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Chapter 472: The Golden Cicada Shedding Its Shell

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A familiar feeling of the world spinning came over. After a few breaths, Chen Chen appeared in a deep hall. Then, one Void Refinement realm cultivator after another appeared from behind him.

“You’re back?”

When everyone landed on the ground, a cold and indifferent voice came from afar.

Chen Chen looked over. The person who spoke was none other than the elder of the Evil Fiend Hall from that day.

When they saw the elder from the Evil Fiend Hall, everyone could not help but lower their heads to hide the guilt in their eyes.

“You Ming has already told me what happened in that world, but he has not returned to the branch yet. I heard that the recruitment order was issued, but you did not answer the call to gather?”

When he said this, the elder’s tone was extremely sinister. A faint killing intent appeared in the main hall.

Soon, someone could not hold on any longer and knelt on the ground, shouting, “Elder, we were trapped in a dangerous place in that realm and could not come out. That’s why we did not answer the call!”

“Is that so? What about you? You’re Xie Lingzi, right? I heard from You Ming that the expedition army was because you fell into the ambush of the lower realm’s natives. In the end, the expedition army was completely annihilated, but you returned safely. How Do you explain that?”

The Evil Fiend Hall looked at Xie Lingzi again.

How could xie lingzi withstand such a great pressure? His legs were trembling from fear, and he could not even speak clearly.

“I think you were captured alive by the natives and you’re afraid of death. That’s why you cooperated with the natives of that realm to lure You Ming and the others into taking the bait, right? Hehe, you really deserve to die.”

The voice of the elder of the Evil Fiend Hall became even colder, and Xie Lingzi was so frightened that he shook his head repeatedly.

“No… I didn’t!”

However, at this moment, the elder’s eyes suddenly lit up.


With a loud explosion, Xie Lingzi’s head exploded, and he died on the spot.

Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the elder did not give Xie Lingzi too much time, or else he might have really given him up.

After killing Xie Lingzi, the elder looked at Chen Chen and the others.

“Trash, all trash! All of you, one by one, you will lose the right to join the Evil Fiend Hall forever. Also, before You Ming returns, all of you will stay in this branch hall.”

The elder cursed, then flung his sleeves and turned to leave.

At the same time, a few disciples of the Evil Fiend Hall walked over and unceremoniously pushed everyone out. It did not take long before they were locked into an array formation.

More than ten people were shivering in the array formation. They looked at Chen Chen intentionally or unintentionally, as if they were making a decision.

Sensing the gaze behind him, Chen Chen’s heart was extremely calm.

He wasn’t killed directly, which was a good result for him. Although he was locked in here, he had Green Bean, so he could break the array and leave at any time.

The only difficulty was how to leave the Evil Fiend Hall under the Elder’s eyes.

As for the group of people behind him..

All of them had to die.

For the safety of himself and the people close to him, he had to be watertight.

“Senior, we only returned to the Evil Fiend Hall after listening to you. What should we do now?”

“Yes, yes. Will Lord You Ming kill us when he comes back? Senior, what should we do?”

Not long after, someone became impatient and began to ask in a low voice.

Chen Chen glanced at the Evil Fiend Hall disciple guarding outside and said lightly, “Wait for the opportunity.”

Since the expedition army this time was all Void Refinement realm cultivators, whether it was the array formation that imprisoned his group or the Evil Fiend Hall disciple guarding them, they were not strong.

For example, the disciple guarding outside the array formation was only at the split-soul stage. He could easily kill him.

“Waiting for an opportunity? For the return of You Ming? He has always been unkind. I think he will most likely kill us.”

Someone said nervously. His tone was on the verge of collapse,

chen Chen said calmly, “Don’t forget that we are the few cultivators who came back from that world apart from him. No matter what, we are somewhat familiar with that world. If the Evil Fiend Hall wants to continue conquering that world, keeping us alive is more useful than killing us.”

“It makes sense!”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the eyes of the group of people were full of hope.

Late at night.

Chen Chen suddenly took out a stone and showed it off to the surrounding people. “Look, this is the White Tiger Soul Essence Stone that I got from that realm. There is a trace of true spirit soul essence hidden inside!”

When the surrounding people heard this, there was not a trace of envy in their eyes, only a strange look.

The White Tiger Soul Essence Stone was indeed a good treasure, but was this the time to show it off?

Was this person sick?

“White Tiger Soul Essence Stone? You’re quite lucky, Kid.”

A faint voice came from outside the array. Chen Chen looked up and saw that the guard disciple had stood up at some point and was looking at him with a faint smile.

“Sir, I don’t know if you know Lord You Ming. If you do, when he comes back, can you put in a good word for me? This White Tiger Soul Essence Stone will be my reward!”

Chen Chen revealed a smile as he held the White Tiger Essence Soul Stone and said carefully.

The guard Disciple’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He was actually not familiar with You Ming, and there was a big gap between their statuses. However, he had no reason to reject this thing that was delivered to his door.

What was the difference between a good word and a bad one to these people? In his eyes, this group of people would sooner or later be dead.

Thinking of this, he smiled and said, “I am indeed very familiar with Junior Brother You Ming. Back then, before he became a disciple of the hall master, he even called me Senior Brother!”

Chen Chen was overjoyed and said, “That’s great! Senior, you must accept this thing. It’s from my heart!”

The guard disciple pretended to be troubled, while Chen Chen ruthlessly stepped on the foot of a cultivator next to him. that cultivator immediately grunted.

When the guard disciple saw this, he was at a loss at first, but then he immediately reacted and hurriedly said, “What are you shouting for? Did Something Happen?”

After saying that, he opened the array formation quite naturally and walked into it.

At this time, he could not help but admire this kid who had the White Tiger Essence Soul Stone. He was actually so smart in doing things, and he even found an excuse for him to enter the array formation.

One had to know that although it was impossible for the elder to use his divine senses 24 hours a day to keep an eye on everyone in the hall, some abnormalities would still attract his attention.

If he suddenly accepted this kid’s things, he might be noticed. However, if he was a little more careful and concealed, there wouldn’t be a problem.

“I’m fine… I’m fine,”the cultivator cried out aggrievedly.

His little life was still in the hands of this strange man. Not to mention this strange man stepping on his feet, even if he chopped off his legs, he would still say that he was fine.

“It’s good that you’re fine, Hehe.”

The guard disciple said with a faint smile. Then, he quietly walked past Chen Chen and set up a simple formation to block divine senses. Finally, he stretched out his hand and wanted to take the White Tiger Soul Essence Stone in Chen Chen’s hand.

However, the moment he extended his hand, Chen Chen put away the White Tiger Essence Soul Stone.

“What do you mean by this? Are you toying with me…”the guard disciple suddenly flew into a rage. However, he could not continue speaking halfway because a hand had directly penetrated his vital point and shattered his essence soul.

The other cultivators turned pale with fright when they saw this. For a moment, they did not understand what had happened. After all, everything had happened in a flash.

Chen Chen ignored them. Instead, he changed into the guard’s Disciple’s clothes at an extremely astonishing speed. He also changed his face to look exactly the same.. Then, he swaggered out of the array formation.

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