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Chapter 471: Return

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“If I go to the upper realm… will I be a burden to Big Brother?”

Zhang Ji said with some lack of confidence.

After seeing so many Void Refinement realm cultivators, although he had not been to the upper realm, he could already vaguely feel the power of the upper realm.

He was only at the peak of the Immortal Soul Stage. Once he reached the upper realm, he would probably become the lowest tier.

Although he yearned for the Cultivation Holy Land of the upper realm, he was more afraid of being a burden to Big Brother.

Chen Chen smiled and shook his head. “Don’t worry, I already have a small base in the upper realm. You can cultivate in there. You Don’t have to follow me around all the time.”

Zhang Ji was overjoyed when he heard this. At the same time, he worshipped Chen Chen even more.

His big brother had only ascended to the upper realm for two years and already had his own power.

This big brother was his big brother. Even if he had arrived in the upper realm, he was still a talent.

Since that was the case, there was no need for him to continue being unreasonable. He immediately agreed.

Next, the two cleaned up the battlefield, took some storage rings, and brought Xie Lingzi back to the Grand Alliance.

Without You Ming, the remaining cultivators from the upper realm were just a motley crew. Chen Chen stayed in the lower realm for a month and captured dozens of people. After that, he never heard of any more massacres.

From the looks of it, even if there were a few fish that escaped the net, they probably would not be able to cause much trouble. The cultivators from the lower realm should be able to resolve it with the magical treasures that he had given them.

After a few days of peace, Chen Chen decided to leave the lower realm.

On this day, he gathered all the cultivators and acquaintances from the Grand Alliance.

Xishuang, Yuan Qingtian, Zhang Ji, old hei, and his parents. He had already said that all of them would follow him. The key was the wishes of the others.

“Everyone, I will bring a group of people to the upper realm in the next few days. Is there anyone who is willing to go?”

As soon as Chen Chen’s voice fell, the group of people responded. However, there were also some who remained silent, such as Sheng fan and Xiao Hua.

Chen Chen took a glance at them and knew what they were thinking.

The two of them carried the hope of Yao Qing and were already experts at the advanced stage of the Void Refinement realm. If they left just like that, who would the plant demons in the lower realm be able to rely on in the future?

On the other hand, Xiao Huang was silly and could be brought to the upper realm.

There were also some old cultivators of the human race who probably had the same mentality. They were worried about the human race in the lower realm, so they chose to stay in the lower realm. Chen Chen respected these people in his heart.

After a moment, he had thought about everything that he needed to think about. Chen Chen took a look.

Eight of the more than twenty Void Refinement realm cultivators of the Grand Alliance were willing to go to the upper realm with him. The rest stayed in the lower realm, including his master, Yu Qiong, and Hu Xian ‘er.

“Since everyone has their own choices, I have nothing to say. Those who are willing to follow me, quickly go back and prepare. Bid farewell to those who are familiar with us. Half a day later, we will set off.”

As soon as Chen Chen finished speaking, the eight cultivators quickly left. After they left, Chen Chen walked in front of his master, Yu Qiong, and placed a storage ring in her hand.

“Master, there are some resources here that can ensure that all of you can ascend. In addition, there are alchemy techniques and all kinds of secret techniques from the upper realm… keep it well. If there’s a chance, I will return to the lower realm.”

Yu Qiong took the storage ring and sensed it for a while. A satisfied smile appeared on her face.

“At least you still have a conscience. Remember, if you find any great benefits in the upper realm, remember to leave a copy for me. After the lower realm is completely settled, I will go and get it.”


Chen Chen smiled and nodded.

“Master!”At this moment, Xiao Hua suddenly ran over from afar.

Chen Chen saw tears in the little girl’s eyes and felt a little reluctant to part with her.

“Xiao Hua, why don’t you go to the upper realm with me?”

“No… Master, I can’t let sister Yao Qing down. Please take this to the upper realm.”

Xiao Hua sobbed as she took out a small seed from her storage ring.

“This is?”Chen Chen took the seed and asked curiously.

“This is the seed of the demon god Flower…”

Chen Chen was slightly startled when he heard this. Then, he carefully put away the seed.

Half a day later, Chen Chen flew in the direction of the endless sea. There were already dozens of people in the spatial equipment that he had prepared beforehand.

