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Chapter 475: Peak Of Spirit Suppression

Actually… he only had himself behind him.

“Fellow Daoist Lian, I understand. I will handle this matter.”

After a moment of silence, Chen Chen revealed a calm smile.

Seeing this, Lian Yang felt relieved. The worry on his face gradually disappeared, and joy surged up in his heart. After all, he had refined a magical treasure that was ranked on the refining list.

This kind of glory was even happier for a refiner than raising his cultivation by a few realms.

“Fellow Daoist Tianyun, do you have any other magical treasures that you need to refine? If you have any needs, feel free to tell me. I have been idle recently.”

Lian Yang patted his chest, his face full of heroic spirit.

Chen Chen Thought for a moment and shook his head. In fact, it was necessary to refine Xishuang’s heavy frost sword again. However, the time was not ripe yet, so it was better to wait for another time.

“In that case, fellow Daoist Tianyun, I’ll take my leave. I’ll go back and think about it again. Recently, my understanding of refining has improved quite a bit. If you let me refine your ten thousand transformations exquisite Taotie sword again, I might be able to increase my ranking.”

After saying this, Lian Yang left the room excitedly.

Seeing this, Chen Chen shook his head and chuckled. This Lian Yang was not easy. He had clearly refined a magic treasure that was ranked on the refining list, but he could not make it public. He could only share his joy with an outsider like him.

After refining Yang left, Chen Chen continued to do his own things.

“System, use a designated item tracking opportunity to find Yin Yang Palace.”

After the system heard the command, it immediately started tracking, and soon gave the answer.

“Tracking completed. Yin Yang Palace is located in the high-altitude gale 780,000 miles north of the host.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen heaved a long sigh of relief.

Since it was in the high wind, it meant that Yin Yang Palace most likely did not have a master. Without a master, he would have a chance to get his hands on it.

Taking out the map, Chen Chen studied it. 780,000 miles north of this place was the border between the southern domain and the central domain. There was an extremely high mountain range called spirit-subduing mountain.

Spirit-subduing mountain was hundreds of thousands of meters tall and extremely majestic. It was rumored that it connected directly to the outer heavenly wind and was the highest peak in the upper realm.

Other than that, there was another characteristic of this mountain.

Any cultivator who approached it would have their cultivation weakened. Furthermore, once they entered this mountain, their cultivation would immediately disappear. Hence, if they wanted to reach the top of this mountain, they could only rely on the strength of their physical bodies.

From the looks of it, Yin Yang Palace was in the midst of the strong winds above the mountain.

“It’s not easy to obtain it.”

Chen Chen sighed lightly. It was not difficult for a body cultivator to climb a mountain that was hundreds of thousands of meters tall, but it was difficult to reach the top.

Because there was a heavenly squall at the top of the mountain, the squall contained all kinds of law energy. Normal body cultivators could not resist the erosion of the law energy.

“I don’t know if this clone of mine can resist it… no matter what, since I know where the Yin Yang Palace is, I must go there.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself and began to make preparations. This time, he was going to bring Ao Yu and mung bean.

Ao Yu had absorbed a lot of the power of the true dragon pearl during this period of time. Now that his cultivation had reached the late stage of the form synthesis stage, he could fly extremely fast and was a good helper in battle. As for mung bean, she could break all kinds of arrays, she was indeed a necessary companion for family travel, robbery, and escaping.

Three days later.

Chen Chen bade farewell to Xia Xishuang and the others and flew north.

Now he was the deputy sect master of the Li Xian sect, and the Li Xian sect had joined the union of Immortals, so the price of the teleportation array was much cheaper.

After seven or eight times of teleportation, he saw the sky-reaching spirit-suppressing peak, even though he was still ten thousand miles away from it.

There was nothing he could do. The spirit-subduing peak was too tall and majestic. From Afar, it looked like a sky-reaching pillar. This made Chen Chen unable to help but think of the legendary Buzhou Mountain in his previous life.

