tell me in advance what you are urgently needing.”

‘When the Spiritual Master of Divine Treasure heard this, he knew that Chen Chen had agreed, he immediately rejoiced and said, “Of course! I Won’t hide it from the Little City Lord. What I most urgently need is a treasure that can increase my lifespan or increase my cultivation. Other things are dispensable to


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