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Chapter 5: A Pig with a Dream


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Late night.

It was pitch black at Stone Village.

A black shadow quietly approached Chen Chen’s house.

This black shadow was Wei Laosan. He was a professional killer known for his skills and techniques, never missing. A well-known figure in the industry in Shishan County, his nickname was “Little Hell King.”


Looking at the pitch-black dirt house not far away, Wei Laosan felt insulted.

Why would this shabby home need a veteran killer like him? It was an insult to his professionalism.

Humph! If it weren’t for the 30 taels of silver he would receive, he would definitely not accept this kind of job. It was too easy, even for beginners.

Subtly, he got close to the wall of the dirt house and looked around. Then, he took out a sharp knife and began to gently pry open the window.

In the dark, his movements were extremely subtle, almost inaudible.

What was professionalism? This was professionalism!

“Oink! Oink!”


Suddenly, there were a few grunts from the pigpen next to the house, which made Wei Laosan tremble.

‘Damn, these peasants can’t even feed their pigs properly. How are they worth thirty taels? My client is really blind.’

Complaining silently in his mind, Wei Laosan continued to pry the window. After a while, the window was open.

‘There’s no comparison to the windows of rich families,’ Wei Laosan thought to himself, gently opening the window.

According to his plan, after this, he would silently sneak into the house and knife them, one after another, killing everyone in their sleep.

After that, he would drift away without disturbing a single cloud.

However, reality was much crueler than his imagination!


A dull thud!

The window he had pushed fell right onto the floor of the house.

The window fell?

At that moment, Wei Laosan was a little dazed. Even after so many years in the industry, he had never seen such a poorly made window.

Just as he was at a loss for words because of his disrupted plan, a teenager got up from a bed in the house, walked towards the window, and looked at him with sleepy eyes.

“Bro, what are you doing? The window is broken again! I just glued it up, you can’t push on it.”



Chen Chen spoke groggily, but after seeing the knife in the other man’s hand, he was shocked and became wide awake.

Damn! A killer!

After coming to, he hurried to the inner house.

“Mom! Dad! There’s a killer!”


Hearing his voice, Chen Shan suddenly jumped up in the back room. He had been in the army, and even after so many years, his movements were still extremely agile.

After getting up, Chen Shan took a hatchet from the corner of the room and rushed out without saying a word.

At this moment, Wei Laosan recovered.

When the teenager had shouted earlier, he had made a lot of noise, and many houses nearby had already turned on their lights.


Seeing this, he gritted his teeth and jumped into the house from the window.

He needed to finish this fast!

As a professional killer, in addition to various hiding and ambushing skills, he also had other skills.

In his opinion, that was more than enough to finish off a few ordinary people.


As soon as he entered the house, Wei Laosan and Chen Shan’s weapons collided. In just one blow, he barely had the upper hand.

Now he understood why this family was worth 30 taels in killing fees.

“So you know some martial arts,” Wei Laosan said solemnly. At the same time, he swung the knife in his hand faster and faster.

Chen Shan had been retired from the army for 20 years. His martial arts was rusty, so he wasn’t exactly a strong foe for Wei Laosan, who was a professional killer.

In just a moment, he fell into a disadvantage and could only resist.

“Little Chen, run away with your mom! Go get the village chief!”

Seeing that his father was in trouble, how could Chen Chen just leave?

Running out of ideas, he shouted, “Bro, how much did the client pay? I will pay double!”


Wei Laosan smiled with derision.

Damn! the pigs weren’t fed enough, and the windows couldn’t be fixed, yet they wanted to pay double?

They weren’t worth that much money even if they sold their own!

However, while feeling contempt for them, Wei Laosan became slightly distracted, allowing Chen Shan to take a small breather.

“System! Anything nearby that can destroy this guy?”

In desperation, Chen Chen could only turn to the system for help.

The system quickly replied, “Run five meters forward and turn left four meters.”


Hearing this answer, Chen Chen became overjoyed and ran out from the back door.

He couldn’t be more familiar with that place, and after a while, he came to his pigpen.


That clump of manure was now air-dried. Who knew if it had any more life extension effect?


At that moment, Lao Hei looked a little irritable in the pigpen. His 300 lb body was swaying slightly, and his short limbs were constantly rubbing the ground, as if he wanted to rush out of the pigpen at any time.

“Lao Hei! You’re really giving me so many surprises!”


While talking, Chen Chen quickly walked to the pigpen and removed its railing.

As soon as the pigpen opened, Lao Hei walked out on his short limbs. If it weren’t for that funny pig face, Chen Chen would have thought that it was a tiger coming out of its cage.



Lao Hei hummed twice at Chen Chen, his eyes looking very human.


Chen Chen was very moved looking at Lao Hei.

He saw a parent’s emotion in Lao Hei. His father had the same look after he had been bullied by the village chief’s grandson as a child.

“Sending an assassin to kill my whole family?! Great! You forced me into this!”


Chen Chen was feeling angry inside. Initially, when he was searching with the system, he wanted to find a fairy master or something so that he could be taken to cultivate immortality.

Now it seemed to be pointless. He would use it after he took care of the killer.

He didn’t need to wait until tomorrow. He’d use it tonight. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even have the power to protect himself, much less cultivate immortality.

“Lao Hei! Let’s go!”


After Lao Hei got out of the pigpen, Chen Chen immediately led him to the front of the house.


A dull noise!

A figure smashed through the door and flew out of the house.

When Chen Chen saw that it was his father, Chen Shan, he became extremely angry.

Even Lao Hei grunted angrily a few times, his four short legs continuously rubbing the ground, like he was a bull about to charge.

His old master had been beaten by someone? This wasn’t okay!


As a member of the family, he needed to come forward! He was a pig with a dream, looking after house and home. It was his duty!


“I didn’t think you could last through dozens of my hits, so very good! But it ends here.”

An evil laugh came from Wei Laosan, who rushed out and quickly went towards Chen Shan.

“Lao Hei! Go and kill him! I’ll make you braised pork later!” Chen Chen said angrily, pointing towards Wei Laosan, who had just walked out of the door.


Lao Hei groaned when he heard the words, an angry pig cry sounding through the dark night. Then, it slammed its body, which weighed a few hundred kilograms, into Wei Laosan like an arrow.


As if sensing something, Wei Laosan turned his head and looked in Chen Chen’s direction.

What he saw almost scared him to death. But before he could react, Lao Hei slammed into his arms!



A muffled sound!

Wei Laosan felt as if he had been hit by the county magistrate’s luxury carriage. His whole body hurt as he flew more than ten meters in the air before plopping back onto the ground.


Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s eyes twitched.

Chen Shan, who was sitting on the ground, was also dumbfounded.

Lao Hei stood majestically on his four short legs in front of the house.


At this moment, Chen Chen inexplicably came up with a phrase…


People fighting with pig power!


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