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Chapter 506: Chapter 504, the Strange Sect

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The border between the southern domain and the land of Hua Wai was more than 100,000 miles away from rising dragon city.

Although it was not close, it was indeed close to the other places in Heavenly Devil City.

However, that area was relatively unfamiliar to Chen Chen because he seemed to have intentionally or unintentionally avoided that area when he entered the southern domain through the teleportation formation from the land of Hua Wai.

However, when the Li Xian sect had been migrating, they had heard from some cultivators that that area was very chaotic. In fact, it was even more chaotic than the outer realm.

This was because there were often cultivators from the entire sect migrating through that area. However, because these cultivators came from the outer realm, their cultivations were average.

On the other hand, the cultivators at the border of the southern domain were relatively strong. Therefore, there were often cases where the entire sect of migrating cultivators disappeared.

“City Lord, why don’t I go with you”

Chen An, who had been following Chen Chen all this time, asked softly as he packed his things.

Chen Chen shook his head. “There’s no need. The unity of this rising dragon city is limited. If you leave after I leave, there’ll only be one person left. Although no one dares to behave atrociously in the territory of Heavenly Devil City, it’s still better to be careful.”

“Then, City Lord… will it be unsafe for you to be alone?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring a few distraction cultivators over.”

After saying that, Chen Chen had already packed his things. He had long ze with him, ao Yu and mung bean in long ze. It was completely enough for him.

As for bringing a few distraction cultivators, it was just to support the situation.

‘When he left Rising Dragon City, Chen Chen picked two good men from the city guards and headed straight for the Hengduan Devil Sect.

Chen Chen was used to being extravagant, so he did not save any money and directly took the teleportation array.

‘When he walked out of the teleportation array, he was less than ten thousand miles away from the Hengduan Devil sect.

Because he was wearing the clothes of a cultivator from heavenly devil city, all the cultivators he met along the way avoided him. No one dared to come up and look for trouble. Therefore, after half a day, the three of them arrived at the Hengduan Devil sect smoothly.

The Hengduan Devil Sect was located in an endless mountain range. The environment here was extremely harsh. Not a single blade of grass grew within a thousand miles. Chen Chen had just arrived when he smelled a strong smell of sulfur. However, he had to admit that.., this kind of place was suitable

for body tempering.

‘When they arrived at the front gate of Hengduan Mountain, they did not even need to speak. The devil cultivator guarding the gate saw the clothes of the three of them and staggered back to the sect to report.

After about a minute, more than a thousand cultivators came out from the withered yellow mountain.

Chen Chen took a look. Most of them were low-level cultivators below the void refining stage. There were less than twenty split-soul cultivators. As for the unity cultivators, there was not a single one.

Such a sect was actually a subsidiary sect of Heavenly Devil City.

“City Lord, the sect master of Hengduan Devil Sect, Duan Shan, is actually quite powerful. He is at the late stage of the unity stage, but I don’t know why he died. Now, only these small fish and shrimp are left.”

Chen Chen noticed this and paid special attention to it. Only then did he notice that the thin cultivator’s shoes were also somewhat special. If he wasn’t mistaken, they seemed to be made from some kind of special true spirit skin.

The value of these shoes could be imagined. Ordinary unity cultivators might not even have them.

As for the other two cultivators, they didn’t expose anything of extremely high value.

Chen Chen tried to use the system to track them, but he was shocked.

The four of them had a lot of scattered treasures on them, but they were all hidden under their clothes.

He came so suddenly that the four cultivators probably found a piece of ordinary clothes to put on outside, blocking some of the treasures that they carried with them.

There were so many treasures outside, what was in the storage ring?

Chen Chen did not dare to imagine.

‘When he officially stepped into the Hengduan Devil sect, his expression became much grimmer.

He did not have any intention of robbing them. Although these four people’s wealth was better than that of an ordinary unity cultivator, compared to him, they were just a few smelly younger brothers.

What he was puzzled about was how the four personal disciples of such a remote sect could have such rich wealth?

Rob a sect that had migrated to the southern domain?

That was impossible. How could those sects have such good things?

He knew how poor Li Xian was before he met her. She only had a few crystals on her.

Could it be that these four people had deceived their masters and killed their ancestors, killing Duan Shan, and splitting his things?

That was also unlikely.

With their cultivation bases, Duan Shan, who was in the late form synthesis stage, was lying motionless. These four people could do nothing about it.

What was going on?

Chen Chen silently released his spiritual sense to the maximum and began to inspect the environment of the sect.

It had to be said that the buildings in the sect were quite simple. Most of the disciples’cultivation rooms were caves.

The other disciples‘clothes were also very ordinary and matched the environment of the sect. The only ones who were abnormal were the four direct disciples.

It seemed that he had to thoroughly understand the four direct disciples,

this traversing Devil sect seemed to be hiding some unspeakable secret..

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