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Chapter 505: Chapter 503, New Mission

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“It really is a pill!”

The spiritual master of Shenbao exclaimed in a low voice.

Chen Chen felt contempt in his heart when he heard this. He had to be half-honest and half-fake to trick people. How could he lie about something like a pill?

Did he really take a cultivator at the crossing calamity stage as a Fool?

“You, come over and smell it.”

Chen Chen removed the impurities from the pill and called the huge distracted cultivator over.

The cultivator did not hesitate and immediately ran over to sniff it.

The corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched as he asked, “What does it feel like?”

“It feels great!”

“Be more specific…”

“Thave a feeling that my entire body is completely transparent, as if I’m about to sublimate,”the cultivator answered truthfully.

Chen Chen sighed in his heart. After all, this was a heaven mending pill that could increase a cultivator’s aptitude. It would be strange if this cultivator did not have this kind of feeling after stabilizing himself.

If he were to be sniffed by this cultivator, he would probably lose two spirit crystals, or even more.

After all, the value of this heaven mending pill was far more than three thousand spirit crystals. However, he had no choice. In order to trick these two tribulation transcending cultivators, he could only give this cultivator a slight advantage.

“The Spirit Ascension Pill can increase the bloodline of true spirit descendants, and it also has a slight effect on a cultivator’s bloodline. Hehe, can this be verified now?”

Chen Chen said as he put away the pill, and his face revealed a look of heartache.

“I don’t believe it, smell it for me!”

A disciple of the masked cultivator said in disbelief.

Hearing this, Chen Chen glared at him and spat out the word “Scram.”.

At this time, the Daoist master of the divine treasure completely believed that the thing was a spirit ascension pill, he smiled and said, “The little city lord is really capable, to actually be able to recognize a lost pill and even have the courage to spend three thousand spirit crystals to buy this pill. This old

man admires you. Looks like I’ll have to come to this rising dragon city often in the future.”

Hearing his words, the cultivators outside also began to believe in Chen Chen’s ability without any doubt.

At this time, if they were to suspect that he had hired a child support, then it would not be a question, but rather, it would be a smart move.

Even the masked cultivator from the evil god temple only snorted coldly and did not say anything else.

“Everyone, I don’t care how the Rising Dragon City was in the past, but I guarantee that in the future, the Rising Dragon City will definitely become one of the few big cities in the southern domain. If you develop in the Rising Dragon City Now, you will definitely have a good harvest in the future!”

‘When he said this, many of the surrounding cultivators were moved.

It had to be said that the recent changes in ascending dragon city were indeed huge. Not only did it have the Divine Dog Tower, but it also held an auction that could attract tribulation transcending cultivators.

Although it had not been a year in the outside world, in fact, he had already been cultivating in the Yin Yang Palace for three years.

‘Three years of hard cultivation, one could imagine how boring it was.

“Wait for it. When you reach the form synthesis stage, the split-soul stage will be under me, so you can only do chores.”

Chen Chen said with a smile.

‘There was no need to be tactful between him and Yuan Qingtian. The fact was that the split-soul stage was really a chores for him.

“Form synthesis stage… then I’ll have to cultivate for another three years… senior brother, why don’t I stay outside for ten days to half a month before I go back to cultivate?”

Yuan Qingtian smiled bitterly.

Chen Chen shook his head. This kid could be considered to have a family, but he still couldn’t hold back his temper.

After hesitating for a moment, he said, “How about this, you go to the Li Xian sect and take my disciple Huang Li and the other two cultivators who followed me back then.”

“Okay! I promise to complete the mission!”

Yuan Qingtian’s expression immediately tumed from dark to clear.

“After you go out, go get some treasures first. I’ve already prepared them for you…”

‘As Chen Chen was speaking, a communication token in his storage ring lit up.

‘Taking out the communication token, Chen Chen’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise.

‘The one who sent him the message was actually his third senior brother, Dongfang conglong, who had not contacted him for nearly a year.

“Junior brother, do you have free time?”

Seeing this short question, Chen Chen hurriedly replied, “Yes, do you have any arrangements for me?”

To be honest, he had joined Heavenly Devil City and enjoyed the benefits of Heavenly Devil City. He had almost no position in Heavenly Devil City to do anything.

‘Asa person who cared about his reputation, he still felt a little guilty.

Now that third senior brother was looking for him, it was most likely a matter for the Heavenly Devil City. He had no reason to refuse.

‘The truth was just as he had thought. Not long after, Dongfang conglong sent another message.

“Junior brother, there is a sect at the junction of the southern region and the outer lands. It is called the Hengduan Demon sect. It has always been a subsidiary sect of our Heavenly Devil City. In the past two days, the sect master and a supreme elder have died one after another. Now, the strongest person

in the sect has become a split-god realm. A few personal disciples have fought for the position of sect master.

“You can take some time to see what has happened. If you like someone, let him be the sect master.

“Although the Hengduan Devil Sect’s strength is average, they can help our Sky Devil City monitor the supernatural realm. You are the closest to that place and have a high status. Senior Brother thought of you immediately.”

“Senior brother, don’t worry. I will definitely do this well.”

Chen Chen replied decisively..

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