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Chapter 503: Chapter 501, the Heaven Mending Pill

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“This is…”

Seeing this very ordinary looking bead, the masked cultivator frowned slightly, and his gaze became somewhat hesitant.

Although this bead looked ordinary, how could a treasure that could be specially taken out by a Divine Treasure Daoist be an ordinary item?

“Fellow Daoist Yang, you can freely observe it without any psychological pressure. Actually, I’m not sure what this thing is either. It’s just that seeing this little city lord so confident, it was a spur of the moment idea to take this thing out. It might just be an ordinary inner core.”

The Daoist priest of the divine treasure laughed lightly and said it very casually.

However, the masked cultivator didn’t take it seriously. Although this Daoist priest of the divine treasure was an itinerant cultivator, he had lived for a long time, so his family background was rich. More importantly, this person was extremely proud of himself.

A proud person would take out an ordinary thing. Impossible, absolutely impossible!

Thinking of this, the masked cultivator already held the bead in his hand.

The bead was cold to the touch, and there was not much majestic spiritual energy in it. It felt like a stone in his hand, which made him hesitate.

Was It really just a stone?

The masked cultivator thought so in his heart, but he did not say it out loud. If he said it out loud, and it was a treasure, wouldn’t it be called blind?

Thinking of this, he gently put down the bead, shook his head, and said, “I’m not good at looking treasures. I can’t tell what kind of treasure this is.”

Ahint of disappointment flashed in the Spiritual Master of Divine Treasure’s eyes when he heard this. However, he quickly disappeared and turned to look at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen saw all the changes in his eyes.

Why was this spiritual Master of divine treasure disappointed? Could it be that he really didn’t know what this bead was?

“Let me take a look.”

No matter what, Chen Chen still held the bead in his hand and began to pretend to observe it.

“System, where is the most valuable item within ten centimeters?”

“In the host’s hands, it’s called the Heaven Mending Pill.”

Heaven mending pill..

Hearing this name, Chen Chen’s heart thumped. Although he didn’t know much about alchemy, he was still from the Jade Tripod sect after all, so he was still familiar with the names of some medicinal pills.

The Heaven Mending Pill was a type of medicinal pill that had been lost for a long time. It could fill in the gaps in the innate state and raise the quality of the cultivator.

The value of this medicinal pill could be imagined. It was truly a priceless treasure.

If he swallowed it, even though it wouldn’t allow him to become an innate dao body, he should be able to become a postnatal dao body after swallowing a few.

This postnatal dao body was also a legendary thing. Before the upper realm and the immortal world were cut off, there were some top cultivators who could use some special methods to change a person’s aptitude.

This postnatal dao body was one of them. Although it could not be compared to the innate dao body, it was still far stronger than the spirit body.

Seeing this pill, Chen Chen’s thoughts became active.

His original aptitude was the spirit body. Although it was considered to be above average in the upper realm, it was still inferior to the top. For example, Netherworld, that was a genuine innate dao body.

Once these words were said, the surrounding people were in an uproar, and discussions started outside the hall.

Only the spiritual master Shenbao was slightly disappointed.

This was not out of Chen Chen’s expectations.

Although the spirit raising pill was precious, it was of no use to the Spiritual Master Shenbao.

A person who loved to collect rare treasures probably didn’t have the resources to raise a powerful true spirit descendant.

And that was the only way he could say that this Zhenren Shenbao had a small chance of choosing to sell this pill.

If he said that this pill could increase his lifespan, then Zhenren Shenbao definitely wouldn’t sell it.

He also thought for a long time before deciding to say that this pill was a spirit ascension pill.

“Then what’s the value of the Spirit Ascension Pill?”

Zhenren Shenbao asked.

Chen Chen was secretly happy when he heard this. Once he started asking about the value, it meant that there were signs of a sale.

However, he did not answer. Instead, he looked at the appraiser behind him.

“Lam only in charge of appraising treasures. As for the value, I am not very clear about it. After all, this is a lost medicinal pill. It is not sold outside. It is better for you to tell me about it.”

‘When the appraiser heard this, he fell into deep thought. On the way, he would occasionally look at Chen Chen, hoping to receive a hint from the city lord.

However, Chen Chen actually turned his head away, not looking at him at all.

Seeing this, he could only tell the truth.

“Actually, I’ve also heard of the pill formula. It requires four types of special true spirit blood to be combined to refine it. The reason why this pill has been lost is because one of the true spirits hasn’t appeared in the world for who knows how many years.

This pill could be considered a priceless treasure for a true spirit descendant who was about to advance to a true spirit.

“For cultivators who have powerful true spirit descendants and pet beasts, it is also an extremely precious medicinal pill,

“But after all, consuming this medicinal pill only has a chance of improving one’s bloodline, and there is no guarantee. Therefore, I took the liberty to give this medicinal pill a value of… 3,000,3,000 spirit crystals.”

3,000 spirit crystals!

These words weren’t deliberately hidden from anyone, and all the cultivators outside the hall heard it.

3,000 crystals, what kind of concept was that?

It was comparable to the entire assets of a decent sect.

With these 3,000 crystals, one could even participate in the city’s auction, which was truly priceless!

“Hahaha! 3,000 crystals! Little City Lord, you’re not bad, to be able to tell the truth after encountering such a treasure, you’re indeed worthy of being the disciple of the Heavenly Devil City Lord!”

The immortal treasure was naturally ecstatic to the extreme.

3,000 crystals, even for him, a cultivator at the crossing calamity stage, was an extremely terrifying wealth..

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