In addition, there were more than ten cultivators from the upper realm beside him. Xie Lingzi was also among them.

If he wanted to bring people to the upper realm, it was not as simple as ascending. Instead, he had to pass through the spatial tunnel that led to the upper realm.

The spatial tunnel led to the Evil Fiend Hall. More importantly, You Ming had already returned to the upper realm. Although the place where he appeared after ascending was very random, it had already been a month, You Ming might have already arrived at the Evil Fiend Hall.

If he wanted to hide from You Ming and leave the Evil Fiend Hall with this group of people, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens. If he was not careful, he might harm a group of people around him.

Fortunately, the lives of these more than ten cultivators were now under his control using a secret technique. When the time came, they would cooperate with his orders.

The group of people flew for a few days and arrived at the endless sea region.

Chen Chen returned to the island that was decorated very luxuriously in the merchant union. Green Bean was now living here.

He wanted to bring Green Bean to the upper realm from the bottom of his heart. After all, Green Bean’s innate ability was too useful, but he had to respect Green Bean’s own wishes.

After entering the palace on the island, Chen Chen soon saw Green Bean swimming in the artificial sea.

Green Bean also saw Chen Chen. She jumped onto Chen Chen’s head and began to roar.

“TSK, you have the cultivation of the essence soul realm too? Green Bean, are you willing to go to the upper realm with me?”

Chen Chen sensed Green Bean’s cultivation and asked with a smile.

Although he was smiling on the surface, he was very nervous in his heart.

Green Bean did not say anything. Her four claws hugged Chen Chen’s head tightly and did not let go.

The female sea monster, Qing Lin, frowned when she saw this and said, “King, you are still weak. If you go to the upper realm, I’m afraid you will be in danger.”

Green Bean whimpered twice and hugged Chen Chen Chen, refusing to let go.

Chen Chen was touched. He gently carried Green Bean down. Compared to two years ago, this little guy was only a little bigger, and his eyes were still as small as before.

However, this little guy was after all hatched from his own blood. Even after not seeing him for two years, his attachment to him did not decrease in the slightest.

“Follow me to the upper realm. I will do my best to protect you.”

Chen Chen said softly.

Green Bean’s small eyes blinked twice, and then her limbs and head suddenly shrank back into the turtle shell. A moment later, they all came out again, as if to say that as long as it encountered danger, it would hide in the turtle shell.., seeing this, Chen Chen did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“I have to follow the king at all times!”Seeing Green Bean wanting to go to the upper realm with Chen Chen, Qing Lin immediately glared at Chen Chen and said.

“No problem.”

Chen Chen naturally didn’t have any objections. Bringing dozens of people was fine, but bringing an additional Qing Lin was still fine.

Seeing this, Qing Lin turned around and left the palace, jumping into the endless sea. It took a full two hours before she went ashore. It seemed that she was going to arrange the matters of the endless sea demon clan.

When she came ashore, Chen Chen did not delay any longer. He continued to fly west. After flying for another seven days, he finally arrived at the land of descent.

At this moment, the gate that was the size of a person was still standing in the void. However, the state of mind of the group of people had changed.

This was especially so for the cultivators from the upper realm who were controlled by Chen Chen. They were all extremely nervous.

They had not listened to You Ming’s order to gather back then. Although they had avoided a calamity because of it, would they still have a good ending if they returned now?

Of course, they were not the ones who panicked the most. It was Xie Lingzi.

After all, You Ming had listened to his words and entered the ambush. He could already imagine the miserable ending after returning to the Evil Fiend Hall.

“You can only have a slim chance of survival if you listen to me. Do you understand?”

Chen Chen looked at Xie Lingzi coldly and said in a deep voice.

“Understood…”Xie Lingzi answered with fear and trepidation.

Although the void gate was not connected to the main hall of the Evil Fiend Hall, it was still a branch hall. Moreover, the branch hall had powerhouses at the crossing calamity stage. It would be easy to deal with him.

“You are the same. Don’t look so frightened. When you go back, remember to follow what I taught you before!”

Chen Chen swept his gaze over the others and shouted coldly.

Everyone began to adjust their emotions when they heard this. It did not take long for everyone to regain their calm.

Chen Chen took a deep breath when he saw this and took the lead to step into the void door.

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