Seeing such a majestic mountain for the first time, Chen Chen was rather excited and could not help but speed up a little.

However, the closer he got to the spirit-subduing peak, the more his cultivation was suppressed. It was as if the spirit-subduing peak had some strange magnetic field that could shield his cultivation.

When he was still a thousand miles away from the spirit-subduing peak, he could only rely on his body to advance.

Fortunately, he relied solely on his physical body and his speed was not slow. After about an hour, he arrived at the foot of the spirit-subduing peak.

The mountain was bare and there was not a single plant. However, there were quite a number of cultivators around. Chen Chen looked around and saw that most of them were body-refining demonic cultivators.

“Where are you from? What are you doing here?”

Just as he was observing his surroundings, a black-clothed cultivator walked over with an unfriendly attitude.

Chen Chen glanced at him and revealed a friendly smile.

“I’m here to climb this spirit-subduing peak.”

“Mountain-climbing body-refining? This place is now under the control of our spirit-subduing demonic sect. If you want to climb the mountain, you have to hand over a piece of spirit crystal first.”

The black-robed cultivator said coldly and extended his hand.

When Chen Chen heard this, he frowned slightly. Although a piece of spirit crystal was nothing to him, it was not a small amount,

many split-soul stage cultivators might not have things like spirit crystals. More importantly, when he came, he had never heard that a landmark like spirit suppression peak actually had an owner.

“If not, leave as soon as possible.”

Seeing that Chen Chen did not respond, the black-robed cultivator retracted his hand and pointed into the distance as he said impolitely.

Chen Chen took out a spiritual crystal and placed it in the hands of the black-robed cultivator.

The black-robed cultivator took a look at the spiritual crystal and his attitude took a 180-degree turn. A smooth smile appeared on his cold face.

“Since fellow Daoist has given me the spiritual crystal, I will naturally ascend if I want to. You can ascend as you wish within a month!”

As the black-clothed cultivator spoke, he took out a token and handed it to Chen Chen.

Seeing that the other party actually had a specially prepared token, Chen Chen deduced that the other party didn’t specifically set him up. His heart couldn’t help but feel much better, and he immediately asked, “Fellow Daoist, did you accept spiritual crystals here in the past?”

The black-clothed cultivator shook his head and said, “I didn’t accept them in the past, but there was once a test set up here in Heavenly Devil City. As long as an outer sect disciple of Heavenly Devil City could reach the peak and stay for two hours, they would be able to advance to an inner sect disciple.

For some unknown reason, this news spread like wildfire. In the end, after the Heavenly Devil City’s test ended, countless body refining cultivators flocked over, wanting to see if they could reach the standard of an inner sect disciple of Heavenly Devil City, in the end, they made a mess at the foot of spirit suppression peak.

Our Spirit Suppression Devil Sect is a subsidiary sect of Heavenly Devil City, and it’s close to spirit suppression peak, so we have to send out a large number of people to maintain order. After a long time, the sect master, who was an old man, decided to quit, so he simply circled this area and collected spirit crystals.

“Hehe, in the end, that group of poor people all left. We don’t even see a single one like fellow Daoist who’s so generous in a month.”

“I see.”

Chen Chen nodded.

He had always kept the matter of the Heavenly Devil City in mind, but after he had the Li Xian sect, he threw the city to the back of his mind.

Wouldn’t it be better to be the head of a chicken rather than the tail of a Phoenix? Why did he have to be a disciple of the Heavenly Devil City?

But now that the new refining list had been released, and Wan Hua Shenfeng was being targeted, in addition to the fact that he had offended the evil god hall, if he were to be exposed one day, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Therefore, it was safer to find a strong backer, and Heavenly Devil City was a good choice.

Now that he heard the news of Heavenly Devil City at the foot of the spirit-suppressing peak, the thought became even more intense.

Perhaps, it was time for him to deal with Heavenly Devil City.

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