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Chapter 509:

Chapter 507, escape

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However, at this moment, there was no one at the entrance of the cave. There was only a gentle breeze.

“He ran really fast.”

The thin and small cultivator muttered softly. A Ray of light flashed across his blood-red eyes. In the next second, he disappeared from where he was.

Feeling the stream of light shooting toward him from behind, Chen Chen felt quite depressed. Without saying anything, he directly called Ao Yu out.

“Brother AO, I called you out to run!”



A dragon’s roar sounded in the sky above the entire Hengduan Devil sect. Ao Yu suddenly appeared in the void. As soon as he appeared, Chen Chen sat on its back. The Man and the dragon flew toward the distant sky at high speed.

“F*ck! Is that a real dragon?”

“Look, eldest senior brother is chasing after them!”

“Eldest senior brother is so fast!”

such a huge commotion naturally alerted the disciples of the Hengduan Devil Sect. Many of them ran out and shouted at the sky.

Broken Spirit was no exception. Looking at eldest senior brother who was chasing after her like a fashion, her eyes were filled with both panic and fear. After the two rays of light had completely disappeared into the horizon, she gritted her teeth and flew toward the peak of her junior brother’s mountain.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, who is the person behind this? What is going on?”

‘Ao Yu flew forward with all his might, but when he sensed that the light behind him was gradually approaching, he couldn’t help but ask.

It should be known that he was now at the late stage of the form synthesis realm. In addition, his bloodline was already very close to the true spirit realm, so his speed was rarely comparable among those at the form synthesis realm.

But even so, the person behind it was still gradually approaching, which made it greatly alarmed.

“The mighty figures from other worlds have possessed it. F * ck, it’s probably a mahayana cultivator. Even if they possessed it, we wouldn’t be a match for them!”

As Chen Chen spoke, he took out his communication token and also a scroll.

This scroll was precisely the life-saving item given to him by the Heavenly Devil City Lord. At the critical moment, it could teleport him tens of thousands of miles away.

He had no choice. This skinny cultivator who was possessed by him gave him too much pressure. He had no choice but to take out this thing.

After all, cultivators from other worlds would not give Heavenly Devil City face.

“Senior brother, there is a spatial crack in the transverse demon sect. It seems to lead to other…”

Chen Chen was about to send a message to his third senior brother, Dongfang conglong, when a sharp whistle suddenly came from behind him!


The voice was extremely sharp and piercing like a sharp sword. Chen Chen only felt a sharp pain in his head. When he came back to his senses, the communication token in his hand had already turned into dust.

“E * ck! What kind of secret technique is this?”

Chen Chen cried out in surprise and turned his head around. He saw that the thin and small cultivator was less than ten miles away from him. He could clearly feel the killing intent in his eyes even though he was so far away.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, we’re about to be caught. Should I try to stall him?”

‘Ao Yu’s huge dragon eyes were filled with determination as he growled in a low voice.

He didn’t know that Chen Chen had such a supreme treasure like the spatial teleportation scroll. The first thing that came to his mind in this situation was that he wanted to stall him.

“Let’s give it a try together. I don’t believe that he has the strength of the Tribulation Transcending Stage!”

Chen Chen gritted his teeth and shouted. As soon as he finished his words, Ao Yu suddenly turned around and shot out a green spiritual light.


With a shocking explosion, the green spiritual light directly hit the thin cultivator. However, before Ao Yu could rejoice, the thin cultivator rushed out from the spiritual light.

At this time, a layer of black spiritual light appeared on his body. An extremely powerful pressure was emitted from the spiritual light.


With a low shout, the skinny cultivator’s speed suddenly increased by a notch, and he appeared directly behind Ao Yu.

That skinny and small body suddenly erupted with an extremely terrifying power. He punched out, and his fist was actually wrapped with at least four types of law energy.



‘Ao Yu directly took a punch and let out a painful roar. Then, he fell toward the ground like a meteor.

“What a tough dragon body…”

‘The skinny cultivator murmured and threw another punch toward Chen Chen.

Before the powerful punch arrived, the terrifying Qi had already locked onto Chen Chen, making it impossible for him to dodge.

Chen Chen made up his mind and also threw a punch with all his strength.

The skeleton of his body was the skeleton of a body-refining cultivator who had transcended the tribulation. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to defeat the body of this body of a soul separation stage cultivator.

With this punch, the fists of the two of them instantly collided.


With an explosion, an invisible shock wave began to spread in all directions, forming a strong hurricane. The ground began to crack.

Chen Chen grunted and retreated rapidly. Finally, he was caught by Ao Yu, who had regained his balance.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, Are You Alright?”

“Uh… I’m fine.”

Chen Chen stretched out his hand. Seeing that his palm to his elbow had turned into white bones, he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

“Are You Alright?”

‘Tm fine too.”

As Ao Yu spoke, he moved his tail. It was only then that Chen Chen realized that Ao Yu’s tail had gone bald.

“It’s intolerable!”

Chen Chen cursed as he took out a medicinal pill and swallowed it. At this moment, the thin and small figure appeared once again. His body was wrapped in black light, and his physical body was actually fine.

“For a form synthesis stage cultivator to be able to exchange a punch with me, it seems that the cultivators of this world aren’t too declining. You should be a disciple of a large sect in this world, a heaven’s favorite, right?”

The skinny cultivator said calmly, but before Chen Chen could answer, he shot straight at Chen Chen again.

“You’re going too far!”

Chen Chen shouted angrily, and the Wan Hua Godly Blade flew out of his body and into his perfectly fine hand.

“Brother Ao, return to Long Ze!”

With a sword in his hand, Chen Chen kept ao Yu into long ze, and then poured all of his spiritual power and Blood Qi into the Wan Hua Godly Blade.

With a dragon’s roar, the ten thousand transformation divine blade suddenly shot out a beam of light, and the sword Qi shot straight to the sky!

Atrace of shock flashed in the thin cultivator’s eyes when he saw this, but at this time, he had already flown not far above Chen Chen.


Seeing the thin cultivator charging at him, Chen Chen swung his sword with all his strength!

The ten thousand transformation divine blade instantly collided with the black light on the thin cultivator’s fist!


Energy tides spread out in all directions. The area within a hundred miles was as bright as day. The surrounding forest disappeared in the blink of an eye, turning into a wasteland.

This energy tide lasted for more than a minute before it completely disappeared.

In the dark night, the thin and small figure floated in the sky. There was no one below him.

“A spatial teleportation scroll. It seems to be the disciple of a mahayana cultivator. No wonder he has such strength and such a magical treasure.”

The thin and small cultivator retracted his fist.


Aseries of crisp sounds rang out. Cracks began to appear on the black light around him, and finally, with a bang, it completely shattered.

“This fleshly body is still too weak. Sigh, now that the news has spread, I have to speed up my progress.”

As the skinny cultivator spoke, he flew in the direction of the transverse demon sect. As he flew, cracks began to appear on his body, and a large amount of blood fell to the ground, making popping sounds like falling rocks.

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